Chapter 238 - Protect – Episode 228 – Wild Africa [3]

Chapter 238: < Protect – Episode 228 – Wild Africa [3] >

After the leader’s disappearance, the Angola Circle sunk under as well. Except for Casa Blanca Neuro Bank, that was.

“I don’t know where Pilgrim Heyward is from. I just know he’s skilled at political maneuvering.”

But in Issac’s opinion, it was different.

“Heyward? He’s a piece of trash.”

J-Law scoffed and said what he thought,

“Pil knows what loyalty is.”

On the other hand, Michel overestimated his abilities.

“That pig only cares about money and women!”

Ahn Da Sol raised her middle finger. Ahn Soo Ho found the various opinions refreshing. It was hard for one man to get so many different evaluations.

Why did the views of beings that lived so long conflict? Pilgrim Heyward was a capable being indeed. Since he knew that he couldn’t be loved by all, he focused on making the right connections.

Until he got to the top of the Angola Circle, Pilgrim Heyward removed all of his competition. Those with supernatural powers didn’t think of themselves as a god, but depending on the situation, supernatural powers were treated like miracles.

Behind the power that pushed the independence of each North African country was this man. Pilgrim Heyward was the king of North Africa.

‘He’s in a war against Allan Smith.’

There was not a single peaceful day in the financial world. It was a battlefield full of blood. What made the economy go round was production and distribution, but those who made the real bucks were too busy playing with money. As soon as the bombing in Nairobi got on the news, the Mediterranean, the Suez Canal, and the Indian Ocean went into full alert.

Nairobi has been terrorized! Diplomatic emergency!

Chaos in Kenya! The Korean foreign office is looking into Korean casualties!

Does Ahn Soo Ho’s visit to Africa have something to do with the terror attack?

Is Ahn Soo Ho there wherever terror is? So many suspicions!

As soon as suspicions began, everything seemed suspicious after that. In just a matter of minutes, Ahn Soo Ho became someone who went to Africa to stop the terrorist attack. In reality, the volunteer group got attacked by Al Shabab, and since Ahn Soo Ho was the one who defeated them, the situation naturally escalated.

Han Chae Kyung had good leadership for her age, but it was impossible for her to completely control the group. The celebrities and related persons knew that this was their chance.

As soon as the volunteer group escaped to their camp, their fingers immediately got busy. Thanks to the satellite Ahn Soo Ho installed just in case, they were always able to access the internet. It was sad for those who died, but those who lived had to live on.

The celebrity group chats were on fire.

Are you guys okay?

Our volunteer group got attacked, too. But we’re okay!

I heard it’s crazy abroad! But you’re okay?

You should avoid the dangerous areas! But are you okay?

Of course! How else would I be chatting with you?

We’re fine! We have lots of guards and mercenaries, and we have CEO Ahn, too! Kya! I can understand why everyone calls him the Guardian Angel!

Huh? Tell us more!

Don’t tell anyone, okay?

Of course!

It was like shooting an action film! The terrorists came from all sides, but he fought them all off! I didn’t know the Bourne series could happen in real life!

Is Kenya that dangerous? I went there once, and there were lots of foreigners!

Yeah, lots of white people! There were so many at our hotel in Nairobi!

Hey! We’re in trouble!


Nairobi got bombed!

Stop joking!

No, I’m serious!

Unlike the volunteer group, which was taking a break, Nairobi was a living hell.

The great escape.

The city was engulfed in madness.

People abandoned their cars and just ran as fast as they could. If they had common sense, it was natural for them to get out of there. But there were quite a few thieves using the opportunity to rob the empty stores and houses. While Nairobi faced death, the Kenyan government attempted to control it.


A little girl screamed, but not a single person helped.




Fred saw stars in front of his eyes. There was a sound of many footsteps. He could take one or two but if a whole group came, he couldn’t take them all down.

The start of their safari trip with their children was great, but as a result of the Islamic group’s kidnapping and terror, they quickly withdrew. After getting out of Nairobi with their guide, they were set to fly to Dubai, but they were suddenly terrorized.

It was madness.

The streets were crazy; the ambassador was in the middle of a call, and the guide had run away a long time ago. And seeing how things seemed at the moment, there was a riot going on. Fred followed the other white tourists in the hotel and followed them out with his family. He thought they would be safer as a group, but they underestimated the chaos. The group slowly dispersed. Luckily, he didn’t lose his family. But his luck ended there.



There were natives that chose to plunder.

As if robbing the empty shops and houses wasn’t enough, they even robbed the white tourists on the streets. They probably would have denied it, but they were unable to forget the scornful eyes.


Fred grabbed one of the assailants by the ankle while he said something in a language he didn’t know. If he passed out right here, it would have been easier, but he couldn’t let his family get in harm’s way.

‘No! I can’t pass out right now!’

He was the only one who could protect his family. The assailant soon got annoyed by Fred and pulled out a knife.


Fred’s heart ached at the scream that came out of his wife’s lips.

‘I have to protect her!’

He reached out his arm.

Bang, bang-

The black man who was about to stab Fred’s back screamed and grabbed his wrist. He was bleeding. Soon after, the assailants were all rolling on the ground grabbing their legs. The assailants were unable to dodge the bullets.


They were busy running away. Ahn Soo Ho helped the white man up.

“Can you walk?”

“Ye… yes!”

Despite his face being beaten, he still looked for his family first. After greeting the white man’s wife, Ahn Soo Ho led them to a major road.

“Let’s go.”

“Su… sure!”

Fred just nodded. Despite carrying the big man, Ahn Soo Ho didn’t walk any slower.

“It’s stupid to take the alleys. You have to go where all the people are at.”

“Ugh, okay.”

“Are you American?”

“Ye… yes.”

“Then you should go to the US Embassy.”

Ahn Soo Ho scoped out the streets.

No one else could look at the 3D holographic map of Nairobi. All he had to do was follow the direction of the navigator. The bomb that swept the surrounding areas of the Nairobi hotels was just a small one.

It was just under 1 kilotons. But it was still a nuclear bomb.

‘A nuclear bomb… They’re out of their minds.’

It was highly likely that Hirukawa Mai didn’t know about it.

‘She tricked Bungee, but she was also tricked by someone else.’

It wasn’t James Bungee or Hirukawa Mai that survived a fight of ripping each other to shreds. And the terrorist group, Al Shabab and the SI, were nothing but sidekicks.


The rotary three blocks ahead of the US embassy was a battlefield. There was a cash car that was often seen in America as well as a large bus lined up behind it.

The cars were unable to enter.

‘It’s a protocol.’

There was no need for developed countries to have a lot of cash, but in Africa, they preferred cash over credit. Since even national businesses often paid with cash, cash was known to be credit. And without giving bribes, businesses never progressed fast enough.

Nairobi Chamber of Commerce only existed to support the Americans in East Africa. But since there were many con artists disguised as businessmen and many CIA and DIA agents dressed up as tourists, it was all useless.

Businessmen who couldn’t mess with the military were nothing but prey. That was also why there was so much need for mercenaries in Africa. Once the nuclear bombs went off, the US embassy probably tried to protect their assets and put a protocol in action. First, they had to withdraw American citizens and also preserve documents related to banks and businesses. If a riot broke out, foreign banks became the first targets.

Just as expected, The cars of the Nairobi Chamber of Commerce was attacked. Since they were moving 10 trillion dollars in cash, the gangs of Nairobi saw it as a great opportunity.

Behind them was an explosion, beside them were refugees, and in front of them were thieves surrounding the bunch of cars. And inside the big bus were people who were unable to escape to the embassy. There were so many cars of foreigners trying to get in that it formed a line.

‘So stupid.’

The cars stood out way too much within the chaos. But for Ahn Soo Ho, this was a great opportunity.

“Stay behind me.”

“Yo… you’re going to go through that?’

Ahn Soo Ho smiled at the white woman who was holding a child. He didn’t know how much he could reassure her, but forcing it wasn’t going to work.

“Staying here is just as dangerous.”


“Then should I go alone?”

“No! I’m sorry!”

The white woman panicked at Ahn Soo Ho’s suggestion. They witnessed all sorts of cruelty inflicted by black people. Fred was half gone as he followed Ahn Soo Ho. Since they couldn’t rely on Fred any more, Ahn Soo Ho was their last chance.

“Stay behind me.”

The two followed him quietly.

There weren’t bullets flying everywhere, but it was still possible to get shot. However, Ahn Soo Ho wasn’t worried at all. After all, there would be no bullets near where he was.

Clang, clang-

Ahn Soo Ho went through the rotary while hearing the bullets bouncing off the barricades. The mercenaries looked over at him. They were asking if he was crazy with their eyes.

Ahn Soo Ho’s group got into the line of defense safely.

“Oh my god! How did you dodge those?”

He pushed the mercenary aside and asked for the medic. Fred wasn’t on the verge of death, but he needed to be treated right away. The white woman was worried about her husband while Ahn Soo Ho kneeled in front of the child.

“Hello, Miss.”

“He… hello.”

Was it because he had a daughter as well? He only saved the family because of the child. Ahn Soo Ho took out 50 cents from his pocket.

“Look carefully.”

The coin disappeared, and a flower appeared.


It didn’t stop there. He flipped his hand to make a whole bouquet appear. The girl clapped her hands. And then he pulled out his last trick. The bouquet of flowers turned into a teddy bear.


She was happy at first, but then she glanced over at her mother. The mother smiled and nodded.

“Thank you!”

The girl accepted the teddy bear.

“Thank you. Mister…”


The person who responded wasn’t Ahn Soo Ho but a dusty mercenary. The mother greeted him with her eyes while Ahn Soo Ho did the same. The black mercenary stood in front of him.

“Long time no see, Soo Ho.”

“Peter. Are you also… North Mist?”

“They treat us well. All of our men transferred over.”

“Aragon must be doomed. Tell Allan this for me. Tell him I want to see him soon.”

“Did something bad happen?”

Ahn Soo Ho didn’t answer, and Peter changed the topic.

“Anyway, do you know them? You seem close.”

Fred glanced over while Ahn Soo Ho shook his head.



“We just ran into each other.”

He was shocked. Peter didn’t know Ahn Soo Ho to be so kind. Unless it was a paid request, he didn’t go out of his way to save people.

“I guess having children really does change a man. I’m shocked.”

“Me too. No man wants to become a shameful father.”

“No. There are many fathers like that.”

Family troubles were common in America. This time, Ahn Soo Ho glanced over at the big bus.

“Who are these black people?”

“Oh, we’re having a headache about it, too. They’re stuck because of their stupid employer.”

“I guess America isn’t the only one.”

“That’s right. The Chamber of Commerce accepted everyone. There are Koreans, too.”

“I’m not interested.”

“I knew you’d say that. Anyway, help us, Soo Ho.”

One side were thugs, while the other side were unpredictable refugees. Neither side was easy.

“Take out some cash.”

“Are you going to use that method?”

“That’s the only way to clear one side of the road.”

“Phew. Okay.”

The back door of the cash truck opened, and big black bags could be seen.

“How much is one bag?”

“Around 2 million dollars?”

“Take out five bags.”

Ahn Soo Ho pointed at five mercenaries with his finger.

“You, you, and you! Follow me.”

The mercenaries followed his lead. Ahn Soo Ho got past the defense line with no difficulties. The mercenaries were shocked once more. Then smoke appeared. As soon as a thug ran out, Ahn Soo Ho looked back at the mercenaries.

“If I tell you to stop, stop. Got it?”

“Yes, Sir!”


A soon as Ahn Soo Ho took a step, bullets came flying in. They normally would have ripped their bodies to shreds, but they were fine.

Bang, bang-

Ahn Soo Ho’s gun was much smaller, but as soon as he shot it, an explosion occurred. The car blew up as if it was shot with a rocket.

A gun with magic was the same as a cannon.


Once they arrived at their destination, they were on the roof of a building overlooking the rotary. Ahn Soo Ho took out his walkie-talkie that he got from Peter.

“Are we ready?”

“Yes. Are we really doing this?”

“It’s like it’s your money. If you get shit for it later, turn it on me.”

“Oh, thank you. But how do we get through the exit?”

“Like this.”

Ahn Soo Ho flicked his finger and made it rain grenades. And it was on top of the exit, too.

Bang, bang, bang, bang- Bang, bang-

Grenades fell from the clear sky. The space exploded, but the soldiers were okay. They just had to escape the madness. He could have looked after every man, but he wasn’t that close to Peter either.

Ahn Soo Ho gestured to the mercenary holding the money bags.

Following the bullets and grenades, money fell from the sky. It was raining money. The thugs dropped their guns and reached to catch the money. As soon as they all gathered, a road cleared, and the cars were able to pass through. While a mercenary stared at the spectacle in awe, he mumbled.

“Was it like this in Panama?”

“It was worse.”

When money fell from the sky in Panama, people threw knives at each other.

“We’re out, Boss.”

When did he become their boss? Ahn Soo Ho simply nodded. They followed the cars headed to the US embassy. And the one who came out to greet them wasn’t the US ambassador, but Roberto Aquilan.

“Huh? You’re alive.”

“You shouldn’t say that to someone who almost died.”

“At least you’re alive.”

Beside Roberto Aquilan was someone he wasn’t so happy to see.


“Hello, Mr. Ahn.”

The Secretary-General of IAEA, Yoshida greeted Ahn Soo Ho with a friendly smile.

“The harm was relatively minor according to my sources.”

“Well, your sources are wrong, Yoshida. It wasn’t a dirty bomb, was it?”

“It wasn’t… But it was only 1 kiloton.”

“So how many were injured?”

“Around 20,000.”

“Mostly in Kenya, right?”

“Yes… Ugh.”

Yoshida suddenly rolled on the floor. Aquilan looked troubled, but he didn’t do anything. If he did, he would have ended up on the floor as well.

“Soo Ho!”

Ahn Soo Ho grabbed him by the throat.

“You’re always like this. You always decide on who will die and then go forward. Then you shouldn’t even begin, you son of a bitch.”

He couldn’t save everyone.

That was true. Unless he was God, he couldn’t save everyone. However, he wouldn’t have been mad if they tried their best to save everyone and failed. But since they decided on who would die and didn’t try their best, they were no better than terrorists.

Ahn Soo Ho let go of Yoshida’s throat.

If he thought something could change by killing him, he would have done so already. No matter how much people talked about equality, people were not equal. There were people who were more important and less important. That was probably how mankind was divided these days.

He looked back at Aquilan.

“Where’s the ambassador?”

“He’s out somewhere because of an event, and the stand-in already ran.”

“To where?”

“Mombasa. That’s where the US marines are supposed to arrive.”

Ahn Soo Ho smirked, but it was more of a scoff.

“Why? Is something wrong?”

Aquilan sensed a bad feeling in his laugh.

“Who said it would stop after one time?”

“You did…”

“Well, I was wrong.”

The only thing Ahn Soo Ho was right about was the location of Nairobi. And he thought it would be a very small explosive. In the end, Ahn Soo Ho’s prediction was wrong. Not only did Aquilan look shocked but so did Yoshida.

“No way.”

“Al Shabab’s terror is nothing but bait.”

“What do you mean?”

“Think about it, you elite bastards. If terrors kept happening in your country, what would the country do? It’s not like they can dispatch the military right away.”

Ahn Soo Ho’s gaze landed on the cars of the Nairobi Chamber of Commerce. If it was a developed country, they would have gathered all the citizens and watched the situation. But Nairobi, where the bomb went off, wasn’t the right place to gather.

Yoshida screamed and ran inside the embassy.


Kenya’s second-biggest city.

The port near the ocean was a hub for transporting goods. Mombasa was also a supply base. And most importantly, there were more Muslims in Mombasa than Nairobi.

“It’s the perfect place to attack.”

< Protect – Episode 228 – Wild Africa [3] > The end.

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