So Pure, So Flirtatious

Chapter 1332 - The Haicheng Liu Family [1]

Chapter 1332: The Haicheng Liu Family [1]

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This meal was still very harmonious. After learning that Xu Xiaobin’s real purpose was not to seek free financial help, Bao Sanli had a good impression of him.

Bao Sanli was naturally polite to those who sought to cooperate truthfully. From Xu Xiaobin’s look and tone, he seemed very sincere and wanted to promote this cooperation.

“I’m going to pay the bill…” Xu Xiaobin stood up and asked the waiter. Although Liu Jifei had asked him to find an opportunity to let Bao Sanli pay, Xu Xiaobin felt that it would be too unreasonable to do so. If he could promote this cooperation, what’s the matter with a meal? Besides, the company also provided hospitality expenses. Xu Xiaobin could still afford a meal.

“It’s alright.” Bao Sanli waved his hand. “President Xu came to my territory for a meal. How can I let you pay for it?”

“Although I represent the Haicheng Jiangyan Group, I have been in Song Jiang for a long time. I’m not really a foreigner.” Xu Xiaobin was shocked. He apparently misunderstood what Bao Sanli meant. He thought that Bao Sanli was talking about his role as Song Jiang native, so he quickly explained.

” Hehe , President Xu, you have misunderstood. I mean, this hotel is a business under our company. Since we are eating here, I naturally can’t let you spend your money.” Bao Sanli explained with a smile.

” Ah ? This business belongs to President Bao?” Xu Xiaobin was surprised. He didn’t know this because the Ming Yang Security Company was an independent legal company. Song Jiang International Hotel was also a company under another separate legal entity — the Ming Yang Entertainment Culture Development Company. The legal persons of the two companies were different. Bao Sanli was the legal representative of the Ming Yang Security Company, and the legal representative of the Ming Yang Entertainment Culture Development Company was Hou Zhenhan. Hence, those who didn’t understand the shareholding configuration of the two companies wouldn’t know what this Song Jiang International Hotel had to do with Bao Sanli.

It was because the legal person of Song Jiang International Hotel was Guo Jianchao! These three people were all Yang Ming’s subordinates, but people who didn’t know about it would not be able to understand this. It was no wonder that Xu Xiaobin was so surprised.

” Hehe , it is not my business, but it is a brother company, belonging to our Chairman Yang.” Bao Sanli naturally would not be arrogant to say that this was his own business.

“I see.” Xu Xiaobin thought, It seems that Bao Sanli’s background is not weak! This Song Jiang International Hotel can be so grand in Song Jiang, and it has even become a government-appointed hotel. If Yang Ming is incapable, this was definitely impossible.

It seems that this Yang Ming is a very important person. After going back, I should inquire about his background. I don’t know how Liu Jifei knows this person, but Liu Jifei didn’t elaborate on it. Xu Xiaobin didn’t know Yang Ming’s identity at the time, so he didn’t ask carefully. It seemed that after going back this time, he had to ask in detail.

The three people came out of the hotel together. Jing Xiaolu drove the new BMW X5. Bao Sanli initially planned to drive, but when he saw Jing Xiaolu’s enthusiasm, he let her be the driver.

“Xiaolu, do you think this Xu Xiaobin has any sincerity to cooperate with us?” Bao Sanli subconsciously attributed Jing Xiaolu as Yang Ming’s spokesperson, so he should discuss these things with her first.

“Xu Xiaobin, I can be sure that he must have come with sincerity.” It was undeniable that Jing Xiaolu’s eyes on people were still very accurate. Otherwise, she wouldn’t be able to scam rich guy’s money repeatedly. “However, I have no way to affirm if there is much sincerity in the Jiangyan Group represented by him.”

” Oh ? Isn’t Xu Xiaobin talking to us on behalf of the Jiangyan Group?” Bao Sanli heard Jing Xiaolu’s words, and he became surprised.

“Xu Xiaobin surely is representing the Jiangyan Group. There is nothing wrong with this.” Jing Xiaolu said, “However, it is hard to say whether the Jiangyan Group also holds a positive attitude towards this cooperation like him. I have also heard of this Jiangyan Group. It is the largest private group in the north. Our business is still too small in the eyes of others.”

” Oh ? You mean, Xu Xiaobin’s enthusiasm does not represent the Jiangyan Group’s attitude?” Bao Sanli looked at Jing Xiaolu with some surprise.

“I am just telling the truth. It’s just speculation. I’m not sure.” Jing Xiaolu said, “Xu Xiaobin is the Jiangyan Group’s office manager in Song Jiang. Therefore, the business developed in Song Jiang will count as his merit. Naturally, he will be very enthusiastic! But whether the big ones behind him really value this business, then it is hard to say.”

“I understand what you mean.” Bao Sanli nodded. “The Jiangyan Group’s attitude is directly related to the benefits that both sides will gain in the follow-up negotiation. If it is only Xu Xiaobin’s enthusiasm, and the Jiangyan Group’s attitude is ambiguous, then we definitely won’t get much benefit. After all, Xu Xiaobin can’t make the final decision in the end. But, if Jiangyan Group also values ​​this cooperation, we can have more benefits during the negotiations. Am I right?”

“Yes! That’s what I meant.” Jing Xiaolu appreciatively looked at Bao Sanli. She didn’t expect this uncouth fellow to think of it too. She didn’t think so before, but now that she was promoted to the position of the vice president by Yang Ming, she must put these things into consideration.

“It seems that we have to figure this out; we must probe Xu Xiaobin’s intention.” Bao Sanli said, “Otherwise, we will suffer losses in the negotiation.”

“After going back, we should investigate the background of this Jiangyan Group. We will have a meeting with President Hou and discuss it.” Jing Xiaolu had quickly integrated into her role.

She did not expect to encounter traffic jams at noon. There was actually a long queue under the overpass. The traffic stopped moving for a long time. Although Jing Xiaolu liked to drive, she hated the time wasted in traffic jams.

Bao Sanli had keen eyesight too. Seeing that Jing Xiaolu’s expression was a little uncomfortable, he took the initiative to say, “Xiaolu, do you want to swap with me for a while so that you can take a break?”

Jing Xiaolu had the intention to ask Bao Sanli drive for a while, but she found it inappropriate to speak up. Now, Bao Sanli had offered, so she naturally did not need to refuse. She got off and switched her seat with Bao Sanli. Then, she lay comfortably on the front seat.

Bao Sanli smiled bitterly in his heart. This madam was Brother Yang’s woman. It was hard to say who would have the final call in the company. Bao Sanli was the company’s president, but he might have to listen to her in the future. Hence, Bao Sanli did not feel condescending. He treated Jing Xiaolu respectfully, just like how he treated Yang Ming.

At this moment, they could not discuss anything concrete out of the Jiangyan Group’s cooperation in the car. They had to wait until they returned to the company and looked into the Jiangyan Group’s information before they could make the decision.

Jing Xiaolu was a little bored. She took out her mobile phone, logged into the “Mobile Phone Reading Base” and started reading novels on it. In the past few days, she was reading a gripping urban romance novel called “Very Pure and Ambiguous: The Prequel” whereby she was reluctant to stop after she picked it up.

“What are you doing?” Seeing Jing Xiaolu constantly changing her expression on the side, sometimes smiling and sometimes angry, Bao Sanli was shocked. What is she doing?

“I’m reading a novel.” Jing Xiaolu raised the phone in her hand.

“Reading a novel? Can you read the novel on the phone?” Bao Sanli was slightly baffled. He was a rustic man. He would only use his phone for calls, and he knew no other functions.

“Of course, Mobile [2] has a Mobile Phone Reading Base. There are many novels on it.” Jing Xiaolu said, “I only learned about it recently. There was a text message sent to me a few days ago. They recommended a book, so I went to read it. It was great.”

“What novel?” Bao Sanli came into interest as he heard it. Sometimes, when he had nothing to do, he could use his mobile phone to read novels.

“Very Pure and Ambiguous: The Prequel” is a romance novel. It’s very interesting. The protagonist has several wives…” Jing Xiaolu explained to Bao Sanli.

Bao Sanli broke into a sweat after hearing that. This Jing Xiaolu is too powerful. A girl actually reading this male-oriented novel… It is even a harem romance novel… But after thinking about it, it’s the same as the current situation with Jing Xiaolu. No wonder she likes to read it.

“Who wrote it? Introduce it to me…” asked Bao Sanli casually.

“A guy named Fishman II. You can find this book by searching it on the mobile reading base,” said Jing Xiaolu.

“Fishman second generation? Didn’t he write the book “So Pure and So Flirtatious”? I have read that book!” Bao Sanli had a vivid impression once he heard that, and he quickly said, “But his update speed makes me very resentful. I have become a boss from a punk, yet the story did not end yet…”

” Oh , I have read that book.” Jing Xiaolu said, “It is still updating. Waiting for the update is a very tough thing. This “Very Pure and Ambiguous: The Prequel” is fully released. You can rest assured on your reading journey.”

“Is it? I seem to have a sockpuppet. It is called “Sloppy Fishman Heaven’s Feather [3] Do Your Best.” Bao Sanli nodded after listening. “I will go back and take a look.”

After dawdling back to the company, Jing Xiaolu also read several chapters. She put her phone into her into the bag and got off with Bao Sanli.

“President Bao, Vice President Jing.”

The two entered the company, and the employees who passed by greeted the two. Jing Xiaolu was promoted. She no longer the assistant in the past. The crowd was in awe of her.

Back to the company, Bao Sanli went to inform the secretary to investigate information on the Jiangyan Group. Then, he took out his mobile phone to search for the novel “Very Pure and Ambiguous: The Prequel.”

The information on the Jiangyan Group was not a secret. Bao Sanli did not expect to learn about secrets either. As long as he could glean some general information, he could get an understanding of this Jiangyan Group.

The two sides were only in a cooperative relationship, not the relationship where one was the acquirer or acquiree. For cooperation, he didn’t need to know too much about the privacy of the other group. He just had to look at their reputation among those partners with whom they worked.

The situation would be different with an acquisition. If it were necessary to inject capital into the Jiangyan Group, Bao Sanli had to dig deep to investigate the Jiangyan Group’s background across multiple generations. He would probably have to dig into their ancestors’ graves so that he could find out whether there were any loans, arrears, and hidden debts, etc. However, he did not need to know these for cooperation.

The two sides would contribute money and effort to set up a new company. There was no need to understand the parent company in detail as long as the new company’s structure and the rights of both parties were clearly written.

Soon, two copies of the Jiangyan Group’s information were printed, with each placed in front of Bao Sanli and Jing Xiaolu.

The Jiangyan Group was a business empire built by Liu Jiangyan, a legend of a generation. He resigned from a company as a small state-owned store accountant, and then he started his business from a contract department store. In a few years, it became an invincible business empire that was involved in various industries.

However, the business that allowed him truly to stand firm in the north was still the bank escort business. He could only remain unbeaten in commercial battles through building a connection with the bank. The opponents fell one by one, and only the Jiangyan Group sustained until now. Moreover, it became more powerful, and it became a grand business! It was the largest private group in the north.

At that time, there was a saying called South Yan North Liu. It illustrated that the Yan Family in the south and the Liu Family in the north were the two top families that controlled the economic lifeline of the North and the South.

However, nearly thirty years later, Liu Jiangyan, who started his business in his fifties in the prime of his life, had turned the ripe old age of seventy. He had also handed over his business to his children and grandchildren.

There were three sons from Liu Jianyan, the eldest son, Liu Heng, the second son, Liu Yan, and the third son, Liu Hua. However, now the Jiangyan Group’s helm fell on the third son, Liu Hua!

The eldest son, Liu Heng, had a car accident in his early years. He was still lying in the hospital in a comatose state; he was no different from dead. However, the Liu Family was not bothered by the medical expenses.

Liu Heng had a daughter named Liu Huamei, who held a high position in the Jiangyan Group. She was now sitting in the position of financial director, controlling the group’s financial power. It was equivalent to managing the group’s economic lifeline.

The second son, Liu Yan, had polio since his youth. Now, he could only sit in a wheelchair. He had never married. He could only regulate the affairs of the group behind the scenes; he couldn’t go to the front stage.

Therefore, the current power of the Liu Family fell on Liu Hua. Liu Hua had two sons. The eldest son, Liu Zhenan, took the company’s executive vice president position, and the younger son, Liu Zheqiao, was the company’s human resource department head. In other words, they both occupied two critical positions in the company.

Liu Hua was the executive president of the Jiangyan Group, which was also known as the “CEO” on the international stage. Of course, Liu Jiangyan still had several brothers and sisters. Their children and grandchildren were peripheral members of the Liu Family. Liu Jifei and Xu Xiaobin were the same, but the information about them could not be investigated because these were irrelevant people.

Looking at the information of the Liu Family’s Jiangyan Group, Jing Xiaolu sighed with emotion. This family that seemed impressive from the outside had such bitterness on the inside.

Judging from some rumors, the two sons of Liu Hua had never given up their rights to fight with the daughter of the main family, Liu Huamei. Although Liu Heng was now in a vegetative state lying in the hospital, he was the eldest son. He was also Liu Jiangyan’s son from his first wife. Initially, Liu Jiangyan trained Liu Heng as the successor. Now, he was in the hospital, so the power had fallen to Liu Hua!

Although Liu Heng became a vegetative person without any life danger, his daughter was still there. The most important thing was that this little girl was actually a business talent. She left school at the age of sixteen and entered the company. Her tough strategies in the business field had gotten Liu Jiangyan’s approval. He placed her in the position of chief financial officer. She was also responsible for the daily operations of several branches!

Needless to say, Liu Hua felt threatened! When he was in office, there was nothing. In terms of business, he knew he was not inferior to the old man. Otherwise, the Jiangyan Group wouldn’t stop growing but wither in his hands. The assets almost doubled during the five years when he was in power. Of course, Liu Huamei also contributed to it. However, Liu Hua shamelessly took this credit for himself.

However, although the qualifications of his two sons were considered to be not bad, they were a lot worse compared to Liu Huamei. This was what Liu Hua really worried about. He didn’t want the group to fall eventually into the little girl Liu’s hands. After she was married, wouldn’t it belong to someone else’s family? Wouldn’t this group become a marriage dowry?

However, Liu Jiangyan did not think so. From time to time, he called Liu Huawei to come over and accompany him to eat and chat. He also secretly taught her some business principles, which made Liu Hua sullen and jealous.

My two sons are the grandsons of the Liu Family. Is Grandpa Liu Jiangyan old and confused? He doesn’t teach the grandsons but teaches the granddaughter?

These Liu Family internal fights were not a secret to the outside world. They were commented everywhere on the Internet. Although they didn’t know the truth, no story came unfounded. Jing Xiaolu still believed most of it.

Of course, this was only treated as a joke. These things didn’t help the specific details of the cooperation. The children of the Liu Family fighting for power had nothing to do with Jing Xiaolu.


Xu Xiaobin returned to the office. Liu Jifei was waiting for him anxiously. When he saw Xu Xiaobin coming in, he quickly greeted him and asked, “How was it? How was the discussion?”

“Brother Fei, please allow me to have a drink. I will tell you slowly.” As Bao Sanli got stuck in a traffic jam, Xu Xiaobin naturally also was stuck in traffic jams. His mouth was so thirsty that it also puffed out smoke. He could not find a drink seller all along. The early spring was quite cold too. No hawkers stood on the street, selling drinks.

Liu Jifei nodded and motioned for Li Zhan to pour Xu Xiaobin a glass of water. Li Zhan quickly took a disposable cup, filled it with some mineral water, and handed it to him.

Now, Li Zhan knew his position very well. Although he was inferior to Xu Xiaobin, he knew that Liu Jifei and Xu Xiaobin were doing a big thing together. Once things were done, he was among those who held merits. Hence, Li Zhan must now please these two sirs, so that he could get a share of the success in the future.

Xu Xiaobin took the disposable paper cup. When he poured the water into his throat as he raised his head, he sighed in relief. “Great! I don’t know what happened today. There was such heavy traffic. I almost got dehydrated in my journey.”

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