Silver Overlord

Chapter 507 - The Strong Looms

Chapter 507: The Strong Looms

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The proceedings for the match had gone too quick. If it were to be measured from the first arrow that Cai Yingwu launched, then it would only take ten seconds to determine the final outcome of the entire fight. It took less than a second for Yan Liqiang to draw his bow and begin his shot, which evidently showed how terrifying this archery duel could be. This type of high-level fight was like two snipers facing against each other in a duel. The so-called moment of ‘winning and losing’ could only be decided from the point when both parties pulled the trigger.

Aside from Yan Liqiang, almost no one from the spectating crowd in the distance could see the entire process of Yan Liqiang’s display of skills. Even those with the sharpest eyesight could only see that both Yan Liqiang and Cai Yingwu had pulled their bows roughly at the same time. Amidst the loud explosion, Cai Yingwu’s upper body burst into blood splatters and splashed everywhere.

What kind of power, speed, and cultivation base was this? It would not be an exaggeration to say that Yan Liqiang’s arrow had repeal and renewed the understanding many people had toward archery. Those who had never thought or witnessed archery did not imagine how frightening and powerful an expert archer could be. Even killing a famous person like Cai Yingwu a hundred meters away was a matter of something that was done within seconds.

Most people thought their eyes were deceiving them when they saw the gradual fading lights of the three-horned pythons a few moments ago. They had no idea what was going on.

“Impossible. That’s impossible. How can this be? What just happened…” The masked Transport Commissioner of the northeast, Jiang Tianhua, stared in bewilderment at the blood splatters on the surface of the Heavenly Lake. There was more fear than impassiveness in his eyes, and whether it had anything to do with the cold wind or not, Jiang Tianhua was now somewhat shivering. The mask he wore concealed his true expression underneath, and if his face wasn’t concealed, the expression he wore would be brilliant.

The disciples and elders of the Soaring Heaven Sect, who were confidently cheering loudly for Cai Yingwu moments ago, were now utterly lifeless and demoralized. Some of them would not even dare to look toward the current situation in the middle of the Heavenly Lake either.

Cai Yingwu was one of the several aces in the Soaring Heaven Sect under Guo Yifei’s command. If he wasn’t an ace, he would have never taken up the position of an Elder. Aside from Cai Yingwu’s archery cultivation, he had already ascended to Martial Lord a long time ago. He was also considered a respected and great figure in the Soaring Heaven Sect. However, even a person like him could not halt the arrow that Yan Liqiang shot at him. It would be unimaginable to think what the result could be if another person were to stand in his shoes. These disciples and elders were only considered trash that he could fire his arrows at.

The faces of two disciples of the Soaring Heaven Sect — namely Zong Yi and He Tianhong — who were tasked to deliver the declaration of war to Yan Liqiang, were now as white as the Heavenly Lake in front of their eyes. There was no color left in their complexions.

Crackle… crackle…

Amongst the deadly silent Soaring Heaven Sect, Guo Yifei was the only one who made a noise by convulsing his muscles and bones. Unbeknownst to everyone, the Sect Lord of Soaring Heaven Sect was already clenching his fists tightly, causing the blue veins on his fists to stand out. On top of that, there were subtle cracklings of muscles emanating from Guo Yifei’s body as he stared at Yan Liqiang from afar. His gaze was completely filled with frightful murderous air…

Aside from the Soaring Heaven Sect, the members of the archery academy were stunned as well. Even though most of them had confidence in Yan Liqiang, they never expected the headmaster of the academy — the person who had daily interactions with them, taught them how to fold their quilts and how to march, and the person who used a stick to guide their arms and shoulders during archery cultivation — would be this powerful to wipe away his enemy into smoke and ashes during the exchange of arrows.

Yan Liqiang’s current form was equivalent to that of an indomitable spirit, just like a golden statue.

Around the border of the Heavenly Lake, thousands of people were temporarily silenced due to the inexplicable shock they received.

And within this silence, the voice of an old man suddenly reverberated through the air around the lake.

“I didn’t think that I would be able to witness such a young expert whose archery cultivation has already reached the Seventh Heavenly Layer in this day at the Heavenly Lake. It is especially rare to witness someone with the divine ability to use a 100-picul bow to shoot an overdrive arrow that even sound cannot surpass. With the Seventh Heavenly Layer archery cultivation and the overdrive arrow, anyone would find it worthy to die under such might. I fear that even Grand Archer Feng Xiaoxiao of the Great Han from 800 years ago would not be able to win against you at your age. Truly, you are a very talented person. I haven’t left Mount Azure Dragon for several years. Who knew that such a gifted person already existed outside this mountain…”

This voice came all too sudden. The entire mountain forest within the area around the Heavenly Lake reverberated with this voice as it rang out. It was truly remarkable to hear the voice of such cultivation.

At that moment, the crowd of spectators was roused from silence upon hearing the voice and burst into a commotion in an instant. All of them looked around to seek the source of the voice. However, they discovered that the voice seemed to have echoed from every corner. No one had an idea of where the voice originally came from.

This was definitely a strong person looming within Mount Azure Dragon finally speaking up after watching the duel just now.

Guo Yifei’s expression changed when he heard that voice. The crackling of his meridians suddenly stopped. His eyes were gleaming as he looked around for the voice.

Yan Liqiang was stunned as well. He didn’t expect that the duel would be able to disturb a senior in seclusion inside the mountain. He then looked around and was unable to discern where the elusive voice had come from. The only thing he knew about this person was that they were definitely an extremely powerful figure. When he heard the voice praising him, he could only clench his fists together toward the surroundings of the lake and say loudly through the full usage of his Dantian, “Junior Yan Liqiang from Gan Province respectfully greets Senior. This fight was not within my intentions. If I don’t kill the others, they will kill me. Please forgive me if I disturbed Senior in their solitary cultivation!”

Even though Yan Liqiang’s voice could not travel as far as the old man’s voice, his voice was like a horn on the ice surface of the Heavenly Lake. With his mouth open, his voice was able to travel to all corners of the lake.

“Hahaha! What’s done is done. What more is there to say?” Another decrepit voice rang out, reverberating the surrounding air around the lake. In comparison to the previous voice, this voice was a mixture of hoarse and banter when he said, “Tang Tianchou, stop being pretentious in front of this child. I like this kid’s temperament and character. With a benevolent heart and decisiveness to kill, he seems like me when I was young. Hahaha… I am capable of lip-reading, you know. From afar, I could see that you were able to discern that person’s archery cultivation of the Sixth Heavenly Layer before the fight even began and tried to make him give up. However, that person was overconfident. That bastard was looking for death even with his unshakable determination. Regardless, they can’t blame anyone. In fact, it was an interesting fight to witness. Come, Tang Tianchou. Let’s go. What are you still here for…”

“Hmph…” The decrepit voice from before let out a grunt or two before it fell silent again.

Just when Yan Liqiang thought both the seniors had already left, a voice with subtle raspiness suddenly whispered into his ears. This voice was extremely peculiar because he could only hear it inside his ears, yet there was no movement around him. Like a person listening to someone talking through a pair of headphones, the voice said, “Hahaha, if you are free some other time and wish to have solitary cultivation, you can come to the Eagle Cliff and look for me. My surname is Song. If you come, I will bring you around Mount Azure Dragon to have a look, if I’m still alive that is. There are a lot of interesting places in this mountain. Hehehe, don’t be alarmed. This is a skill of transmitting my voice in secret. If you come to my realm, you will learn how to do it as well…”

“Thank you, seniors…” Yan Liqiang moved his lips but no sound was uttered. Even so, this old man should’ve understood his words since he mentioned that he was capable of lip-reading.

“Haha. This young man is promising. I will be going now. Everything will take its course naturally…”

At that moment, Yan Liqiang knew that this old man was truly gone. Like the old man said, everything would take its course naturally. This was not the time to enter the mountains in seclusion from the world. If time would allow it in the future, he could come back again as this was considered a rare experience. As for the opportunity and whatnot, Yan Liqiang did not lack any of it, especially his secret manual.

“Tang Tianchou… King of Hundred Fists Tang Tian Chou… He was the first generation grandmaster of fist art. There hasn’t been news of him during these few years, which is why some people thought he was dead. I didn’t expect him to be alive and secretly living inside Mount Azure Dragon…” Some people among the thousands of spectators around the Heavenly Lake began to exclaim as they recalled the history of the name Tang Tianchou.

There was no need for him to stay any longer. Yan Liqiang glanced at the bloodstains left by Cai Yingwi before turning around with the intention to leave.

“What’s the matter? Are you thinking of leaving just like that?” Guo Yifei’s hostile voice rang out.

Yan Liqiang stopped in his tracks and turned around, revealing a glint in his eyes as he gazed toward the Soaring Heaven Sect’s group…

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