Skyfire Avenue

Chapter 21: Tang Mi

Chapter 21: Tang Mi

She moved silently through the gloom, pausing in the shadow of a building. A white figure quietly making her way.

In the distance she’d traveled from Skyfire Avenue, she’d already changed direction several times. Were someone looking for her trail, it would be almost impossible. Walking in the dark night, she’d managed to avoid all of the probes capable of recognizing her. Even the satellites far overhead had no means of detecting her.

Were it not for her wedding, she’d be wearing her communication device around her neck; enough for the satellites to get a lock. As it was she was doing everything she can to avoid detection. And all of it was for that guy.

Upon thinking about him Zhou Qianlin couldn’t help but knit her brow. The pain in her body she could endure, but the chaos in her heart was another matter.

Though she walked in the darkness, in her mind the only shadows were his figure.

Everything that happened was only over a short time, but in her heart it felt like it was stretched over a century ago.

She paused, unconsciously looking back towards Skyfire Avenue. Through the emotional tumult in her eyes arose a shimmering tear.

When she stood before him she was strong, even cold. But in the end she was only a little girl!

With tears in her eyes she slowly walked through the shadow, passing under the glow of a streetlamp. From beneath the towering buildings and yawning eaves she was revealed.

Slowly, step by step she moved on, her mind blank, unable to think.

Suddenly, a whistling blast arose, a rapid surge of air swirling past her.

Zhou Qianlin almost stepped aside, her hands pressing down her dress to prevent the air from ruffling it.

A Ferarri verti-car hovered overhead. This sort of car was best suited for high-speed movement ten meters or less above the ground, though not as expensive as a high-altitude verti-car. But considering it’s high energy efficiency, it was not expensive.

The window facing Zhou Qianlin descended, revealing a man young man with yellow Mohican-styled hair. He whistled while staring at her.

Zhou Qianlin’s white dress hugged her eye-catching figure, especially her shapely backside which moved with her gait.

Her beauty certainly didn’t just attract Zeus.

“Hey there pretty, all by yourself?” The young man ran a hand through his blond hair, pity revealed in his almond eyes.

Zhou Qianlin’s look was biting, clearly the blast of air that’d startled her was intentional. This sort of obscene behavior towards women was downright detestable.

She disdained to even speak to him, holding that hard glare a moment longer before turning to leave.

“Saucy!” The young man’s eyes lit up. Zhou Qianlin’s dismissive glare made her look all the more virginal. And to come across such a pretty lady all on her own in the middle of the night, in his eyes lady luck had blessed him.

The Ferarri deftly moved forward to catch up with the retreating Zhou Qianlin.

The verti-car slowed, and the young man opened his mouth to speak further. As he did, he got the sense Zhou Qianlin had somehow grown brighter. It was then he noticed the column of golden light descending from the skies to envelope her.


Almost instantly after the light washed over Zhou Qianlin, a massive golden figure came crashing down, looking terribly mangled.

The Ferarri was abruptly smashed beneath it. The entire back half of the car had disappeared, while the front had been irreparably warped by the impact. The force of the collision had caused the young man in the driver seat to faint. Luckily, he’d been wearing his seat-belt.

The shockwave tore across the street like a gale. Thankfully there weren’t any others on the street. Zhou Qianlin was unaffected, protected by the column of light sent specifically from the golden figure.

The metallic mecha was eighteen meters tall, it’s body smooth and streamlined, coated in gold. The sole imperfection were the crumpled armor plates on it’s shoulders, traces of the damage the mecha had suffered.

“Qianlin,” a tender voice arose, followed by the hatch of the mecha hissing open. A figure arose from within and leapt from the mecha. Unfazed by the eighteen meter height, the woman turned two circles in the air as she tumbled forward. As she did a layer of golden light encased her, and moment before she hit the floor she stabilized and landed firmly.

She was a tall and beautiful woman. Zhou Qianlin herself was considered tall, but this woman stood half a head over her.

Her legs were strikingly long, seventy percent the proportion of her legs and torso, but most gripping was the sense of power her imposing figure commanded.

She wore a black skin-tight flight suit, with a head of long golden hair and jade-green eyes that glittered like crystal.

The flight suit perfectly outlined her figure, and although her long legs seemed almost out of proportion her strong and beautiful posture gave her a tameless beauty.

The golden light quietly dispersed, and the golden haired woman closed the gap between herself and Zhou Qianlin in three long steps. She looked her up and down, asking with concern in her voice, “Qianlin, are you alright?”

“I’m fine, Little Mi,” replied while shaking her head.

“I’ve said it countless times,” the woman grumbled, “Don’t call me Little Mi. Say my full name, Tang Mi!”

Zhou Qianlin smiled. “You got here fast.”

Tang Mi responded, “Like I had a choice. You know after your disappearance the entire wedding site went crazy. All of Skyfire City now sees danger lurking around every corner. They haven’t officially declared martial law, but they’ve already called for four whole Mecha Battalions to search the entire planet for any trace of you. I was so worried, no one at the wedding was able to protect you. I’m a terrible friend.”

Zhou Qianlin shook her head. “No one blames you.”

Tang Mi acknowledge that with a nod of her head, her big jade eyes excited. “Of course you can’t blame me. That was THOR! And the single greatest Mecha-pilot in our Alliance, no way I could stand against him! Agh, why didn’t he grab me! If he had, I’d not have fought back, I’d have gone right along with him.”

Zhou Qianlin’s brows slowly began to rise. “What do you mean, ‘not fought back’?”

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