Silver Overlord

Chapter 463 - Partnership

Chapter 463: Partnership

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“Hey, are you still competing or not? Otherwise, you’ll be considered the loser!”

Just as the three of them were getting excited, a voice came from the arena stage nearby.

“Hahaha, please wait a while, Liqiang. I’ll finish sparring with that person, then we’ll find a place to catch up…” Shen Teng laughed and was about to return to the stage.

Yan Liqiang pulled Shen Teng back and shook his head, “Don’t continue…”

“Shi Dafeng landed a punch on that person’s shoulder. I might not lose if I go for the battle!” Shen Teng was still unconvinced as he spoke.

“Yes, I think Shen Teng will definitely win if he continues. I strived to hit him twice just now in order to create an opportunity for Shen Teng!” Shi Dafeng chimed in.

“That person was holding back to deliberately let you hit him so that Shen Teng would continue with the fight. He’s afraid that if he had won so easily, Shen Teng would never go up there to get beaten…”

“Ah, how is that possible?” Shen Teng and Shi Dafeng were shocked.

Yan Liqiang smiled at the person standing on the stage and cupped his fist at him, “Thank you for your leniency. My two brothers lost this battle. If you really want to compete, please wait until my two brothers have progressed into Martial Warriors. I’m afraid it would be unfair for you to compete with them now!”

The expression of the young man changed upon hearing Yan Liqiang. Shen Teng and Shi Dafeng were shocked too.

“What? He’s already progressed into a Martial Warrior? That’s impossible! He hadn’t progressed yet the last time we fought!” Shi Dafeng asked in disbelief.

“When was your last fight with him?” Yan Liqiang asked.

“Just seven days ago!” Shen Teng replied.

“He was not a Martial Warrior seven days ago, but he is now!” Yan Liqiang smiled, “Seems like you two are still offending others in the martial arts academy over the past year. People even had to restrain themselves just to have the chance to beat you up to vent their anger!”

“If that’s the case, then there’s no need to compete…” Shen Teng definitely would not deliberately fight against someone he knew had no chance against. Although he had improved a lot compared to the time when Yan Liqiang left, he still had some way to go before he could become a true Martial Warrior. It would be a disgrace for him to get beaten up in front of Yan Liqiang.

Shi Dafeng frowned as he glanced at the stage and sighed, “What a pity for my ten taels of silver!”

“May I ask for your name?” The young man who was on the stage came forward. He returned the silver in his hands to Shi Dafeng. “When Shen Teng and Shi Dafeng made the appointment for the competition, I had not progressed into a Martial Warrior yet. They were the ones who initiated the fight that day and it wasn’t my intention to conceal my strength. Since there are wins and losses in the battle today, we’ll consider it a tie!”

Yan Liqiang cast a glance at that person. With his Psychic Serpent’s ability, he was able to read that person’s mind to see if he was telling the truth.

He had to admit that though there might be bastards like Ye Xiao or Wang Haofei among those who were qualified to enter the martial arts academy, there weren’t many bad people among the youngsters here. Most of them had not been polluted by the outside world, thus they were not as cunning and still retained some youthful spirit and innocence. The young man who battled Shen Teng and Shi Dafeng was a prime example. He had heard about Shen Teng and Shi Dafeng, and when the two of them invited him for a battle, his intention was to teach the ‘arrogant’ Shi Dafeng and Shen Teng a lesson and let them suffer a little. However, he had no other ill intentions. When he discovered Yan Liqiang’s ability to see through him, he was shocked and yet curious as he noticed Yan Liqiang’s unusual aura. Furthermore, since Yan Liqiang was close with Shi Dafeng and Shen Teng, he thought that Yan Liqiang was also a student of the martial arts academy and he would like to get to know him.

“Haha, you’re too kind. My name is Yan Liqiang. I used to be a student at the martial arts academy!” Yan Liqiang smiled without excessive arrogance.

“Yan Liqiang…why does this name sound so familiar…” That person frowned and mumbled to himself. His eyes almost instantly widened as he looked at Yan Liqiang in shock and excitement because he finally recalled who Yan Liqiang was. In the Pingxi Prefecture Martial Arts Academy, this name had become a legend filled with mystery…

Yan Liqiang smiled but remained silent. He cupped his fist then left the arena hall together with Shi Dafeng and Shen Teng.

“Ah, Brother Fei, who is that?” The other young men came over and asked.

The person named Brother Fei took a deep breath and tried his best to answer in a calm tone, “That person is Yan Liqiang!”

“What?” The few people beside him immediately gasped!

By now, Yan Liqiang, Shen Teng, and Shi Dafeng had left the arena hall.

“Where are we going now?” Shi Dafeng immediately asked.

“I have not seen Teacher Shi for a long time. Is Teacher Shi at the martial arts academy? If he’s here, let’s find a place where we can all sit down together!” Yan Liqiang said.

“I saw Teacher Shi this morning, he should be at his quarters!” Shen Teng replied.

“Let us call Teacher Shi!”

“Liqiang, you’ll be paying for today’s meal. I heard that you’re rich now, so we’ll choose the most expensive place in Pingxi Prefecture!” Shi Dafeng laughed and giggled as he spoke.

“Hahaha, you can choose any place that you like. I can even pay for the whole month!” Yan Liqiang also laughed.

“It’s a deal then!”

“When was I ever a rascal?!”

“Hahaha, alright, we’ll go look for Teacher Shi!”

The three of them arrived outside of the courtyard where Shi Changfeng stayed on Mount Thousand Pine. Before even reaching the entrance, Shi Dafeng already shouted, “Teacher Shi, open the door quickly! Look who’s here to see you!”

A few seconds later, the door of the courtyard opened with a creak. Shi Changfeng appeared behind the door with a scroll in his hands and saw Yan Liqiang looking at him with a smile.

“Teacher Shi, it’s been a while. You look great as always!”

“Yan Liqiang…” Shi Changfeng’s expression was immediately filled with shock and delight. He didn’t expect Yan Liqiang would come to the martial arts academy to see him.

“Hahaha, Teacher Shi, I already made a deal with Yan Liqiang that he’ll be paying for today’s meal. We will go to the most expensive place in Pingxi City and make him spend some good money!” Shen Teng laughed.

“Indeed, we should let him spend some good money. After all, the carriage he created made everyone green with envy!” Shi Changfeng also laughed and then looked at Yan Liqiang. “Did you come here on your carriage today? If you did, I’d like to take a ride on the carriage that even His Majesty is fond of to see how comfortable it is. I heard that it’s the best choice for a gentleman to travel in!”

“If Teacher Shi likes it, I’ll have the manufacturing bureau make one for you as a gift!”

“If you put it that way, I’ll take it as real!” Shi Changfeng put away the scroll in his hands and gave Yan Liqiang a half-smile, “If it’s not a gift from you, then I am not rich enough to afford a four-wheeled carriage from the manufacturing bureau!”

“Of course it’s for real!” Yan Liqiang blinked, “I’m still looking for a provost for the archery academy. If Teacher Shi is willing to come over, the four-wheeled carriage will be my deposit to you!”

“Just one four-wheeled carriage is not enough!” Shi Changfeng smiled as he shook his head.

“If one is not enough, then we’ll make two!”

Shi Changfeng was taken aback before bursting into laughter. When he was done laughing, he sized up Yan Liqiang through his squinted eyes, “It’s been over a year since we last met, you’ve become quite the smooth talker and you’ve grown a lot too. What cultivation realm have you attained? There were rumors from the Imperial Capital City claiming that you had fallen into Qi deviation and lost your cultivation from a serious dantian injury!”

“If I tell Teacher Shi the truth, will you come with me?” Yan Liqiang asked with double meaning.

“Hahaha, maybe…”

“If it was someone else asking, I’d definitely muddle through it. But since it’s Teacher Shi who asked, I’ll tell you the truth!” Yan Liqiang smiled as he looked at Shi Changfeng, “I have now progressed into Martial Grandmaster. Is this sufficient to make Teacher Shi follow me and leave the martial arts academy?”


Shi Changfeng’s expression did not change, but Shi Dafeng and Shen Teng who were beside him were deeply shocked. Shi Dafeng couldn’t help but scream in shock.

Shi Changfeng suddenly sighed, “The three of you, please wait here for a moment!” After he finished speaking, he turned around and went inside the courtyard.

“Liqiang, have you really…really progressed into a Martial Grandmaster?” Shi Dafeng grabbed Yan Liqiang’s arms and stared firmly into his eyes.

Yan Liqiang nodded…

“That’s absurd!” Shi Dafeng said bitterly. He smacked on his head and smiled bitterly. “Shen Teng and I even made an agreement to see who can catch up to you first, but I guess there’s no chance now! People are saying you can meet deities who teach you secret techniques in your dreams, is that real?”

Yan Liqiang smiled but remained silent…

After a while, Shi Changfeng returned with a luggage in his hand, a package on his back, and also a long sword. It was as if he was ready to go on a long journey.

“Teacher Shi, you’re…” Shen Teng was utterly shocked when he looked at Shi Changfeng.

Yan Liqiang had walked forward and taken one of the packages in Shi Changfeng’s hands. He smiled to Shen Teng, “Of course Teacher Shi will not be coming back so he went inside to pack his belongings. He also left a letter for the headmaster…”

“The two of you should stop spacing out!” Shi Changfeng said to Shen Teng and Shi Dafeng, “Go pack your belongings and let’s go to the archery academy. Yan Liqiang came here today to ask us to go together. Following someone with a million net worth and has progressed into Martial Grandmaster under the age of eighteen is a thousand times better than staying at this martial arts academy. Even if you don’t pack up your things now, you will still be packing your things in two days!”

“Hahaha, Teacher Shi knows me the best…”

“I’m going, I’m going…” Shen Teng had not even opened his mouth and Shi Dafeng was already jumping in joy…

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