Sir, How About A Marriage?

Chapter 703 - Interaction  

Chapter 703: Interaction

Who would not be touched by such careful concern?

At this moment, Cheng Che was extremely grateful to Zhuang Ning. If Zhuang Ning did not help him see Guan Tang’s true colors, he really did not know which path he would have taken.

Guan Tang asked tentatively, “Cheng Che, is there any news about Jiahui?”

Cheng Che could not help but turn to look at Guan Tang upon hearing this question. Her eyes were clear and sincere. No one would have doubted her kindness. With great difficulty, he looked away and shook his head before he said, “No, there’s still no news from the police.”

Guan Tang’s smile deepened, but she quickly adjusted her expression, and her smile vanished from her face. She said, “We can’t just rely on the police.”

Cheng Che replied softly, “Hmm.”

Guan Tang continued to comfort him. “Jiahui is such a good girl. She’s definitely blessed. Don’t worry. She’ll be fine.”

Cheng Che stepped on the brakes, pulling to a stop in front of a traffic light. He said, “I only hope that she’s safe and sound.”

“Of course,” Guan Tang replied casually.

After a moment, Cheng Che said, “Thank you.”

Guan Tang smiled. “I also want to thank you for treating me like a friend. Moreover, you didn’t embarrass me in front of everyone today.”

Cheng Che continued driving when the light turned green. He said, “It’s nothing.”

Guan Tang looked ahead as she said softly, “Cheng Che, when you marry Jiahui in the future, don’t ignore me, okay? I’ll definitely try my best to get along with Jiahui. Don’t… don’t abandon me, okay? I’m really afraid that you’ll hate me and abandon me.”

After Guan Tang finished speaking, she covered her face as she cried softly.

Cheng Che did not know what to do for a moment. He did not feel distressed for her, but he felt terrified of her at this moment.

Guan Tang was like an onion; she had so many different layers to her. It was difficult for people to see what kind of person she truly was when she had so many faces. Such a woman was too scary.

Cheng Che took a while to calm down. Then, he acted accordingly and said slowly, “Don’t cry anymore. If you have any problems in the future, you can look for me. As long as it’s within my ability, I’ll definitely help you.”

“Really?” Guan Tang asked through her tears.

Cheng Che looked at the road ahead as he nodded.

After wiping the tears off her face, Guan Tang said, “I’m sorry, Cheng Che. I lost control of my emotions for a moment. I, I will definitely try my best not to trouble you.”

Guan Tang’s pitiful look was enough to melt steel.

Cheng Che thanked Zhuang Ning, his brother, and his sister-in-law again in his heart.

When they finally arrived at Guan Tang’s house, Cheng Che heaved a sigh of relief. If he continued watching Guan Tang’s pitiful act, he would have ended up driving his car up the wall.

“Do you want to come in and have a cup of tea?” Guan Tang asked.

Cheng Che shook his head. “I have to go back. Jiahui hasn’t been found yet. I’m going to go back and discuss the matter with everyone. When I find Jiahui, I’ll bring her to thank you and the Yin family.”

Guan Tang’s smile deepened. After she alighted from the car, she turned around and waved at Cheng Che before she entered her house.

Guan Tang was very happy today. She was certain Cheng Che would be hers sooner or later. She had already found Cheng Che’s weakness. He was too soft-hearted and could stand to see a woman’s tears.

After unlocking the door with her fingerprint, Guan Tang pushed the door open. However, a sense of unease crept into her heart. She closed the door again and looked at the locking mechanism. Nothing had changed, but she strongly felt that something was amiss. Her instincts told her that someone had been in her house. She walked in and out, checking the door, but found that nothing was wrong. When she determined that everything was as it should be, she finally dismissed her suspicion. She thought she must have been too paranoid.

She let out a long sigh as she threw her bag on the ground and removed her shoes. Then, she went to the living room and poured herself a glass of water. After she lay on the couch, she recalled what everyone had said earlier, and she could not help but laugh. Everyone was under her control, and the Yin family would be hers sooner or later.

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