Soaring of Galaxia

Chapter 912 - Eight Months of Intense Training

Chapter 912: Eight Months of Intense Training

In the mountain valley outside the God Discarding Door, the Heavenly Mysterious Seven Disciples gathered once again. The news of how Hua Xiyue and Chi Hengyu gained unfavorable results in their first pursuit caused everyone abnormal astonishment, so they had gathered to discuss a strategy.

Hua Xiyue had been fighting with the Queen Mother Golden Crow. Being the person involved with the situation, he did not talk much. Yet, Chi Hengyu who was hiding in the dark, was well aware of the situation as a bystander. He described the situation in detail.

Everyone listened with a grave expression.

Li Buyi said with a low voice, “Fifth, Sixth, are you sure that it was a Golden Crow?”

“Senior Brother, I am certain that was. However, compared to the other one, this one was much more powerful. Also, regardless of its size or temperament, it had a burst of suppressing dominance. She kept calling herself mother and that the Golden Crow killed by you was her child.”

Li Buyi murmured. “Then it must be true. That Golden Crow must be the Queen Mother. Queen Mother Golden Crow!”

“Senior Brother, what is Queen Mother Golden Crow?”

“For most beast clans, many have a Queen Mother. The Queen Mother is usually the strongest warrior of its race, the leader. I understand now. The Golden Crow from the immemorial period and also the Golden Crow that I just killed, they must be Golden Crows nurtured by the Queen Mother.” Li Buyi realized the light. “I wondered how the Golden Crow was able to come back to life. It seemed like it was being revived, but a nest of Golden Crows was tricking us into thinking this!”

This fact had woken them from a dream. The other six Heavenly Mysterious Seven Disciples all realized the light.

“Senior Brother, it seems this must be it.”

“Senior Brother, certainly that Queen Mother Golden Crow is the leader of the infiltrated foreign tribes forces. She even has a Master God weapon. It seems we are not even on par with her. Only you can fight with her.”

Li Buyi remained expressionless and revealed a light smile. “Don’t mind this too much. I think it’s much better for this Queen Mother to expose herself than not. In the past, we were always suspicious and didn’t know how many black hands were hidden in the dark. Now, since this Queen Mother Golden Crow has been exposed, they’ve already exposed their trump cards completely. We will wait patiently. When the time comes, we can raid the Rushing Current Valley. Certainly, there must be other Golden Crows at the den, we must not give them the opportunity to grow and wreak havoc!”

“Senior Brother, how long do we have to wait?” Hua Xiyue could not help but ask. Having suffered from the Queen Mother, Hua Xiyue was also full of anger.

“At least we must wait until the God Discarding Door ends. Fifth, don’t be in a rush. Although the Queen Mother Golden Crow is powerful, under the rules of the Tian Xuan Land, she will not achieve any breakthroughs.”

These were honest words. Regardless of which figure, they were all the same under the rules. There would not be any special treatment. No one could gain any extra breakthroughs.

Beneath the Heavenly Supreme Dao, with enough potential, you can keep upgrading at any moment. However, do not think about breaking into the Heavenly Supreme Dao Stage. It would be utterly impossible to do this!

Since Li Buyi spoke, of course the others could not object. And according to reality, the most appropriate thing to do in the current moment was indeed to wait.

“Before the situation clears, that Queen Mother Golden Crow surely will not dare to act recklessly. Since we restrain our fear of the Golden Crow, she will be doing the same. You have a Master God weapon and you are also an elite warrior of the Heavenly Supreme Dao, this will be enough to make her overly suspicious.”

Li Buyi was rather calm. At such crucial moments, he showcased his temperament as a boss as he said, “Even if she is to come to make a disturbance, with the seven of us here, she will also be looking for her own suffering.”

“Yes, with Senior Brother here, we could squeeze her to death with the few of us assisting on the outside.” Li Yifeng laughed. “Seven Master God weapons, if the Golden Crow knew, surely she would pee her pants in fear! Haha!”

“Third Senior Brother, it seems the Golden Crow does not wear pants?” Miao Xu rolled her eyes at Li Yifeng with endless affection.

When his beloved wife’s words, Li Yifeng revealed an embarrassed smile and immediately stopped speaking.

“Alright, for now, everyone should tighten their security. Let’s not give that Golden Crow any chances to slip in,” Li Buyi said at last.

On the other hand, inside the Seventh Loop of the Seven Deadly Arrays Formation, Qin Wushuang and Bao Bao seized every second to train, without caring for anything else.

It was unnecessary for them to have a guardian here when training. This Seventh Loop is the safest and the most reliable place. It’s impossible for outsiders to barge in.

This time, Qin Wushuang and his friends had eight months. According to how one day equaled one hundred days here, eight months would be like eight hundred months, about sixty to seventy years.

To Qin Wushuang, many things could happen within sixty to seventy years of time. From the moment when he stepped onto the path of martial arts until this point, it had yet to be that long.

However, in the Genuine Supreme Dao realm, the higher one goes, the more difficult it would be. Although Qin Wushuang put away all his distracted thoughts and exerted all efforts into training, the progress still was neither fast nor swift. It was impossible for him to proceed a thousand miles a day.

Fortunately, there was one advantage inside this formation. There was continuous, inexhaustible divine power. Regardless of how they spent it, the spiritual Qi always remained rich.

While Qin Wushuang hammered his divine soul, he trained the Great Five Attributes Reincarnation Seal. For this divine skill, Qin Wushuang already began to practice the profound fourth stage.

Currently, Qin Wushuang trained with all five Supreme Dao essences. His training was going even more smoothly. He also gradually grasped the secrets of the Fourth Stage.

For Bao Bao, his bloodline being from the immemorial divine monkey, also exerted its influence to some extent. He also achieved continuous breakthroughs.

Especially with the Yin Yang Stretching Rod, it completely became part of him as he kept refining it. He could unleash close to one hundred percent of its power.

This Yin Yang Stretching Rod was a divine weapon at the Sixth Calamity of the Genuine Supreme Dao Stage. To Bao Bao, it was tailored for him. Even if he were to upgrade to the Peak of the Genuine Supreme Dao Stage, this rod would not be useless.

Unless Bao Bao was capable of soaring through the Galaxia, this Yin Yang Stretching Rod would never be useless to him.

Eight months of time was not short. However, when they devoted themselves wholeheartedly to training, they felt these eight months of time pass with a snap of finger.

On this day, like a lunatic demon, Bao Bao swung the Yin Yang Stretching Rod and roared at the great hall with extreme excitement.

Of course, he had reason to be excited.

To the outside world, eight months was just more than sixty years. During this time, he upgraded three levels directly in the Genuine Supreme Dao Stage, into the Fifth Calamity of the Genuine Supreme Dao!

“Ha ha, boss! Try to take one of my moves!” Bao Bao let out a big roar. He waved the Yin Yang Stretching Rod and rumbled it towards Qin Wushuang madly.

As the gold lights erupted, the entire sky was filled with Bao Bao’s rod moves. When it shot out ten thousand bursts of golden lights, an ear splitting thunder roared in all directions.

Qin Wushuang roared with laughter. “Good coming!”

In these eight months, although Qin Wushuang was not as exaggerated as Bao Bao, he also upgraded two levels at once and entered the Seventh Calamity of the Genuine Supreme Dao Stage.

Qin Wushuang also did not use those three Ninth Calamity Heavenly Supreme Dao weapons. Instead, he stood with his hands in his back and swung from left to right to evade the flickering shadows of rod images.

Bao Bao cried out. “Boss, are you not going to use your weapon?”

Qin Wushuang chuckled. “Bao Bao, I am afraid you won’t be able to stop me if I used it.”

Bao Bao roared. “Bao Bao, don’t underestimate me!”

When the Yin Yang Stretching Rod was waved, shadows of rods from all directions transformed into bursts of lights to keep smashing over. Flicking his two sleeves from left and right, it seemed they contained endless attraction. Qin Wushuang directly swept away these meteoric lights when these lights smashed over.

These lights surged and went flying everywhere to bounce back on the walls. Upon being absorbed by the defenses directly, it could not form the slightest destruction.

Indeed, Bao Bao who had entered a madman state was exceptional. In between his cries, his attacks upgraded much more. Each time when he smashed with his rod, it seemed like a gigantic mountain pressing down with endless power.

Qin Wushuang laughed again. “Bao Bao, you’ve improved so much.”

Bao Bao cried out, “Boss, if you don’t use your weapon, won’t you be smashed?”

Since Qin Wushuang performed the Great Five Attributes Reincarnation Seal, there was no need for him to use a weapon. He only wanted to probe Bao Bao’s skills, and did not want to humiliate him. Therefore, he did not exert all his power. With a chuckle, he responded, “Alright, I will use a weapon, see if you can stop it!”

With a flick, he had already grabbed the Earth Emperor Spear in his hand.

The Earth Emperor Spear nodded like a phoenix and gave a popping sound!

The tip of the spear directly poked Bao Bao’s Yin Yang Stretching Rod. The piercing clash shook the surrounding space with a tremble.

The momentum of the Yin Yang Stretching Rod was completely destroyed by this light spear move. All those aftermath moves were completely blocked and were unable to lash out.

Bao Bao became frustrated as he cried out, “Boss, I am going to use my trump move!”

He rocked his entire body and kept getting bigger. When he grabbed the Yin Yang Stretching Rod with his hand, it appeared like a thick airstream with tangible substance.

Bao Bao walked up in large strides. He used one of his hands to directly wave the Yin Yang Stretching Rod in a semicircle. Then, he shot it forward.

Instantly, the Yin Yang Stretching Rod shot forward to knock at Qin Wushuang with a perfectly curved line. For this clash, regardless of speed or power, it was at least three times stronger.

Qin Wushuang complimented, “Good one, this is a nice move!”

He also did not dare to neglect it as he threw the Earth Emperor Spear forward. Instantly, the Earth Emperor Spear transformed into a burst of earthy yellow lights. Appearing as a yellow dragon congealed with this attribute, it tangled with the Yin Yang Stretching Rod with baring fangs and brandish claws.

When the two divine weapons tangled, they dispersed all of a sudden in a moment.


Knocked by a burst of powerful air stream, the Yin Yang Stretching Rod flew backwards directly and smashed against the wall. Suddenly, a burst of golden light went away and the rod got stuck in the floor directly. It kept trembling endlessly and let out piercing buzzing sound.

Bao Bao lost all color in his face and could not say a single world. Then, he mumbled with a long sigh. “Boss, you are so monstrous. Indeed, the Seventh Calamity of the Genuine Supreme Dao Stage is nothing compared to the Fifth Calamity.”

Then, his eyes lit up as he laughed. “Boss, you are already at the Seventh Calamity. If you have a few more months, are you not going to ride on the peak like those paramount totem elite warriors?”

Qin Wushuang said with a solemn expression, “Ninth Calamity of the Genuine Supreme Dao Stage, how could it count as riding at the peak?”

“That’s true, you are the direct disciple to the Holy Emperor, in the future you will march across the Great Luo Universe.” Sweeping away the previous dejection from before, Bao Bao became excited. “In the future, I shall travel the Great Luo Universe with you, it will be extremely exciting, ha ha!”

Without daring to wait any longer, the two of them left the Seventh Loop. In a moment, they returned to the mountain cave of the Second Loop at the Great Cang Mountain through the transportation channel.

The first eight maze explorations that lasted eight months had also ended!

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