Signing In For Eight Years, I Was Exposed As A Zillionaire!

Chapter 767 - 767 Not Bad

767 Not Bad

Just as everyone was setting off an online frenzy, Sun Peng, who was sitting in his office, saw it. When he saw that everyone trusted Tian Ming so much and praised them, he was quite gratified.

At the same time, he admired Chairman Ye very much. If not for Chairman Ye’s prescription, this scene today would not have happened. It was really lamentable.

However, although weight-loss medicine was powerful, he still had to make a statement. If people became dependent on it, the gains would not make up for the losses.


Hence, Sun Peng pondered for a moment and opened Weibo. He used Tian Ming Medical Corporation’s official account to release a statement.

[The Tian Ming Corporation is very grateful to see everyone’s recognition and trust in Tian Ming.]

[At the same time, I hope that everyone can exercise more and lose weight. Life depends on exercise. Moreover, although this weight-loss medicine can effectively reduce fat, medicine is still medicine.]

[As the saying goes, all medicine is 30% poisonous. Overdose of medicine will bring about a bad effect, so please take this as a warning and don’t rely too much on Tian Ming’s weight-loss medicine.]

[A suitable amount of exercise coupled with weight-loss medicine will make losing weight twice as easy. Moreover, one of the fundamental effects of the medicine is to affect everyone’s physique.]

[So, why is it very ineffective for some friends while it’s very effective for others? This is because of one’s physique. The better one’s physique, the greater the effect of eating our weight-loss medicine.]

[You can even lose one to 1.5 kilograms a day, or even 2.5 kilograms. However, friends with weak physiques who almost never exercise might only lose 500 grams a day. There might not even be an effect. Therefore, please combine work and rest. Don’t rely too much on weight-loss medicine. Lastly, I hope that everyone can successfully lose weight and become healthy and optimistic young people who can contribute to the country.]

As soon as the notice was released, it instantly became the top trending topic on Weibo. It pushed the online frenzy that had yet to cool down to a new height, causing countless netizens to sigh and leave comments.

“They’re good people.”

“Look, Tian Ming is Tian Ming. Even after producing such an effective weight-loss medicine, they didn’t forget to remind everyone to exercise more and not rely on weight-loss medicine. To be honest, they really give me the feeling of a mountain doctor who is helping the world. It reminds me of the saying that one only wishes that medicine would be covered with dust.”

“I hope that no one in the world is sick and that the medicines on the shelves are covered with dust. Sigh, the Tian Ming Medical Corporation is the greatest of all time.”

“They’re a company with a conscience. I love them.”

“Got it. Don’t worry, Tian Ming. I’ll definitely listen to you.”

“The last sentence directly sublimated the theme. It touched me. This is a conscientious company.”

The Internet was in an uproar and it caused a huge impact. At this moment, in the villa, his sisters and Ye Xuan were sitting in the living room, looking at this grand occasion on their phones.

They were all very emotional. Then, they looked at the first batch of weight-loss medicine samples they had obtained on the cabinet at the side and felt even more emotional.

“Wow, Little Brother, you’re too amazing. A single medicine directly caused such a huge impact in the country.”

“That’s right, Little Brother. This is too powerful.”

“That’s right. I even saw someone who lost 2.5 kilograms. It’s indeed impressive. The effect of this weight-loss medicine is really good.”

“I only found out when I saw that notice. It turns out that the effect of this medicine is related to one’s physique. I was wondering why our medicinal effects were different. Some experienced more weight loss, while others experienced less.”

“Indeed, I just found out. Looks like I have to train. Then, the medicine will be more effective.”

“Speaking of which, this grand occasion and popularity are really amazing. I wonder how much money you’ll earn from this, Little Brother.”

“Especially that finishing touch announcement. To be honest, I’m quite touched to see such an announcement. At least they’re not a company that only cares about money. It’s really good.”

“As expected of our Little Brother. None of our Little Brother’s companies are capitalistic companies.”

“Hmph, how dare he! If Little Brother becomes like that, I’ll be the first to disagree!”

“I disagree too!”

As she spoke, the sisters stared at Ye Xuan, making him speechless. He felt like he had done something bad.

Hence, he grinned and spoke.

“Don’t worry, I know my limits.”

“Hmph, that’s good.”

The sisters were very satisfied. Then, they took out an electronic scale from under the sofa and lined up to measure their weight.

Over the past few days, because of Ye Xin and Ye Xuan, their bodies had improved a lot under their care and the temptation. Coupled with the help of the weight-loss medicine, they looked even slimmer and healthier.

For example, even if they arched their bodies, there would not be obvious flesh on their stomachs. This was already very impressive.

One had to know that no matter how slender one was, no matter how flat one’s stomach was, and how arched one’s body was, there would still be obvious fat on one’s stomach. However, the sisters were so healthy and slender that one could no longer see any fat. This was a little too pure.

Everyone was also very satisfied with their current figures. After weighing themselves, they turned around and went to the side, consciously starting to exercise.

Ye Xuan and his Third Sister Ye Xin were also very relieved.

The next morning.

Before the sky was completely bright, Ye Xuan was woken up by the cold wind blowing in from the window.

He got up and went to the window to take a look. There was still a lot of white fog outside. The white fog today was very thick. After all, during this period of time, it was indeed for a large amount of fog to form.

The visibility was also relatively low, but fortunately, there were no dark clouds in the sky. It was a sunny day.

Then, he went into the bathroom to wash up. After that, he went out. When he went downstairs, he met Fifth Sister Ye Fei, who was walking over from behind. She looked like she had just woken up.

Therefore, Fifth Sister Ye Fei naturally carried Ye Xuan like a princess from behind. After all, Ye Xuan was still young. With such a small body, his sisters naturally carried him easily.

His sisters were having breakfast at this moment. When they saw the two of them come down, they immediately greeted them.

“Come and have breakfast. I made some oatmeal and sandwiches.”

“When can I get some stir-fried liver to eat? I really miss the taste of that authentic food.”

As Fifth Sister Ye Fei spoke, she carried Ye Xuan to the dining table and sat down. Fourth Sister Ye Chan rolled her eyes at her and spoke.

“You wouldn’t eat it even if I beat you to death last time. What else can I say?”

“Fourth Sister, forget it. I can only take a look at what it looks like.”

Ye Xuan pursed his lips and spoke. Stir-fried liver was still relatively difficult. If one didn’t do it well, it would look difficult to swallow. With Fourth Sister Ye Chan’s current culinary skills, it was still too early.

“What are you talking about, young brat? It just doesn’t look good, but it tastes good.”

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