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Chapter 364 - Fire Dragon, Ghost Phoenix

Chapter 364 – Fire Dragon, Ghost Phoenix

“Guild Master, what’s next?” one player asked.

“Find a chance to return to the Human world.” The guild master’s expression was ugly. “Motherf*cker, if I knew we’d be resurrected at the Death Altar, I would have found a holy mage to cleanse our souls no matter what the cost.”

“Returning to the human world is going to be difficult,” a player suddenly commented.

“No matter how difficult, we still have to go back. Staying in the Demon realm with no supplies, with enemies everywhere, we’ll die back to level 0 sooner or later. ” The guild master gnashed his teeth.

“Kill, kill.” With Fatty’s mumbling, a huge magma Demonic monster collapsed.

The whole body of this monster was made up of magma. Immediately after its death, it turned into pieces of fiery rocks like solidified magma, only the centermost one held a fist-sized demonic nucleus.

Unsurprisingly, all monsters here were fire-attribute. Fatty traveled upstream the magma river for dozens of miles, killing countless Demonic monsters on the way until he finally saw some Demon soldiers.

“Stop, this is the territory of His Majesty the Occult Flame Emperor. No one is allowed in!” shouted a demon in human language. He was dressed in fiery red armor and armed with a flame blade.

Emperor Occult Flame? Fatty found this name a little familiar. After some thinking, he finally remembered that the Ice Spirit Bead had been lost during the battle between the Frost War God Saya and Emperor Occult Flame.

In the Demon world, anyone with ‘emperor’ or ‘king’ in their names would be at least a God-tier expert. Fatty naturally wouldn’t want to provoke such an individual. Upon hearing the demon’s warning, he immediately turned to leave.

Too bad, he wanted to go, but someone didn’t want to let him go.

“You, come here,” shouted that very same demon who had just given the warning with a finger pointing at Fatty.

Fatty acted afraid as he came to the demon. There were only two Demon guards here, and their strength was around the 8th enhancement, which was obviously unusual.

“How did you get here?” The demon asked condescendingly.

Since everyone used human language here, Fatty naturally wasn’t afraid. He blabbered about how he was hunted down by a monster, fell into some crevice, and strayed all the way here, and that he didn’t mean to offend Emperor Occult Flame.

“So he’s lost.” The two Demon guards exchanged nods.

“Although you have strayed by mistake, His Majesty’s territory isn’t a place you can come and go as you please,” the other demon face scolded with a stern face.

Fatty only obediently agreed and stressed that he didn’t mean it.

“In order to clear your sins, you must do something for us.” The two demons finally showed their fox’s tail seeing as they had scared Fatty enough.

During the last battle the Frost War God, Emperor Occult Flame had knocked out all the Ice Spirit Beads off the opponent and finally won, but he himself didn’t fare much better. He had taken a strike from Frost War God’s forbidden spell and now ice flakes still popped up from time to time from all over his flaming body.

To expel the ice force in his body, a certain potion was needed, and the unique materials needed to refine it troubled Emperor Occult Flame.

During that battle, the forbidden spell used by the Frost War God was AoE. Aside from for Emperor Occult Flame, all of his underlings nearby had all died, which was why Fatty had only been found after running all the way here.

In fact, if it weren’t for the Frost War God being heavily injured by Emperor Occult Flame due to a little negligence when casting the forbidden spell, he wouldn’t have lost the Ice Spirit Bead and still hadn’t time to look for it even now.

With 90% of his underlings dead, Emperor Occult Flame had to mobilize others to protect himself but was still a little short. He was considering whether to grab some demons from the mainland when Fatty delivered himself to his door.

“Collect these materials and send them here, it’ll count as a great contribution. No matter what method you use to gather them, as long as His Majesty recovers, your rewards will be endless,” the two demons randomly promised.

Hearing the materials’ names, Fatty’s nose almost blew up in fury. Fire Dragon demonic nucleus, Ghost Phoenix Blood, Profound Yin Ice Bead, and Dark Water. Not many, but everyone knew these four was not easy to get from their names alone.

Fatty didn’t need to think to know that Fire Dragon demonic nucleus was the demonic nucleus of a Fire Dragon. And phoenix? That was something on the same level as a dragon, and Ghost Phoenix sounded like an even higher level. The remaining two, Profound Yin Ice Bead and Dark Water, were something Fatty had never even heard of before.

“Brat, you are lucky. We just found a Fire Dragon.” A ferocious grin quickly flashed on the two demons’ faces.

Motherf*ckers, they are sending Lord Fatty to die. Fatty understood. After saying so much, in the end, these two bastards were scared of provoking the Fire Dragon and sent him instead. However, if it was something even they dared not go, Fatty going would be the same as just delivering food to it.

“Don’t be afraid, just throw this into the dragon’s mouth.” One of the demons took out a palm-sized fiery red grass and handed it to Fatty.

Just throw it into the dragon’s mouth? Fatty nearly cursed out loud. Why don’t you just say ‘just throw yourself in’?

“Throw the grass in, or we’ll shove it in your mouth and throw you in.” Seeing Fatty’s unwillingness, the two demons immediately turned ferocious.

“Fine, I’ll go.” Fatty felt choked with pent-up rage.

The area of underground magma was endlessly vast, and the place occupied by Emperor Occult Flame was already the size of several Black Tortoise Cities. The rest was occupied by high-ranked Demonic beasts.

The nest of the Fire Dragon was a cave next to the magma river. From a distance, a big fiery head could be seen from the side and lay prone in the magma, sleeping comfortably.

“Go quickly.” Afraid of being discovered by the Fire Dragon, the two demons abandoned Fatty when they were several thousand meters away from the beast.

Fatty mumbled something in discontent. If he wanted to run, these two wouldn’t be able to stop him. After all, the extremely particular Elemental Movement Arts couldn’t be stopped by even normal space imprisonment. However, it was the so-called ‘bigger wealth from bigger risks’ again. They were using him, but it was also the other way around.

Knowing that Stealth was useless in front of a powerful Demonic Yao like this dragon, Fatty simply swaggered towards it. When he was still a few hundred meters away, the dragon suddenly let out a long roar, and the eyes a little above to the magma slowly opened.

“Hello, Brother Fire Dragon, I have something to discuss with you.” Fatty rushed over and greeted. At the same time, he summoned the Violent Ox King and had it stand in front of himself.

Bang! A scorching hot fireball vaporized the Violent Ox King on the spot, leaving not even a hair.

Inwardly shivering in his heart, Fatty looked at the Fire Dragon who wanted to attack again and cried out, “Do you want to kill Emperor Occult Flame?”

Whoo! A gust of wind kicked up and rolled around Fatty, flying him into a nearby cave.

“Kid, can you help me kill that bastard Occult Flame?” said the dragon in a vibrating voice as it looked at Fatty, who was even smaller than its claws. As expected of a high-ranked Demonic Yao, it could speak.

Fatty didn’t hesitate to narrate how those two demons had forced him to come here, and then took out the fiery red grass.

“Dragon-Burnt Grass, the damnable things born especially to hurt us dragons. How dare those bastards use this against me?” the Fire Dragon roaring repeatedly, its fury turning into flames that flared out of its nostrils, making Fatty feel like he had fallen into magma, as his whole body heated and became uncomfortable.

Quickly casting several water spells to cool himself, Fatty said, “There is a good chance now. Do you want to try?”

“What chance?” The dragon stopped roaring and stared at Fatty.

“Emperor Occult Flame is seriously injured now, if you take this opportunity to kill him…” Fatty didn’t spell out the rest.

“That’s right.” The dragon nodded. “Since he needs Ghost Phoenix Blood, Profound Yin Ice Bead, Dark Water and my nucleus as materials, he must be affected by the Eternal Frozen Spell of the Frost War God. Although Emperor Occult Flame isn’t frozen, his power is limited by half. If I take advantage of this… Heh.”

“That’s right, if we take advantage of this, taking him down will be as easy as flipping your hand,” Fatty chimed.

“You, little ant, are quite clever, knowing you can’t provoke me and confessing everything. Very well, since Emperor Occult Flame dares set his eyes on me, then he can’t blame me for being discourteous. Didn’t he want the Ghost Phoenix Blood? I’ll call Ghost Phoenix as well,” the dragon said with a cold snort.

The Fire Dragon flew out and killed the two demons in a few skills. Fatty clicked his tongue. No wonder those two didn’t dare to provoke the dragon.

Bringing Fatty, the dragon flew to a certain area. Magma still gurgled out in flows and the place was full of flames, but for some reason, Fatty felt a chill that seeped into his body.

Gradually, the Fire Dragon took Fatty to the source of the magma, where there was a huge tree, black from top to bottom, hundreds of meters wide. Its crown was like a sky-blotting umbrella with countless branches.

There was a huge nest built of various rare materials resting in the tree crown. A large black bird with black flames all over nestled peacefully inside, asleep with its eyes half-closed.

This was the lair of the Ghost Phoenix, someone a low-rank Divine beast like the Fire Dragon couldn’t compare. It was said that this Ghost Phoenix, born of Ghost Fire, was one of the most ancient species in the Demon world, and its strength was second only to Legendary experts.

Carefully flying to a spot several hundred meters away from the nest, the Fire Dragon shouted, “Is Lord Ghost Phoenix home?”

Lazily leaned out its head from the nest, the Ghost Phoenix squinted its eyes at the dragon. “So it’s a little dragon. What? You know I have a bad appetite today and especially came to improve my food? Speaking of which, the taste of dragon meat isn’t bad.”

“Lord Ghost Phoenix must be joking.” The Fire Dragon shrank its neck and retracted all the flames on its body, obviously very scared of the Ghost Phoenix.

“Then what are you doing here?” the Ghost Phoenix asked.

“Lord Ghost Phoenix, please help me exact justice.” With a sad face overflowed with snot and tears, the Fire Dragon seasoned Fatty’s story as it narrated it to the Ghost Phoenix.

“So it’s that fellow Occult Flame. Why, even though he is injured, you still don’t even dare to fight him and still come to me?” The Ghost Phoenix’s eyes flashed with mockery.

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