So Pure, So Flirtatious

Chapter 1535 - Lack of Confidence/ Xia Xue’s Uncle

Chapter 1535: Lack of Confidence/ Xia Xue’s Uncle

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Chapter 1845: Lack of Confidence

Xia Xue frowned slightly when the topic of merit was broached. Yang Ming’s observation skills were very sharp. Naturally, this small detail could not escape his eyes. He knew why she was frowning.

Xia Xue was uncomfortable with having his help every time she solved a major case. She got the credit without much effort like a free gift falling from the sky. If she was as thick-skinned as Yang Ming, she might have accepted it with ease, and could even pretend that nothing had happened. However, Xia Xue was different. In the end, Xia Xue was a girl. She was not as thick-skinned as Yang Ming, so she would be concerned with free credits.

“What’s the matter? Do you think that your credit came out of nowhere?” Yang Ming looked at Xia Xue with a smile and asked, “Are you uncomfortable because you feel as if you got a free lunch?”

“Hmph!” Xia Xue snorted. But Yang Ming had correctly guessed her thoughts, so she nodded and said, “Yeah, I feel like I am cheating every time I think about it. My success didn’t come from my own hands.”

“I have to say, you think too much!” Yang Ming heard Xia Xue admitting, and sighed helplessly, “If I were you, I would accept this credit with ease. Even if others knew the inside story, I would still feel at ease. ”

“Ah?” Xia Xue said suddenly, “I’m not as thick-skinned as you.”

“It has nothing to do with being thick-skinned!” In addition to being thick-skinned, Yang Ming was also good at making things up and running his mouth, “Think about it. Your cases were solved with my assistance. In other words, I gave this credit to you. Hence, you feel that if I had given these credits to others, they could also have been promoted to be the captain, or deputy chief of the bureau. Am I right?”

“En…” After hearing Yang Ming’s words, Xia Xue nodded involuntarily. This was what she thought, so she unconsciously nodded to acknowledge it.

“Nonsense!” Yang Ming heard Xia Xue’s affirmative reply, and suddenly cursed, startling Xia Xue.

“Ah!” Xia Xue was confused by Yang Ming. She scolded him silently for being impolite. Why did he curse loudly out of nowhere?

“You are so wrong!” Yang Ming snorted coldly, “Would I give it to others? Am I that free? Do you think I’m free all day? I’m already quite busy. Also, I still have to follow your brother for many tasks. I’m really exhausted!”

“…” Although Xia Xue knew that Yang Ming was right, he indeed did not seem to be so busy. As for the statement of giving it to others and being very free, Xia Xue was a little puzzled, “Why would you give it to me and not give it to others?”

“Me giving it to others? Do I know them? Do we have any connection? Why would I give it to them?” Yang Ming said righteously, “I gave it to you because I am your long term meal ticket. Our relationship is special. I usually help those dearer to me and ignore those with reasons. HaHa... ”

Help those dearer to me and ignore those with reasons? Xia Xue rolled her eyes. Only Yang Ming could say something shameless like this. However, his previous statement of a long term meal ticket and their unusual relationship made Xia Xue a bit uncomfortable. She did not know the meaning of the long term meal ticket previously, so she had casually said this to Yang Ming. But when she later learned its meaning, she became a bit embarrassed. She did not expect Yang Ming to mention this again and again, so she slightly blushed.

“Are you not from the Supernatural Investigation Bureau? If you solve a case, you naturally would not announce it directly to the public and instead would give part of the credit to the local police station. If you would not give it to me, would you not give it to the others?” Xia Xue avoided Yang Ming’s mention of the long-term meal ticket and asked.

“When I helped you solve the case, your brother hadn’t come to me yet. I was a lone wolf, and I loved it,” said Yang Ming.

Although Yang Ming’s reason was a bit far-fetched with some time discrepancy, Xia Xue also had to admit that Yang Ming was speaking the truth. With Yang Ming’s personality, he could definitely do this kind of thing.

So Yang Ming’s words made sense when she thought about it. If she did not know him and had a better relationship with him, he would not have given her the credit.

“It looks like what you said makes some sense,” Xia Xue admitted.

“That’s it. So you don’t have to worry about it. Your ability is to settle me. This is also a kind of ability…” Yang Ming started talking nonsense again.

“Who did you? You were the one to do me every time, okay?” Xia Xue replied immediately after Yang Ming said something was unreliable. However, because of her anxiety, she omitted the word settled.

She originally meant that every time she came across Yang Ming, he always ordered her to do this and that. So how could she even order him? Even when he gave her the credit, he was willing and she could not control him.

Ugh… Xia Xue, I have to say, your mind is not as pure as when I first met you!” Yang Ming looked at Xia Xue with pity, “Although you and I were both drugged at the Wang Family’s private base at that time, we just touched and kissed each other, and did not really do it. So this ‘do’ cannot be used recklessly! Although I wanted to do it at the time, I decided to give up since the time and place was inappropriate … ”

“Ahem…” Xia Xue was so annoyed by Yang Ming that she just wanted to kick someone, “Yang Ming! Get out of the car!”

The relationship between the two had become a little ambiguous due to that incident. When Xia Bingbao started mentioning Yang Ming in front of Xia Xue, Xia Xue remembered that incident and always blushed unconsciously, which made Xia Bingbao misunderstand the relationship between Xia Xue and Yang Ming. He thought they were a couple!

It was for this reason that Xia Bingbao allowed Xia Xue to go to Yunnan with ease. He understood Yang Ming’s character. Yang Ming was an extremely protective person, especially towards his women. If someone messed with his women, he would kill their whole family. Because of this, Xia Bingbao felt that if Yang Ming and Xia Xue were together, Xia Xue would surely be safe as long as Yang Ming was not in danger.

Oh, I will naturally get down when I reach the airport.,” Yang Ming said plainly as if he had not noticed Xia Xue’s anger.

Xia Xue felt like she had punched cotton, immediately feeling a bit powerless. Fortunately, she merely mentioned it, and did not really force Yang Ming to get off.

For a while, the atmosphere inside the car was a bit cold. Yang Ming thought about it and decided to change the topic, “For the trip to Yunnan… Honestly, I am not confident about it. If you can afford to not go, it would be better for you not to go. ”

Xia Xue originally thought that Yang Ming was calling her weak. But when she turned to the side and saw Yang Ming’s serious expression, he did not seem to be making fun of her. Yang Ming rarely spoke this solemnly and seriously. He only spoke like this when he was completely serious, like this moment.

“Huh?” Xia Xue asked without realizing it. Without saying anything, she waited for Yang Ming to continue.

“You basically know some of my abilities. As a man, I am very strong, at least much stronger than ordinary men. I believe you have a deep experience of this!” Yang Ming watched Xia Xue’s expression as he said this. Seeing Xia Xue’s face sink again, he quickly added, “Haha, of course, don’t get me wrong, I’m talking about skills! Not about doing it …”

“…” Xia Xue was speechless. She didn’t know whether to cry or laugh when she looked at Yang Ming. Can others not misunderstand what you said? And even words like I know your ability, as a man you are strong, stronger than ordinary men, that I deeply understand… What do I understand? Your words are too ambiguous, no?

However, after hearing Yang Ming’s explanation, Xia Xue also knew that she had misunderstood. But Xia Xue absolutely believed that Yang Ming had said this intentionally. Otherwise, what did the following addition of “not about doing it…” mean?

Xia Xue knew that if she continued to struggle with this matter, Yang Ming would probably say something again. So Xia Xue could only pretend that she did not understand, and lightly snorted, continuing, “You mean this mission will be dangerous? ”

“You can say so!” Yang Ming nodded, “I am not even the tiniest bit confident!”

Chapter 1846: Xia Xue’s Uncle

After hearing Yang Ming’s words, Xia Xue could not help but fall into deep thought. Xia Xue was very clear on how powerful Yang Ming was, and she also knew how highly her brother valued Yang Ming from his mouth.

Yang Ming could even be regarded as one of the best in her brother’s department.

Xia Xue had especially experienced Yang Ming’s strength especially when solving the Wang Xifan smuggling case and Chen Afu’s case of pretending to be a ghost to scare people with Yang Ming. Yang Ming had even given her the credit afterward.

And Yang Ming usually seemed to be very calm and certain in winning. But this time he said that he was not confident. Xia Xue knew that if Yang Ming said this, he really was not confident.

“I also know that this operation is dangerous, but can’t you give me some confidence?” Xia Xue smiled bitterly, “If even you have no confidence, what do you want me to do?”

“That’s why I asked you to give up, Do not follow me and get involved in this. I might not be able to even look after myself at that time, not to mention you.” Yang Ming slammed Xia Xue’s self-esteem without any consideration. The more he did this, the more effective it would be.

Although Yang Ming’s words were very sharp, Xia Xue understood that Yang Ming was telling the truth. She was indeed very far from his level. If he was to protect even himself, she would be in even more danger.

“This is not something I can give up on as I wish. You don’t understand our family… You don’t know that Grandpa’s decision cannot be changed by anyone …” Xia Xue sighed, “Of course, except for a legendary man…”

“Legendary man? What do you mean?” Yang Ming froze slightly.

“He was a very powerful person… but I haven’t seen him. He is my uncle. He disappeared after marrying my aunt. Perhaps, Grandpa knows where he is …” Xia Xue shrugged, “If it was anyone else, it would be impossible for grandpa to easily acquiesce to them marrying my aunt. I heard that my uncle is fickle in relationships and had several girlfriends… ”

Speaking of which, Xia Xue couldn’t help but glance at Yang Ming, thinking, This boy is also something. Isn’t he very similar to my legendary uncle?

Xia Xue did not know what had happened to hers today. Maybe the mention of the Yunnan mission had made her a bit sentimental, so she talked more to Yang Ming.

“This kind of person can change your grandpa’s decision?” Yang Ming listened very silently, and just wanted to say if her grandpa was addled with age? “I have several girlfriends too, so if I talk to your grandpa, would he listen to me and tell you not to go? ”

Xia Xue was very speechless when she heard Yang Ming’s shameless words. Are you the same?

“My uncle is already a legend, what are you…?” Xia Xue gave Yang Ming a scornful look.

“What’s your uncle’s name? Perhaps I may know him. Tell me?” Yang Ming thought, This is a legend indeed. If we could meet, I would like to ask him about his experience in picking up chicks.

“My uncle’s name is Liu Lei, and my aunt’s name is Xia Jing. You would not know even if I told you …” Xia Xue did not bother to hide it. Only a few people knew about her uncle’s legend.

“Liu Lei? Xia Jing?” Yang Ming couldn’t help but widen his eyes when he heard their names, “No way, I have read a novel called ‘So Pure, So Flirtatious Prequel’. The main character is Liu Lei, and he has a girlfriend named Xia Jing … ”

Xia Xue listened to Yang Ming’s senseless words, and really did not know what to say. She was telling him serious things, and he was still able to talk about novels.

“I’m telling the truth. Don’t confuse this conversation with novels.” Xia Xue said angrily, “There are more coincidental things in the world, and there are also many people with the same name.”

“Yes, that Xia Jing’s grandpa seemed to belong to a national security agency. Would that be your grandpa? Is your grandpa named Xia Dingguo?” Yang Ming did not care about Xia Xue’s words, but asked suddenly.

“En?” Xia Xue was stunned, “How did you know?”

“No way?” Yang Ming himself was a little speechless, “Your grandpa really is Xia Dingguo?”

“Nonsense! Did my brother tell you?” Xia Xue glared at Yang Ming. How did this boy call Grandpa’s name directly? If Grandpa hears of this, he will be in trouble.

“It was written in that novel … If you don’t believe me, I’ll show it to you now with my mobile phone…” Yang Ming said as he pulled out his mobile phone.

“Really?” Xia Xue was suspicious.

“Why would I fool you?” Yang Ming said as he logged in to the mobile library server on his mobile phone. He found the book “So Pure, So Flirtatious Prequel”, searched for the name of the relevant person and handed it to Xia Xue.

Xia Xue gave a sidelong glance at Yang Ming’s phone, only to find that Yang Ming really had not lied to her. She was a little speechless. Could it be that my mysterious uncle’s deeds were written into a novel?

“Well, I will look at this book when I have time.” Xia Xue believed Yang Ming for the time being.

“En, it seems that this book is quite popular. When I get rich and famous one day, I will contact Fishman the Second, the author of this book. I will see if I can make him write a new book and make me the protagonist. Haha…” Yang Ming was thinking silently in his heart.

Xia Xue was speechless with Yang Ming’s arrogant behavior, so she ignored him.

It was already nine o’clock in the evening when they arrived at Donghai Airport. Fortunately, it was not too late. Xia Xue dropped Yang Ming off at the airport and drove to the hotel’s conference reception to report.

Yang Ming returned a call to Jing Xiaolu. Jing Xiaolu had called him just now after her meeting finished, but Yang Ming did not say much as Xia Xue was by his side. Now, he called back to explain the reason for his previous call.

“Xiaolu, there was someone around me just now. It was not very convenient to talk.” Yang Ming waited for Jing Xiaolu to answer the call before saying.

En, I know.” Jing Xiaolu heard Xia Xue’s voice when Yang Ming answered the phone, but she didn’t ask much.

“You may have to contact Xia Xue of the city police station often in the future. After all, the security company and the escort company are under their management,” said Yang Ming.

“I have met Bureau Xia before.” Jing Xiaolu didn’t ask much. She would not be jealous for Yang Ming’s sake, especially when she knew that Yang Ming would be going to Yunnan in a while. Fighting for these things was unnecessary.

“I’m going to Yunnan. She’s going too,” Yang Ming still explained a little.

Ah! She’s going too?” Jing Xiaolu said, “Wouldn’t it be more dangerous for you this way?”

“…” Yang Ming had not expected Jing Xiaolu to say such a sentence. Apparently, she had misunderstood his relationship with Xia Xue. However, even if Jing Xiaolu was mistaken, what she said was not wrong. He would also need to protect Xia Xue at that time. But he instead said, “What are you thinking? Xia Xue also has good skills. She will have no problem protecting herself.”

“Liar. You yourself are not confident, but she can protect herself. Did you think I would believe that?” Jing Xiaolu directly exposed Yang Ming’s lie “Okay, Yang Ming, let’s not continue with this. What did you call me for just now? ”

“Previously, I asked Xiao Wang to drop me off at the airport. However, he was detained by the traffic police on the highway. I happened to see Xia Xue’s car so I got into her car,” Yang Ming said. “It happened that she was also going to Donghai, so I asked her for a ride. Before I saw her, I called you to ask if you were able to send me. ”

Yeah! Why didn’t you say it earlier? If that was the case, I wouldn’t have stayed at the meeting. I would have just come right away!” Jing Xiaolu said regretfully.

Yang Ming heard Jing Xiaolu’s words and didn’t know what to say. Anyhow, she is still the company’s chairman. To not attend the meeting and run away? What meeting would the others have if you had run away?

“I had called you before, but you didn’t answer it yourself …” Yang Ming smiled bitterly.

Ah… yes!” Jing Xiaolu finally remembered that she had hung up on Yang Ming! This time no one else could be blamed but herself.

“Okay, I’ll be back soon. I’ll let you pick me up then. Would that be fine?” Yang Ming comforted.

En, we have a deal!” Jing Xiaolu was happy again.

“This is the plan for now. I am going to the security check, and I need to find a place to eat.” Yang Ming didn’t say much, and hung up the phone after explaining, He got up to print his boarding pass.

Donghai Airport had added several self-service boarding pass printing machines since the last time he came. With only a scan of their ID card, one would be able to choose his seat and print out the flight tickets. Yang Ming found his airline and printed his ticket, then went straight to the security check’s entrance.

However, something that surprised Yang Ming happened…

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