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Chapter 1953 - Ordinary Girl

In public, Magus Craft is a company mainly known for manufacturing Automata for commercial purposes, but in fact, this company isn't that simple. Hidden inside this company, a secret experiment was conducted, and it was a very vile experiment.

Kanon was one of the subjects for this secret experiment.

Haru had gotten most of the data about Kanon and her adoptive father or her biological uncle. Frankly, after he knew that such a cute girl had been used by her uncle as an experiment to make her a real angel, he was extremely angry. It was said that everything was for her own good, but obviously, this was wrong, and even if there was love, this love was twisted.

Haru, who knew about this matter, couldn't agree with the way Kensei Kanase did to Kanon, so he decided to visit Kensei directly.

"Wh - Who are you?!"

After a day of the experiment, the exhausted Kensei just returned to his dorm, but he found a dark figure sitting in his living room. For this stranger, who suddenly appeared, Kensei's heart tightened, and he became extremely wary. Subconsciously, his hand stretched out to his back and held the pistol that he kept on his waist in case he needed it from time to time.

Although he grasped the handle of the gun, Kensei was still nervous. He was just a researcher and wasn't good at fighting. If this man suddenly attacked him, then he knew that it would be difficult to resist him.

But at the same time, Kensei was also puzzled. The dorm of the Magus Craft was tightly guarded, and even a mosquito couldn't even enter. However, how could this man enter this place without being noticed?

"Don't be nervous, Kensei Kanase. I didn't come with malicious intent, and if I want to kill you, I don't need to wait for you here."

Just as Kensei's heart raced and his forehead sweated, the person in front of him suddenly spoke. The voice of the person was very magnetic and deep, and if he wasn't careful, then he might be swayed by his voice, which made him wonder about the identity of this person.

"Then why did you come to see me?" Although the other party said that he didn't come with malicious intent, Kensei was still nervous. He grasped the handle of the pistol tightly, he wasn't a three-year-old child, and he couldn't be fooled by such simple words.

"It's simple. I need to give up the custody of Kanon Kanase. Give her to me." The figure stood up, snapped his fingers, and turned on the light of the living room, showing his appearance to Kensei. He didn't wear his facemask this time since he didn't need to, and he had a feeling that Kanon would come too since he had caused some commotion, so he didn't want to startle her, even though it was quite inevitable since he was threatening her adoptive father.


Kanase didn't expect that the person in front of him would be so young and at the same time so handsome! He didn't swing that way, but even so, he could tell that the young man in front of him was the most handsome person that he had ever seen in his life.

Without a doubt, the one who appeared in front of Kensei was Haru, but unlike Haru, who knew about his identity, Kensei didn't know Haru's identity, so of course...

"No matter who you are, I won't give her to anyone! Kanon is my daughter!"

Although he didn't know who Haru was, even though he could feel a special presence around him, Kensei wouldn't hand over Kanon so easily on Kanon's body. All of his efforts and blood were poured there. He wanted her to become an angel, and no one could stop him!

"Your opinion doesn't matter. I'm just telling you, even if you don't agree, I'll bring her."

Kensei wanted to take his pistol to shoot Haru, but suddenly he lost his pistol, and he was dumbfounded when he saw Haru was holding his pistol while sitting lazily on the sofa. He, without hesitation, turned and wanted to run, but suddenly his body became heavy, and he fell to the ground.

"Ugh! What is this?!"

However, no one answered him, and Kensei could only hear the sound of footsteps getting closer and closer, which caused him to sweat profusely.

'What should I do?"

Kensei's mind was running at a very fast speed, but his thought stopped when he heard Haru's words.

"You know, I have the ability to control your mind. Should I make you agree with my request by controlling your mind, or will you sign this by yourself?"


Kensei's mind was blank at that moment, but then he saw his hand turned into a paper, which made him dumbfounded.

"I don't understand why you put such a cute girl into such a cruel experiment," Haru said with a sigh.

"You don't understand! Everything is for her! If she becomes an angel, she can enter heaven, and she can meet her mother!" Kensei roared when his memory was seen with that ability, which made him even scared of Haru.

"Don't be noisy, or should I erase all the memory in your head, especially the experiment part, so you'll start your experiment from zero?" Haru asked.

"NO!!!" It was better to kill him rather than lose all the memory of all his experiments that Kensei had painstakingly done.

"Should you agree?" Haru asked. He didn't have any intention to kill Kensei, after all, and the reason why he did this was that he wanted to show Kanon that he wasn't the gentle older brother that she had imagined. In reality, he was selfish.

Kensei couldn't move and could only stay on the ground since he was being pressured by gravity. Looking at the paper of transfer custody, his mind was running very fast, wondering how he could solve this problem.

"Onii-san? What are you...?"

As Haru pushed the paper of transfer custody to Kensei, a surprised voice suddenly sounded, and Kanon, who was sleeping in the next room, was awakened, and it was obvious the scene in the living room frightened her.

Although it was called a dorm, in fact, this place was bigger than a normal apartment, and as the leader of the researcher, Kensei's welfare was very good since the place he was living was quite luxurious.

As the adopted daughter of Kensei, Kanon naturally also lived here, but she didn't expect the big brother that she just met today would come and sit on the ground with her adoptive father laid on the ground without moving. Watching this scene made her completely at a loss.

"No need to worry, Kanon. I'm just talking with Kensei-san."

Haru looked at Kanon, but he didn't smile and only looked away when he saw her since he could tell that she was frightened of him.

"I'm sorry, Onii-san... I..."

Looking at Haru's reaction, Kanon realized her expression and quickly apologized, but she didn't know what to say.

"It's okay. I understand."

Haru shook his head and didn't take this matter to his heart since her reaction was quite normal, but he had to admit that this girl was too gentle, right?

"Kensei-san, you have heard my request, right? So please give me custody of Kanon."


Hearing Haru's words, Kanon immediately showed a confused expression, her custody? What's going on?

"I'm sorry, Kanon. My actions might be selfish since I haven't discussed everything with you and suddenly barged into your house, scaring you, but I want you. Let me help you and make you happy from now on."

When facing Haru, who was still so gentle, even if Kanon was afraid of him before, she couldn't help but blush, especially when she heard his words. "I...." Still, she approached him and looked at the paper of the custody curiously.

"I won't agree! Who will agree to your request! You can't take Kanon from me!"

Kensei roared. Although he didn't know who Haru was, there was no way he would allow Kanon to be taken away!

"It seems that you don't understand your situation very well. This isn't a request but an order. You must stay away from Kanon and don't bother her in the future, you understand?"


Hearing Haru's cold voice, Kanon was stunned, but her lips were tapped by Haru gently several times, which made her blush again since she had to admit that his handsomeness was too destructive!

"Kanon, listen to me. This kind of adoptive father who uses your body as an object of the experiment isn't worthy of being your father."

This sentence caused Kanon to be shocked. After all, the matter of her body was absolutely confidential, and an outsider couldn't know.

Kensei was dumbfounded, wondering how this young man could get such information, and he knew that this young man shouldn't be an ordinary person. Haru knew everything about him, and he didn't know anything, which somehow made him scared.

Kanon was completely silent on his side since she didn't expect Haru to know about the secret on her body. her mind was very complicated, and all kinds of emotions flooded her mind, inferiority, fear, shyness, distress...

The secret of her body had always been something that Kanon was scared about. She didn't dare to tell anyone about this, and she also hated her body and hated what her body had turned into. However, she was powerful, and could only accept her face, and became a so-called angel according to Kensei's wish.

But in her heart, Kanon didn't want to be an angel, she didn't want to be eternal, and she didn't want to go to heaven.. Her wish was so simple, she just wanted to be an ordinary girl and live an ordinary life, but such a simple wish, it was impossible to be realized.

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