Sinister Ex-Girlfriend

Chapter 12

Arc 1: Princess Substitution Arc

Chapter 1.12

You know the line “I respect you!” ? It’s what the translator gave me. Anyway, turns out, she was proposing. Something along the lines of “I offer myself to you” or “I dedicate myself to you” kind of thing.

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Minor spoiler (won’t affect your reading in any way but the magnitude of the shock will be different.):

Su Wan drops a bombshell (for a certain someone). Just thought I’d let you guys know so that you can mentally prepare yourself.

When Su Wan holding out the wine glass, the entire banquet hall went quiet. All the guests subconsciously turned their gaze to the seated man, some looked on with uncertainty and some with astonishment.

Now everyone clearly understood. The banquet Su Jia held today was to tell everyone they need not bother scheming anymore. They have already chosen their son-in-law.

Xuan Yuan Rui’s firm grip on the wine glass in his hand tightened. Even though he tried his best to control his strength, cracks still appeared on the exquisite porcelain cup. Drops of fragrant wine scattered in his palm.

Why is it him?

How could it possibly be him?

Xuan Yuan Rui felt that he couldn’t accept it but the other guests showed a So that’s how it is expression on their faces.

“Imperial Physician Si.”

Su Wan stood there and looked at Physician Si with gentleness: “I respect you!”

She repeated the words she spoke earlier which pulled Physician Si from his daze. Physician Si nervously stood up and looked straight at Su Wan: “Su…..Junzhu……”

Seeing the appearance of Physician Si who was so nervous till the point he was tongue-tied, the corners of Su Wan’s mouth couldn’t help but curve upwards: “Without you, there would be no me today.”

This was like the most straightforward confession, which made Physician Si’s neck immediately turn red. The pair of seemingly gentle eyes seemed as if they were burst into flames of excitement.

“This is what I ought to do.”

Physician Si took the wine cup that Su Wan offered. At this moment, he felt that everything he had done for Su Wan was completely worth it.

The two people looked at each other with tenderness, separated by a low table. No one dared to make a sound to disturb them. The atmosphere in the banquet hall became a bit strange.

Su Wan stayed until Physician Si finished drinking the wine and excused herself from the hall with the excuse that her body was unwell. Everyone slowly came back to their senses.

The small Junzhu left just like that?

It feels like we were only invited to be witnesses to the harmonious relationship between the two people?

In fact, most people felt unbalanced in their hearts but Generalissimo Su was emitting a heavy pressure and Young General Su was smiling all the time. Really made people feel horrified and flustered looking at them a!

Fortunately, everyone was used to looking for someone who was more miserable than them at times of unease. So, using Xuan Yuan Rui’s black face as a contrast, the other guests instantly felt that their overly sensitive heart ad been cured.

You see, isn’t His Highness Yue Wang not here?

Why don’t you look at his black face, even the wine cup he was pinching was going to break to pieces already~

Completely unaware that he was made everyone’s object of reference for the evening, Xuan Yuan Rui departed from Su Jia and immediately made a beeline for the backyard once he returned to Yue Wangfu. Right now, there was a fire burning in his heart and he had no choice but to vent it!

Recently, Ye Zhi Hua had been quiet. Perhaps Xuan Yuan Rui’s indifference and suspicion served as a stimulation, she had been quietly staying in her rom recently. Occasionally, she painted some danqing paintings and the frequency of her hallucinations is becoming less and less. [Blu: Danqing – painting that uses red and green colours]

Tonight, Ye Zhi Hua was served by Qing Liu and fell asleep early as usual.  Who knew that in the middle of her sound sleep, she felt a heavy object press on her body till the point she was breathless.

This feeling of not being able to breathe made a lot of pictures instantly flash in her mind.

Ye Jia was executed till the third generation, she herself was in the death cell begging for mercy. Beheaded on the stage, red blood violently flew, the pain of utter despair…..

This was the past experience that she couldn’t break away from.

Why was it, she already started all over once again, obviously already killed Ye Zhi Jin and Xuan Yuan Qing, why was it that she still felt despair and afraid?

Was it their ghosts coming back for revenge?

The people of the Great Xia Dynasty believed in ghosts and gods so, Ye Zhi Hua who was reborn, was even more convinced of it.

At the thought of being pressed down by ghosts again, Ye Zhi Hua, who had gotten used to fighting the “Fierce Ghost”, immediately took a pair of scissors from the bottom of her pillow and used all her strength to stab it. [Blu: Some believe that sleep paralysis is due to ghosts pressing down on you. Either that, or a lack of potassium in your diet.]

“I’ve killed you, I’ve killed you all!”

“Better not think of harming me. I am now Yue Wangfei! You all better not think of changing my fate!”

In the dimly lit room, Ye Zhi Hua yelled loudly again and again, her eyes filled with ferociousness. At this moment, her eyes were completely bloodshot, filled with extreme terror and in addition to that, a hint of insanity.

Who said that people who died once are not afraid of death?

Only those who have died once know how important it is to be alive!

In these days of torment, Ye Zhi Hua was falling apart but there was always a voice in her heart telling her that she must live, must survive!

Therefore, at this moment of insanity, she revealed her fangs. It was not the gentle and kind appearance from Xuan Yuan Rui’s memory but a malevolent and sinister one. Anyone who was forced to this extent would end up like this.

Xuan Yuan Rui was momentarily stunned. At the moment when his movements were stiff, Ye Zhi Hua’s scissors had already ripped open Xuan Yuan Rui’s sleeve and left a bloody mark on his arm. The sudden pain made Xuan Yuan Rui immediately return to his senses. He lifted his arm and forcefully grabbed the scissors in Ye Zhi Hua’s hands, and swung his palm.

“Slut!” [Blu: Not like YOU’RE any better. (¬_¬)]

This one slap used seven-tenths of force, leaving five red marks on Ye Zhi Hua’s face.

Ye Zhi Hua who was beaten to consciousness, dazedly looked at Xuan Yuan Rui who was in front of her eyes: “Wang, Wangye?”

Seeing her husband that she hasn’t seen for so many days actually came to visit her in the middle of the night, Ye Zhi Hua’s heart felt happy and she attempted to pounce on Xuan Yuan Rui. Who would have thought that Xuan Yuan Rui would suddenly get up from the bed and looked at Ye Zhi Hua with a glare filled with detest: “Beat it, go back, don’t touch Benwang!”

In the beginning when Ye Zhi Hua first married in, Xuan Yuan Rui was enchanted by the beauty of gentleness of this women. Of course, she would also use all her strength to cater to him during sexual intercourse. Every man who comes across such a woman would, of course, have their desire aroused.

But when this woman became sickly and revealed a malevolent and ferocious face that was kept hidden from everyone, Xuan Yuan Rui suddenly felt like he lost interest.

For such a trash, he unexpectedly got muddled and abandoned the small Junzhu that he had been longing for for so many years?  [Blu: sigh (¬_¬)]


Xuan Yuan Rui was not willing to admit that it was his fault. On the contrary, the more he thought about it, the more he felt that it was Ye Zhi Hua’s fault as she had hidden motives and approached him to sow discord in the relationship between himself and Su Wan….

Leaving aside Xuan Yuan Rui who was very upset in Yue Wangfu, after the banquet concluded, Su fu was as quiet as ever.

Among those guests who dispersed already, who didn’t expect that soon after they left, Su Yu Feng and Su Rui got into a fight!

At an earlier time, Su Yu Feng already thought of teaching Su Rui this unfilial son. Confronted with his father’s sword, Su Rui also did not show any mercy when fighting back. The fight between father and son lasted for a very long time and they were hard to separate.

After midnight, the entire capital was sleeping.

Su Wan’s bedside had an extra shadow but unlike the last time, Su Wan was conscious.

In the dark night, with her gaze still clear and indifferent, she looked at the person by her bedside without any unnecessary expression: “It looks like, you’ve won?”

A big blood-stained hand suddenly stroked her face: “If you dare to marry Physician Si, then I will castrate him!”

Su Rui’s tone was fierce, which went well together with his bloody face. In the silence of the early hours of the morning, he looked especially ferocious and frightening.


Su Wan let out a sound of response: “What if it wasn’t Physician Si ne?”

“Then he’ll immediately be chopped up and fed to the dogs!”

Su Rui gave a straightforward reply. It is not that he’s giving Physician Si special treatment. It’s just that in Su Rui’s heart, he feels that Su Wan’s life is extremely precious and the person who can protect Su Wan was only Physician Si. Therefore, Physician Si cannot die but castrating him, Young Master Su felt no pressure.

“Then, what if,… was you ne?” [Blu: SU WAN YOU DROPPED A BOMBSHELL HOLY SHIET]

Su Wan unexpectedly fixed her gaze on Su Rui who was at her bedside.

Su Rui’s finger stiffened and stood woodenly at the same place. It seemed as if even his breathing had stopped.

Seeing Su Rui’s appearance, Su Wan still didn’t want to let him off. A pair of eyes rigidly fixed their gaze on Su Rui’s face: “I, said, what, if, the, person, I’m, marrying, is, you, ne?”

A pause after every word, each word punished the heart. [Blu: I dunno about this one but I imagined a person getting stabbed with each word like in anime.]

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