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Chapter 1846 - Last Concert

When the concert started, everyone was dumbfounded, but then they cheered loudly since they didn't expect Kasugano Haruka to be the guest and sang at the end of the ceremony of Nine Schools Competition.

In today's world, the Magician had always been connected to a weapon, or rather they were treated as a weapon, but they couldn't stay that way. Instead, if they stayed that way, they wouldn't have a place in the future.

The time of war had ended, and even though there was still one or two small scales of wars, every nation tried to avoid a huge war like World War Three that happened in 2030.

The Magician needed to get rid of their stigma as a weapon, which was why the appearance of Haru as the most popular singer was being supported by all the magicians in this world. It could be said his appearance meant it was the time for the new generation of magicians, and they needed to develop into different areas other than being a soldier or a weapon.

If Kudo Restu was the older generation of the Magician, then Kasugano Haruka was the new generation of the Magician. It was the time for the older generation of the Magicians to close their curtain, and now, it was the time for the new generation to rise.

Watching the concert from the VIP area seat, Kudo watched Haru, who sang wholeheartedly along with the audience, and all the contestants of the Nine Schools Competition that had fun together, couldn't help but smile. In his time, the world was full of conflict, especially with the appearance of the Magician, so when he saw that the new generation could have fun like this, without being afraid of anything, he felt that his sacrifice was worth it at that time was worth it.

Kudo looked in Haru's direction and knew that he would lead the next generation of Magicians. As for Tatsuya, he didn't know who this guy was since Tatsuya didn't appear in the Nine Schools Competition.


Haru didn't know what Kudo was thinking, and he was only having fun right now.

Shizuku, who played the guitar with a stoic expression, looked at Haru, who sang together with Mayumi, and really had her fun at this moment, and at the same time, she was wondering why the Nine Schools Competition had never done this in the past.

As for Morisaki and Mikihiko, who had been dragged by Haru to play as a keyboardist and drummer, also had their fun even though they were at a loss at first, but once they were on the stage, they felt that everything was cleared up and they followed Haru's lead at the same time, showing harmony with everyone.

As for Mayumi, she didn't think too much and sang along with Haru together.

When their song ended, Haru and Mayumi looked at each other and nodded.

"Now, please listen to our new song, Butter-Fly!"

When everyone was still excited, they were dumbfounded when they suddenly heard that Haru was going to sing a new song, then suddenly they heard energetic music that made their bodies unable to stop moving!

<Wada Kouji - Butter-Fly>

"I'll become a happy butterfly and ride on the glittering wind

I'll come to see you soon."


Tatsuya, who knew Haru's real identity, was quite surprised when he heard that Haru was going to sing a new song. He had to admit that all of Haru's songs were nice to hear, which was why he was quite anticipating the new song, but he didn't expect the new song would be good and it was also very suitable to be sung in the Nine Schools Competition.

Not only Tatsuya, but everyone who heard this new song for the first time also felt amazed by the lyrics of the music itself since it had a lot of meaning for every Magician in this place, no, to all the new generation magicians in this world!

"Even with these unreliable wings, covered in images that tend to stay

I'm sure we can fly, my love!"

Mayumi sang alongside Haru, even though her voice might not be as good as him, but with just standing and singing alongside him, her skill was enhanced several times, which gave her a unique temperament.


"I'll become a merry butterfly and ride on the earnest wind..."

Kudo murmured those words, repeating the lyrics of the "Butter-Fly," and had to admit that this song was suitable for every Magician. in high school at the moment. As they were now, they were unreliable in his eyes, and he could kill all of them here easily, but even though they were unreliable right now, in the future, they could become a butterfly that could fly alongside the wind.

'Hopefully, I can see them.'

Right now, all the magicians had been treated as weapons, but in the future, there must be a change, and hopefully, Kudo was still alive at that time so he could watch that future, but without power, everything was impossible, and reality also wasn't that simple.


Masaki, who was quite depressed after he had lost against Haru on the Monolith Code, was full of spirit at this moment. He knew that he had lost against him, but he would definitely win next year's Nine Schools Competition.

'I'll become a butterfly and surprise everyone next year!'

But before that, Masaki thought to invite Miyuki to dance tonight, and somehow such a thought made him excited.


Miyuki looked at Haru, who was singing on the stage, and smiled. She had to admit that he was amazing, and he also gave her a different feeling from any other guy that she had met in her life. If her impression of her older brother didn't change three years ago and she met him early, then she had a feeling that they would be close to each other, but now, it was different, her brother had saved her life, and she felt that she owed him her life, so she wanted to do everything to help her brother and she also knew that it was a bit impossible for her and Haru to be together, considering his relationship with her aunt.

Miyuki thought that it would be awkward when she thought that she would share the same man as her aunt in the future.


What Miyuki was thinking had nothing to do with Haru, nor did he know about it. He glanced at Suzune, who was looking at him from the side of the stage, and gave her a light smile before he focussed on his song again.

"Even with these awkward wings, dyed with images that seem to stay

I'm sure we can fly, my love."

With all of that, Haru ended his song, and he finished his performance, and soon, he would go back to his world, but before that, he was going to enjoy the dance party that would be held tonight since he anticipated it.

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