So Pure, So Flirtatious

Chapter 1450 - Leaving the Function/ Newcomers with No Good Intentions

Chapter 1450: Leaving the Function/ Newcomers with No Good Intentions

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Chapter 1675: Leaving the Function

Seventh Grandfather Chen shook his head after thinking about Chen Xiaolong’s petty actions when he was explaining the “Pursuing Beauty after Reincarnating”. This great-grandnephew of mine is really unsightly. That Yang Ming, on the other hand, has both brains and brawn, and he is not afraid to face any danger.

Especially during the last conversation they had, Yang Ming had given Seventh Grandfather Chen an insight. From the start, he shouldn’t have involved himself in this matter. He shouldn’t have believed what Chen Zhiye and Chen Zhifu said, and shouldn’t have acted as a match-maker for Chen Xiaolong.

Now not only had he humiliated himself in front of the Chen Family Village’s members, but he was also criticized by a junior in front of everyone else. However, this junior’s words were very reasonable, which made Seventh Grandfather Chen unable to refute.

Seventh Grandfather Chen gritted his teeth and decided not to bother about this matter anymore. Although it might make him look weak, in reality, he would be looked down on even more upon if he were to persist with this matter. This was especially the case considering Yang Ming’s words. Everyone present wasn’t dumb. Although they respected Seventh Grandfather Chen, they still knew how to differentiate between right and wrong.

Because of thin, Seventh Grandfather Chen decided to let Yang Ming, Chen Fei and the others leave first as it would lessen his distress. As for the matter between Chen Xiaolong and Chen Mengyan, Yang Ming had made a good point. His great-grandchild had his own destiny. He decided to let Chen Xiaolong think of a solution himself.

“I’m tired.” Seventh Grandfather Chen did not bat an eye on Chen Xiaolong’s pleas. He just shook his head calmly and said.

“Seventh Grandfather…” At this time, no matter how clueless Chen Xiaolong was, he knew that Seventh Grandfather Chen was not going to care about him anymore. He suddenly felt shocked. He had already known beforehand that Chen Mengyan was somehow not interested in his wealth. Somehow, Yang Ming had made Chen Mengyan head over heels for him.

If Seventh Grandfather Chen spoke up, Chen Xiaolong would still have some confidence. Now that Seventh Grandfather Chen had backed out, Chen Xiaolong felt afraid. He had made a few attempts, but Chen Mengyan did not even respond to his hints. Thinking about it, Yang Ming should have some strong traits which made Chen Mengyan unable to betray Yang Ming so easily. But what parts of Yang Ming have attracted Chen Mengyan?

Could Yang Ming be stronger than me in doing that? Chen Xiaolong’s assumption was filled with dirty thoughts. He thought to himself, I’m not that bad either. Maybe I should find a chance to let Chen Mengyan experience it!

“Alright, don’t talk about it anymore. Let them leave, then we can continue the function.” Without waiting for Chen Xiaolong to finish speaking, Seventh Grandfather Chen waved his hands impatiently and said.

“I can leave this time?” Yang Ming coldly glanced at Chen Zhifu. In his heart, Yang Ming felt less disgust toward Seventh Grandfather Chen. Yang Ming had always been more tolerant toward the elders.

Chen Zhifu blushed in shame. He stared fiercely at Yang Ming without saying anything. Since Seventh Grandfather Chen had already spoken, Chen Zhifu would have to let Yang Ming go no matter how unwilling he was. He cursed Yang Ming to die from falling the moment he leaves.

Naturally, Yang Ming did not care what Chen Zhifu and Chen Xiaolong’s thoughts. He turned around and grabbed Chen Mengyan’s hand. He then entered the elevator with Chen Fei’s family. When the elevator door closed, Chen Fei would not have anything to do with the Chen Family Village anymore.

Chen Fei sighed. He never thought that things would turn out like this before coming here. However, Chen Fei had no choice. Even if he could choose again, he would still stand out to protest.

“Uncle Chen, Seventh Grandfather Chen is not a fool. He was just blinded by Chen Zhifu and Chen Zhiye. My last sentence just now should have enlightened him. If not, he would not let us go that easily,” Yang Ming could see how unhappy Chen Fei was, so he decided to comfort him. “So, your relationship with Seventh Grandfather Chen should not be affected.”

“I hope so.” Chen Fei forced a smile. He patted Yang Ming’s shoulders, “It’s been hard for you today. You’ve been controlling yourself from making a move.”

Chen Fei was aware that the present Yang Ming was not comparable to his past self. Since Yang Ming had a position in the Supernatural Investigation Bureau, he wasn’t afraid of anyone. Even if he caused a big problem, Xia Bingbao would take care of it.

Chen Fei had heard from Xia Bingbao about the annihilation of the Goldenhawk Gang in Bianhai City. No one had survived. While he was sighing at how malicious Yang Ming was, he knew that Yang Ming must have some kind of power. Otherwise, Xia Bingbao would not prioritize Yang Ming.

Here, it was already hard for Yang Ming to just open his mouth to give some warnings and not take action. He was being considerate toward Chen Fei. If not, with Yang Ming’s temper, he would probably throw Chen Xiaolong off the sixth floor.

Yang Ming smiled but did not say anything. It seems Chen Fei is slowly discovering more about my other identity. However, since he had a position in the Supernatural Investigation Bureau, he was not afraid of his assassin being leaked.

“I never thought that Chen Zhifu and Chen Zhiye would become like this.” Chen Fangyu let out a sigh. “The relatives that I played together with since I was young even wanted to plot on our Xiaoyan. I should interact less with these kinds of people in the future!”

“Aunty Chen is right, Uncle Chen. Just reject Chen Zhifu and Chen Zhiye in the future if they want to find you for whatever reasons,” Yang Ming hesitated for a while and reminded him. “These two people don’t have kind intentions. Who knows what kind of scheme they will plot next time?”

One shouldn’t have the intent to harm others, but one should always keep their guard up against others. Yang Ming deeply knew the meaning of this saying. He had once lowered his guard toward Wang Zhitao, and it almost made him regret his whole life. Yang Ming was now very careful because of that incident.

“I understand,” Chen Fei nodded. He smiled at Chen Fangyu and Yang Ming and said, “Don’t forget what my job is. They’re still amateurs to be able to plot against me.”

“Then how can you explain what happened today?” Chen Fangyu snorted.

“Today…” Chen Fei suddenly felt awkward, “I never expected it today.”

“Alright, Uncle Chen, Aunty Chen. Stop worrying about that useless stuff. Since the matter is already over, we should stop thinking about it.” Yang Ming smiled. “We came here to eat. Since we haven’t eaten yet, why don’t we find a place to have a meal?”

“Still want to find a place? Isn’t this a hotel?” Chen Mengyan pulled Yang Ming’s hand and said, “Let’s eat here? I’m a little hungry…”

Yang Ming slapped his head. He suddenly remembered that this was a hotel, and it was also his territory. Find what restaurant? Besides, when they were having a meal in Chen Mengyan’s house, Chen Mengyan and Chen Fangyu were both busy doing chores and did not manage to eat. It meant that they had not eaten anything ever since Chen Mengyan had returned from Meitena city. No wonder they were so hungry.

“Then let’s eat here. Shall I ask for another private room?” Yang Ming looked at Chen Fei and Chen Fangyu.

“Don’t look at us. You and Mengyan make the decision.” Chen Fei did not care much. After all, it was the same no matter where they ate.

Yang Ming nodded. Yang Ming walked out when the elevator reached the first floor. The hall manager, Manager Liu, was talking to a worker at the front desk. He saw Yang Ming walk out of the elevator from the corner of his eyes. He immediately straightened his body but he did not walk toward Yang Ming. Yang Ming’s previous actions had indicated that he did not want to expose his identity. Because of this, Manager Liu maintained a posture that was ready to accept any orders.

“Manager Liu.” Yang Ming waved his hand, hinting at him to come over.

When Manager Liu heard Yang Ming call him, he ran over to Yang Ming obediently with a face full of smiles. “Mr. Yang, how can I help you?”

“Give me a private room. I want to eat something,” Yang Ming said.

“Got it.” Manager Liu nodded. “Will you be using the special villa on the top floor?”

“No need to be so troublesome.” Yang Ming waved his hand. He knew that Manager Liu was talking about the double storied room on the highest floor of the international hotel. However, Yang Ming only wanted to have a meal. There was no need to be so grand.

“Alright, I’ll find one for you.” After Manager Liu finished speaking, he ran toward the computer beside the front desk, and found a private room. he told Yang Ming, “Mr. Yang, shall I bring you up?”

“No need.” Yang Ming waved his hand. “Tell me the room number. I can go up there by myself.”

“Alright.” Manager Liu did not insist. He said, “Room Three Hundred and Seven. I will inform the waiters up there later.”

Yang Ming nodded, then he told Chen Fei, “Uncle Chen, shall we go up now?”

As he was talking, he had already pressed the button for another elevator.

Chapter 1676: Newcomers with No Good Intentions

After Yang Ming and the others left, Chen Zhiye hinted at the two bodyguards beside him with his eyes. The two bodyguards immediately understood and quietly disappeared behind Chen Zhiye. After that, they arrived at another elevator door. They observed the floor number which Yang Ming had stopped at. After that, they immediately entered the elevator and pressed the first-floor button.

The departure of these two people had not attracted anyone’s attention. After all, they were not important characters. No one would purposely go and find them. Because of this, even Seventh Grandfather Chen did not notice that two people were missing beside Chen Zhiye.

However, Chen Zhifu and Chen Xiaolong had noticed. Chen Xiaolong snickered and thought to himself, Yang Ming, who asked you to show off in front of me. Aren’t you capable of acting arrogantly? This time, let me see if one person’s fist is stronger, or two people’s fist! Two fists can’t deal with four hands. Let’s see how badly you’ll end up.

When the two bodyguards exited the elevator on the first floor, they saw Chen Fei and Chen Fangyu’s silhouettes entering another elevator. The two bodyguards calmly went back into the elevator and pretended to wait for someone. They were looking at the floor number of Yang Ming’s elevator slowly increasing.

The number stopped increasing when the elevator reached the third floor. It did not move for quite some time.

“They went to the third floor,” Bodyguard A told Bodyguard B.

Bodyguard A nodded. He took out a telephone and dialed Chen Zhiye’s number.

The Chen Family Village was starting their welcoming function as planned. The atmosphere used to be very lively. However, after Yang Ming caused such trouble, the whole atmosphere had become depressive.

Although Seventh Grandfather Chen had almost fully recovered, he still looked dispirited. He just sat there without talking much and did not eat at all. Everyone from the Chen Family Village did not dare to make any loud noises and disturb the old man.

Chen Zhiye was chit-chatting with the Chen Family Village’s members about what had happened these few years. Suddenly, his phone rang in his pocket. Chen Zhiye took it out and looked at the number displayed. He immediately made an apologetic gesture to the person beside him and said, “Excuse me, let me pick up this phone call.”

“It’s fine…” The person was merely trying to build a relationship with Chen Zhiye. His aim was to ensure his son a job after his graduation next year at Chen Zhiye’s company. He wanted Chen Zhiye to take care of his son.

Since Chen Zhiye had already accepted his request, he didn’t have to disturb Chen Zhiye anymore. When he heard that Chen Zhiye had something to do, he immediately moved aside.

“Hello?” Chen Zhiye picked up the phone, “What is it?”

“Boss, Yang Ming and the others did not leave the hotel. They just entered another elevator and went to the third floor. It seems like they are going to have a meal here,” Bodyguard A reported to Chen Zhiye.

“Oh?” Chen Zhiye frowned, “You two follow them. Just target that Yang Ming. Teach him a lesson when he is alone!”

“Okay, boss,” the bodyguard answered.

“Don’t be discovered by Chen Fei, and don’t let Yang Ming identify your origins. You must take action quickly,” Chen Zhiye instructed. “Is that clear?”

“Relax, boss. We won’t disappoint you,” Bodyguard A replied.

Chen Zhiye hung up the phone with satisfaction. He had to teach Yang Ming a lesson first to relieve his hatred. He also wanted to make Yang Ming afraid and threaten him. With that, he would be able to negotiate with Yang Ming.

He believed that Yang Ming would not dare to ask for too much after this, and wouldn’t dare to decline his offer anymore. The most important thing was there wouldn’t be any evidence. Even if Chen Fei was suspicious, he had no way of proving it. After all, they were relatives. Before they reached a state of open hostility, Chen Fei could only suffer his grievances silently.

Besides, if he settled Yang Ming and made him break up with Chen Mengyan, would Chen Fei still bother about Yang Ming anymore? At that time, Chen Xiaolong would become Chen Fei’s son-in-law. Would he offend his current son-in-law for his previous one? That would be crazy.

After Yang Ming entered the room, he simply ordered a few dishes that Chen Mengyan liked to eat. After that, he passed the menu to Chen Fei. Chen Fei also simply chose a few dishes. Since they were all close to each other, there was no need for courtesy. They ordered the dishes that everyone liked.

The waiter had already received Manager Liu’s instruction. He was very respectful toward Yang Ming’s group. He immediately sent the order to the kitchen without hesitation.

“Yang Ming, you want to drink a little with Uncle Chen?” Chen Fei suggested.

“I drove here…” Although Yang Ming had no problems with drinking, it was still dangerous for him to drive afterward. He had to be especially careful since he had to drop back Chen Mengyan, Chen Fei and Chen Fangyu.

“Hehe, that’s easily solved. Just let that bodyguard Little Wang send us back.” Chen Fei was a little depressed. He wanted to drink some alcohol, but there was no fun in drinking alone. Because of this, he wanted to make Yang Ming drink with him.

“Alright, then let me drink a little with Uncle Chen.” Yang Ming nodded.

“Mengyan, you’re not afraid of Yang Ming drinking too much right?” Chen Fei was happy after seeing Yang Ming agree. However, he thought of Chen Mengyan, and decided to ask her.

“Who cares about it?” Chen Mengyan blushed. In front of her parents, how could she care about what Yang Ming did?

“Hehe, relax, Uncle Chen. I’m still a decent drinker.” Yang Ming smiled, “At most, I’ll just nap for a while if I drink too much.”

Chen Fangyu knew that Chen Fei was feeling very uncomfortable right now. After all, he had respected Seventh Grandfather Chen ever since he was a child. Now that they had argued with each other, Chen Fangyu was also feeling unhappy.

The dishes were served very fast. Chen Mengyan and Chen Fangyu only ate the dishes while Yang Ming was drinking one cup after another together with Chen Fei. Yang Ming was still feeling fine. He just felt a little dizzy. Chen Fei had stuff in his mind, so he became drunk rapidly. He started ranting about what had happened with him and Chen Fangyu in the Chen Family Village.

Yang Ming did not interrupt him. He just listened quietly.

After drinking for three rounds, Yang Ming felt that his bladder was a little full. He stood up and told Chen Fei, “Uncle Chen, I’ll go to the restroom first. I’ll drink again with you later.”

“En.” Chen Fei waved his hand, signaling Yang Ming to go and come back quickly.

Yang Ming pushed open the room’s door and walked out. At this moment, two guys turned around like two drunk customers at the end of the corridor. They held each other’s shoulders and staggered forward.

This turning around had happened in an instant, but it did not escape Yang Ming’s eyes. How sharp were Yang Ming’s instincts? He immediately felt that something was wrong.

Right now, although Yang Ming felt a little dizzy, his consciousness was still fully awake. He walked in the direction of the toilet, and he did not make any weird moves toward the two people in front.

However, while he was walking forward, Yang Ming used his special ability to secretly observe the two of them. After looking at them, Yang Ming sneered.

This Chen Zhiye and Chen Xiaolong still haven’t given up yet? These two bodyguards actually followed me till here?

Yang Ming would obviously not be so naive to think that these two people appeared here by mere coincidence. Even a ghost wouldn’t believe that these two people weren’t here for him. Yang Ming had remembered their face before he entered the elevator, so his impression of them was still very deep.

“He came out. It looks like he’s heading in the direction of the restroom!” Bodyguard A whispered while he hugged Bodyguard B’s neck as if he were drunk. They staggered forward step by step.

“Then let’s go into the restroom and take action there?” Bodyguard B suggested.

“Sure. We go in first and see if there’s anybody around. We will hide in there. After Yang Ming enters, we shall take action,” Bodyguard B nodded his head and agreed.

“Then, it’s decided,” Bodyguard B said, then he fastened his steps together with Bodyguard A. They went into the restroom first.

Bodyguard A and Bodyguard B immediately separated after closing the toilet door. They restored their normal look which was vastly different from their drunk appearances just now. They quickly looked around the restroom.

Fortunately, there was no one other than the two of them in the restroom.

It was no wonder. There were restrooms on the left and right sides of each floor. It was nothing out of the ordinary for one restroom to not have anybody inside.

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