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Chapter 2205: Next Quest

Chapter 2205: Next Quest

While many years have passed in other worlds, only a few years have passed in his original world.

Two years after his graduation, and right when Sora and Megumi were about to enter the university, there was something that they were about to do.



Haru was going to marry all of his women.

Still, the process was quite troublesome since there were so many of his women there, so he set up a batch, and the first group he was going to marry was Kirari, Utaha, Megumi, Sora, and Erina. The five of them would marry him before the others since they weren’t so hasty either.

The marriage would be held on Lanai island, the private island that he bought a few years ago.

Haru was in his waiting room, waiting for the event to start. Still, he wasn’t here alone, and some people accompanied him in this room.

If it was usually, Haru would be accompanied by the other women he hadn’t married and probably have two people world time in this room, doing a secret rendezvous before a marriage. However, this time was different since he wasn’t accompanied by one girl or a group of girls. Instead, he was accompanied by someone he had always wanted to be with forever.

“We’re going to get married soon…” Sora felt emotional when she thought they were about to pledge to become a husband and a wife soon. Not by hiding that fact or doing it secretly. Instead, they became together formally in front of everyone, without feeling ashamed or afraid of society’s prejudice.

“As I have promised you, right? I’ll marry you.” Haru looked at Sora, who was sitting on his lap, with a gentle smile. He could see that she was so beautiful today, and he just wanted to push her somehow.

Sora wore a white wedding gown with beautiful make-up on her face, making her even more charming.

If there was an angel in this world, then without a doubt, Sora would be that angel.

Sora smiled and kissed Haru’s cheek without hesitation.

“Wait, I’m happy with the kiss, but your lipstick might stick on my cheek,” Haru said speechlessly.

“Then put it on me again,” Sora said with a spoiled tone, wanting her brother to pamper her.


“Okay, then, I won’t need to worry anymore.” Haru then kissed Sora’s lips without hesitation, and he even wanted to take off her panties, without taking off the gown, but then someone entered.

“…The marriage is about to start, but you’re doing something like this…”

Even though she seemed to complain, her voice was so bland.

Haru and Sora were embarrassed, and they quickly fixed their clothes.

“Megumi.” 2x

Megumi let out a sigh, but she also sat on Haru’s lap.

Haru and Sora smiled at the same time, and the three of them hugged each other.

In the beginning, there were only three of them, but slowly, everything grew, and they had so many sisters.

Megumi and Sora somehow let out a long sigh and looked at their soon-to-be-husband.

He started to become a novelist, but then at the speed that no one would expect, he would become the richest man on earth.

Megumi and Sora had become adults, so they also understood how amazing his business was and how amazing he was.

Still, everything started with the first book that he had written.

“You bring that thing here?” Haru looked at his first light novel with a strange expression. Thinking back, it might become part of his dark history, considering the novel’s content.

“What’s with that expression?” Sora pouted while hugging the novel. “This novel is pretty good, you know?”

“Yeah, the ending is unexpected, and you write the physiology and the emotion of the characters very well,” Megumi said while nodding, agreeing with Sora’s words. “As expected of a harem protagonist.”

“…..” Haru.

Sora and Megumi thought that Haru could marry all of the girls because he was a light novelist writer in the past.

As for now, his career had changed, and he became a tycoon.

“Let me read it again.” It had been a while since Haru took a look at his book, considering how busy he was.

“Here.” Megumi gave the book without hesitation.

Haru read his book and slowly understood that everything might start from this book. He started this book because of money, but this book was also part of his deepest desire. His desire to marry Sora, who was known as his little sister in the past.

However, it might be because of history or because he was someone who was reincarnated in this world that they had become step-siblings instead of an actual sibling.

‘If Sora is really my little sister, will I marry her?’ Haru thought, but probably, considering how scumbag he was, he might really marry his little sister.

“What were you thinking about?” Sora asked since she could see that Haru was thinking something weird.

“Yeah, what were you thinking about?” Megumi asked curiously.

Haru put down the book on the side, then hugged the two of them gently and said, “I was just thinking how lucky I was that I could marry the two of you.”

“Haru…” 2x

Megumi and Sora blushed and hugged him tightly.

The three of them hugged and kissed each other, and frankly, if their marriage wasn’t going to start soon, then they would probably do it right away.

Still, some people disturbed them again.

“Hey, the marriage is about to start! Be prepared!” Erina was so jealous.

“Yes, we have been searching for you, but here you are,” Utaha said with a sigh.

Kirari didn’t say much and joined them, hugging each other.

Erina and Utaha looked at each other before they joined and hugged each other.

If it was someone else, they might be troubled with five women, but it was different with Haru since he could handle them no matter how much the women were.

“The marriage is about to start soon. Let’s go out,” Haru suddenly said.

“Yes.” 5x

They thought to finish their marriage as soon as possible, so they could enter the battlefield right away.

They stood up together and tidied up their clothes.

Haru was helping them, but suddenly his smartphone vibrated. His lips twitched, and he took his smartphone before he let out a sigh. He opened the Group Chat and quickly wrote.

Haru: “I’m going to get married. Can someone handle the quest?”

There was no way for him to handle the quest since he would get married.

Kuroneko: “You don’t need to worry. We can wait for you.”

‘Am I going to be the one who does the quest?’ Haru was speechless, but in the end, he ignored the number of replies that he received in the group chat. Instead, he put his smartphone again in his pocket before looking at his five wives-to-be. “Shall we go, dears?”

Sora, Megumi, Utaha, Erina, and Kirari smiled and nodded since they couldn’t wait to become his wife.

“Yes!” 5x

They walked out together, leaving the single book that was placed on the sofa.

The book wasn’t closed, and it was opened, showing the book’s last page.

“Thus, both sister and brother decide to become lovers.”

Haru thought about that sentence that was written in the book and thought that he might need to change it into wife and husband instead of lovers in the future, but for now, he was going to marry his little sister for real.

“Thus, both sister and brother decide to become a husband and a wife.”

Haru let out a long sigh as he pinched the bridge of his nose, feeling tired, but then the door of his room was opened, and someone jumped into his lap.

“Dad! Let’s play!”

Haru looked at his daughter helplessly, then turned off the virtual screen without hesitation since he didn’t want his daughter to read his novel.

“Okay, okay, let’s go out to play.”

Haru carried his daughter and walked out of his room. His novel might end, but he thought that he might write the spin-off, but then again, his book had finished.

However, his life with his women and children would continue from now on and in the future.


Whenever there is a beginning, there’s also an end.

Thank you for supporting me for so many years.

I love you all!

The journey was rough.

Sometimes I was lazy, and sometimes I was spirited.

Anyway, the journey for the past few years has ended.

Once again, thank you for supporting me for the past few years.

As for my plan after this, I will focus on the “I Refuse to Become a Scumbag in Tokyo.”

Also, I have written a new book before, and its title is “Is it wrong to become a scumbag?”

Well, it is quite an anticlimax, but that’s all I want to say.

Lastly, thank you once again.

From your lovely author.


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