Side Character Transmigrations: The Final Boss is No Joke

Chapter 829

Chapter 829 The Enlightened State Teacher (42)

As the number of persons killed by Feng Qing Qing increased, she couldn’t control herself and wanted to kill more people.

The benefit of killing brought to her was she getting stronger.

In the beginning, she had tried to cover up the murder. But as her strength grew, she didn’t try to cover up anymore. She began to kill persons unscrupulously.

People began to panic when they saw her.

Feng Qing Qing couldn’t find Shi Sheng. But she bumped into someone she did not expect.

He Lian Yu.

The man who abandoned her.

She forgave him when they stole the two Qilins.

But now, Feng Qing Qing thought that what He Lian Yu said before was just an excuse.

If weren’t for him, why would she become a demon now?

When she was trapped in formation, He Lian Yu listened to Dong Fang Hai…

It was unforgivable!

So, Feng Qing Qing followed He Lian Yu all the way to a silent place. Feng Qing Qing didn’t cover herself and directly attacked him.

He Lian Yu didn’t realize that someone was following him, and was ambushed by Feng Qing Qing.

Demons were a shortcut to cultivate compared with human beings. Feng Qing Qing’s strength was totally higher than He Lian Yu’s. After killing the people around him, she stepped on the He Lian Yu with her foot.

He Lian Yu then only saw the face hidden under the black cloak.

“It’s you! Feng Qing Qing.” He Lian Yu was shocked when he saw her.

He probably didn’t anticipate meeting her in this scenario.

When He Lian Yu looked at her outfit, he immediately realized that the demon that had been raging on the continent recently was Feng Qing Qing.

Feng Qing Qing hung her head, exposing her pale and thin hand underneath the black cloak and pinched He Lian Yu’s chin. She looked at it as if she was looking at an object. Her voice was sharp and thin with a bit harsh, “He Lian Yu… You didn’t expect that I was still alive?”

He Lian Yu calmed down, “What do you want?”

“What do I want to do?” Feng Qing Qing seemed to be pondering, the next second she replied savagely, “He Lian Yu, what do you think I want? I want you to die!”

“I was helpless that day…” He Lian Yu calmly defended himself, “I can compensate you for whatever you want.”

Feng Qing Qing sneered, “Oh, you can’t do anything.”

She showed her other hand and lifted the mask on He Lian Yu’s face. She wanted to see the face beneath the mask that made him seem mysterious.

He Lian Yu seemed to realize Feng Qing Qing’s intentions and yelled, “Feng Qing Qing!”

Feng Qing Qing pressed him hard and quickly lifted the mask with her fingers.

Feng Qing Qing was stunned when his mask was lifted, she then started to laugh, “I thought the Emperor of Chi Yan was a handsome man. You turned out to be a hideous monster. No wonder you have to wear a mask.”

Feng Qing Qing’s words were like a thorn stabbing He Lian Yu’s heart.

There were many green totems on his left face. He didn’t know what they are. They had been there since he was born. When he was a child, he was hated by his parents and teased by his brothers because of these totems.

Now, Feng Qing Qing was laughing at him. Those horrible memories seemed to be activated immediately and were repeatedly played in his mind. Her face which was sneering at him overlapped with those memories.

The anger in his heart began to burn.


“Can they kill her this time?”

“It should be possible. This continent will over if none of the senior able to kill her.”

“Who are we killing?”

“Feng Qing Qing!” The person who spoke in front turned around and glanced at the questioner, “Don’t you know?”

“Where is she?”

“In front.” The man pointed to the front, “But I advise you not to go there to avoid any injury.”

Shi Sheng nodded her head and passed in front of them. She walked towards Yin Wei, who was waiting for her, and hugged his arm, “Let’s go and watch the fight.”

Yin Wei shook his head helplessly as he had no right to refuse her.

The location of the battle was well chosen. Many were standing above the hill to watch the fight unravel at the trough.

The battle had already started. All sorts of lights were flashing in the sky. The ground was shaking from its noise.

Shi Sheng found a good position, and a few people were squatting next to her. She also squatted down together with them.

Yin Wei refused to squat down gracelessly, so he stood behind her. To ensure that no one behind could attack her from the back.

“Feng Qing Qing is great. She still alive even go through the extreme battle.”

“I think she will win on this time. Let’s retreat. After she kills all of the people below, she will kill us.”

“Don’t try to scare us. Do you think many of us can’t win one person?”

The few who were talking were silent for a moment, but no one moved. They continued to watch the battle.

Just when the situation was getting tense, a cracking sound could be heard.

The sound was continuous, like a rat eating in their ear.

Someone could not help and turned their head to look at the source of the sound.

A young lady squatting a few steps away from them with a pile of roasted sunflower seeds and shells on the ground.

Everyone: “…” Are you watching a show?

Eating snacks at a time like this!

“Why are you looking at me?” Shi Sheng looked at them, “Watch the fight.”

Damn it! You are eating roasted sunflower seeds here. How can we ignore that?

Shi Sheng kindly shared some of her seeds when she saw them still watching her.

The crowd with a bunch of roasted sunflower seeds: “…”

Who wants your snacks!

HOld on…

It’s delicious.

It’s better than what they have eaten before.

The people nearby began to eat the roasted sunflower seeds collectively with her. The tense environment a moment ago vanished into thin air.

“Oh gosh, Zhang Lao can’t withstand it anymore. Feng Qing Qing’s speed is too fast… Kacha Kacha… Those seniors are always surrounded outside. How can Zhang Lao face Feng Qing Qing alone…”

“They are not helping each other at this time. I think Zhang Lao will die soon… Kacha Kacha…”

“Feng Qing Qing is too cruel. Previously, He Lian Yu, Emperor Chi Yan died in her hands. If they can’t kill her at this time, everyone needs to be careful in the future. Kacha Kacha…”

“He Lian Yu died?” Shi Sheng interrupted.

“You don’t know about this?” The person’s eyes started to shine and asked the person next to her to move, “Let me tell you…”

The others all seemed unwilling to listen. Obviously, this person had repeated it many times.

But Shi Sheng didn’t know about this!

He Lian Yu was killed by Feng Qing Qing. The murder was extremely cruel. This was done in public, yet no one dared to go up and help. They could only watch He Lian Yu being tortured to death. Feng Qing Qing didn’t let him off after killing but hung him on the wall to expose him under the sun.

“We don’t know how this emperor enraged Feng Qing Qing.” The speaker shook his head, “This emperor is also quite unlucky. At first, Third Miss Feng swept across the continent with the mystical creatures. Now the Cang Lan Empire dominates the continent. This emperor had no more power and died in Feng Qing Qing’s hands.”

“He’s quite unlucky. He died because of the Feng family members.” The person next to him concluded.

“Third Miss Feng is also quite epic. I don’t know how she managed to control these many mystical creatures.”

“What’s so epic about that? The Feng Family are cold-blooded and merciless.”

“Not really. When the mystical creatures swept across the continent, they didn’t hurt many people. I heard that only those who rebelled actively were attacked by the mystical creatures. Sacrifices must be made when it comes to building an empire.”

“But why did she suddenly disappear in the end?”

Shi Sheng ate her roasted sunflower seeds silently.

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