Shoujo Grand Summoning

Chapter 839: Red Jade mode unleashed again, the strongest form

Chapter 839: Red Jade mode unleashed again, the strongest form

The two used their auras to compete with each other, the space started cracking under this immense duel. The ground also slowly gave way even though the two haven't started physically brawling. The cave is on the verge of collapsing.


The beast king watched as Wu Yan resisted his aura.

"You're weak but you are doing remarkably well resisting my power, if you're on the same tier as me. No, even if you're only one tier lower, I would have a hard time winning using only aura."

The beast king mused with intrigue.

"Your aura, you are neither human nor demonic beast, I really want to know what kind of creature you are..."

The Beast King sounded like he's taking this easy. Naturally, he's adopting the attitude of a proper demigod fighting against an ant-like peak tier 8.

Wu Yan got the message, the Beast King isn't taking this seriously.

After Lei Wang left, Wu Yan also didn't need to worry about taking care of others while fighting. He replied in a similarly chill tone.

"You're not exactly human nor demonic beast, yourself..."

Wu Yan glanced lazily at the Beast King.

"Why didn't you stop them from leaving?"

The Beast King replied after thinking about it. He looked at Wu Yan.

"Compared to them, I am more interested in you..."


Wu Yan knitted his eyebrows.

"Aren't you afraid of being found?"

The Beast King emitted heavier bursts of aura as a glint flashed in his eyes.

"It doesn't matter, not anymore."

The Beast King continued.

"The injuries Yakumo inflicted upon me is almost fully recovered, I have no further need to dwell here!"

Wu Yan recalled how Yakumo seriously injured him the last time they fought.

"Full recovery?"

Wu Yan waved his hands.

"Impossible, Yakumo said she messed you up so bad it would take you at least one or two years to recover, your wounds shouldn't have healed so easily!"

"Thanks to trash like those two, I did."

The Beast King licked his lips.

"Without the delicious sustenance they brought, I would have never healed so quickly..."

Wu Yan's eyes shrunk.

"Did you, those low-ranking soldiers..."

The Beast King saw the shock on Wu Yan's face and he confirmed with glee.

"Indeed! For ants, they were quite useful..."

Wu Yan turned silent.

He lowered his head so the Beast King couldn't see his face clearly. However, a bad feeling slowly emerged within the Beast King's heart.

Bloody qi started twirling around Wu Yan. An unknown force started working on the immediate area. The Beast King's unease transformed into a sense of impending danger.


Wu Yan looked up once more, his eyes were flashing with a malicious golden glow.

"Just as well..."

Wu Yan slowly said.

"Now I don't have to worry about anything..."

Then, it happened.

Throb throb throb...

Throbbing sound came from Wu Yan's body, the bloody qi around him pulsed in turn. Then, he bloody qi surged into his chest, merging with his body.

Then, light died down around them.

"Third Jade, activate!"

The bloody qi from before steamed out and it wrapped Wu Yan completely, turning him red all over. A wave of air swept towards the Beast King.

Defending against this minor storm, the Beast King felt shocked and scared at the same time.

"What's going on?!"

In the center of this storm, Wu Yan's body flinched when a light falshed on his chest, the red Magatama jade flashed with a darker shade of red than the bloody qi around him.

"Red Jade mode, activate!"

The bloody qi returned to him, then, his power grew exponentially as a new power suffued Wu Yan.

Wu Yan's power grew beyond his current peak tier 8 state.

Tier 9.... Tier 9 lower stages... middle stages, higher stages...

It then hit peak tier 9 power...

No, it didn't stop there.

"No way!"

The Beast King yelled in disbelief.

In just a few short seconds, Wu Yan's power reached demigod tier, it even surpassed the Beast King when he was at his optimal state of being.

Now, the Beast King couldn't hold himself from shivering. It's not just because Wu Yan grew to become a demigod stronger than him, it was because his aura felt similar to something he experienced before...

It's the same aura of the one who soundly defeated him and almost killed him. The same aura as the person who sent him into the darkest recesses to recover.

Yakumo Yukari.


The Beast King balled his palms into fists. He turned steely with determination.

"I don't know what you're doing but I am not going to let you continue like this!"

With a mighty step of his foot, the solid ground burst as he turned into a flash of black light. It took him no time at all to reach Wu Yan.


His claws were now bestial, the Beast King swiped at Wu Yan's neck.

The sharp claws shredded the air wherever it went. Even space itself struggled to stay intact when this demigod threw an all-out attack, the space rippled like when Gate of Babylon is activated.

Even a demigod cultivator would die when struck by an attack like this.

Alas, Wu Yan isn't a human, he's a True Ancestor with unlimited and rapid regenerative powers.

Not just that, he's not going to let himself be hit by this.

A hand grabbed the Beast King's wrist.

"Calm down..."

The Beast King looked up only to see a pair of purple crystal like eyes staring back at him, it wasn't Wu Yan's golden eyes.

Not just that, his hair color changed to a magnificent shade of blonde, his hair also grew so long it reached his waist.

Blonde hair, purple eyes...

He looked like Yakumo Yukari!


The Beast King struggled to free himself. After freeing himself, he jumped back and kept a safe distance between him and Wu Yan. His eyes were colored with desperation and anxiety. He didn't look cool as a cucumber unlike when they first exchanged verbal jabs.


Wu Yan gasped slightly and he grinned.

"Looks like you're really afraid of Yukari..."


The Beast King growled.

"What did you do?"

"What did I do?"

Wu Yan continued nonchalantly.

"Nothing much, just borrowing the power of a certain person..."

"You borrowed someone's power?!"

The Beast King clenched his teeth.

"From Yakumo?"

Wu Yan didn't answer. He looked at his hands and the hair near his waist. He looked like he missed someone.

This is her power?

So powerful...

Wu Yan showed a devilish smile, he bore a striking resemblance to the Youkai Sage known as Yakumo Yukari.

He looked at the Beast King who had his guards raised.

"Alright, let's do this!"

"After all, I am on borrowed time when in this state."

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