Shoujo Grand Summoning

Chapter 50

Giant beast forest.

The site he entered transcript world from still had the bonfire, and it was still glowing red, most likely it hasn’t even become extinguished yet, and no demonic beast came here so the place look just as it did before he went into the transcript world.

He stayed in that world for about 1 month, so under the time ratio of 100:1 that world to this one, here in Silvaria not even a day has pa.s.sed.

And since he chose to return, this is the place of his arrival….

Two figure appeared out of nowhere near the bonfire.

Dusting his shirt he put out the kindle with his leg as if he was here the whole time without ever leaving once. Mikoto on the other hand just looked around full of curiosity, glancing left and right she tried to compare the differences between this world and worlds known to her.

Apparently she”s disappointed, giant beast forest, it’s just an oversized forest not much different from a normal one.

Bored with her discovery she let out a disappointed tone.

“What is this, it’s just a normal forest isn’t it? I thought it would be different.”

Amused by her reaction he chuckled at her.

“I see, this is how you feel, well, there’s a great surprise waiting for you later on!”


She just gave him a doubtful look and sparks crackling about her forehead before replying with a hmph.

“I am looking forward to that…”

Shrugging she overlooked her, this girl, she’s still holding her grudge from this morning despite already giving him a h.e.l.l of a punch, seriously…

“What are you doing s.p.a.cing out here, hurry up and summon Hinagiku!”

Looking at the guy trying to act all deep she can’t help giving a big fat slap right on the back.

This little la.s.s, she’s doing this on purpose!

Almost kissing the ground due to the slap he soothed his injured back before rolling his eyes at her. She could care less about this though.

Opening the menu list and clicking on summon he pulled around and quickly found Hinagiku on it.

Hinagiku: A character of Hayate the combat butler, the student council president of Hakuo Academy; Summoning points 5’000.

That’s right, 5’000 points that’s how ‘cheap’ Kaichou-sama is, even if she’s so lovable in the end she’s only level 18 and thus could not garner a value higher than this.

It’s pretty easy to summon her, even after summoning Mikoto what with his 11’000 Summoning points reserve…

He clicked ‘summon’ and very soon the scene that appeared before when he summoned Mikoto repalyed in front of him.

A light so bright the two can’t help but block against it with their hands, Hinagiku was slowly drawn out. Like a perfectly blank paper with an invisible hand drawing on it, Hinagiku is slowly being ‘drawn’ out.

The light disappeared when she appeared completely. A very thin radiant light shot out from her body and connected with him.

Experiencing this once before, he’s not afraid of this phenomena like before, standing there he observed Hinagiku. Mikoto however gazed at this scene with wonder in her eyes, this was how she was summoned, at the time she’s aware of it just like how Hinagiku is not aware of it now.

His heart synced with Hinagiku’s in a hasty fashion and soon the bond of light severed and coalesced into a light ball and merged into his body.

Reflexively examining his body all over he felt very weird out at this, it’s a merging of lifeforce and he certainly could feel the two sharing the same life it’s a kind of je ne sais quoi kind of feeling.


Mikoto’s voice made him return from self introspection. After the completion of lifeforce merging she’s together with Mikoto exploring their surrounding with inquisitiveness.

From her point of observation, Wu Yan and Mikoto just said goodbye to her and disappeared into thin air, the next thing she knew she felt dizzy and stuff about system, summon and basic information about Wu Yan appeared in her mind, after she’s done with the imprinting memories her eyes opened and she appeared in this forest.

From what Mikoto tells her, this is another world. She flinched at this sudden turn of events, making her marvel at the fantastic abilities of system.

“Is the summoning over? Where’s the lifeforce merging? Why do I feel like nothing has changed at all?”

She checked out her body and found nothing amiss before she turned to Mikoto.

“I don’t know as well!”

Touching her chin with her fingers she pondered while blinking.

“The time I was summoned, I didn’t feel anything out of the odinary except a familiar sense coming off from Wu Yan….”

Arriving at the later part of speech she started becoming bashful and her tone was meek so meek in fact only Hinagiku could hear them.

“I suppose…”

Sneaking a peek at Wu Yan who has question mark all around him, she could certainly feel that kinship. She blushed as well before putting her hands together in front of her chest and chuckling.

Merging of lifeforce… is it?,,,

Seeing as the two girls are whispering in front of him he’s bored rather than feeling aything, a winner in life would be ostracized, he feels like this saying has some credibility, as long as he doesn’t get burn all is good…

Clapping his hands, he attracted their attention before continuing.

“Alright, let’s leave the idle talks for later, let’s discuss what we should do after this shall we!”

“Next moves?”

A bit puzzled the two turned to him.


He found a seat and sat down before continuing.

“Should we stay? Or should we go out of here? If we stay here what should we do and if we go out where should we go? Don’t you girls feel like this warrant a proper discussion?”

“Even if you put it that way…”

The two exchanged gazes before sitting down in front of him.

“We wouldn’t know what to do.”

“And that’s why we need to discuss this matter!”

Feeling a bit powerless at the reaction of the two girls, aren’t they supposed to be quite intelligent fellows? One’s a Hakuo Academy student and another’s’ Tokiwadai middle school, these are all ivy leagues, he was counting on them to have some sort of idea on what to do after this.

“The thing is, we aren’t familiar with this world as you are!”

Mikoto twirled her tea colored bangs and her nose crinkled.

“Maybe if there’s a map or something we could study it but at this point with nothing to work on how should we even go about planning?”

“Didn’t you say it yourself? You were here for 3 months then you should be more acquainted with this world than us isn’t it? Don’t tell me you have never gone any sort of planning before this?”

She’s a bit averse to sitting on the bare ground, she twisted about in an agitated way.

“But I also didn’t go to a lot of places as well you see?”

He beamed at the two, sure he’s here for 3 months but excluding giant beast forest and the supply town he really hasn’t been to any place, as for the map then fine it should be somewhere in the system.

He still recall with perfect clarity how the system asked him before whether or not he wants to buy a map of the giant forest, it was when he had just arrived at this world, the price was 3’000 Item points, the system approached him like a salesman, totally unprincipled..

“Here for 3 months and you never gone out far from this forest?”

Throwing him a mystified look Mikoto looked at him as if she’s staring at a h.o.m.o erectus (Tl: thank you family guy), it’s fair to say that he’s very upset at her reaction.

“I’m sorry for being so unworldly!”

He decided to ignore her condescending gaze and turned to Hinagiku.

“Hinagiku, what do you think?”

The two turned to her while she mused for a bit.

“Yan, you said that as your summon, I can power up through killing monster in a similar fashion as in those games yea?”

Confronted with such a question he flinched before nodding.

“Yeap, and it would be more apt to say that this act increases one’s level but yeah if you don’t stop grinding and keep defeating the foe which holds animosity against then one could obtain experience and by acc.u.mulation of it levels!”

After listening to his explanation she beamed before giving the two of them a serious look.

“Well then, Yan, Mikoto, I want to level up!”

“level up?”

The two were bewildered by her, Mikoto is the first on to realize her intentions.

It’s him who can’t quite comprehend her intentions, in his mind Kaichou-sama is not someone who pursues power. She’s a bit compet.i.tive but that’s about it, she has an indifferent att.i.tude to strength, in her usual sport matches her performance on field is but mere fondness of sports.

In the original work, after meeting the MC she at one point hated her stronger self believing it to not fit her image as a girl. It seems odd that Kaichou-sama would say something like ‘level up’, he’s a bit against it to be honest.

“Why the sudden interest?”

He has a puzzled face as he asked this.

Her eyes started drifting, murmuring something she finally turned her head away with an upset tone.

“Just take it as me having too strong a pride!”

For some reason he could feel from her tone that there was a layer of reproach in it. With a few wry laugh he gestured to the two girls.

“If it’s like that then let’s level her up!”

This aligned with his intention, Kaichou-sama is low in her level and that’s a fact, it would be best to increase it somemore.

Hmm.. power leveling…

“Fine with me!”

Standing up she cracked her hand as she grinned.

“Let me see just how tough and ugly these demonic beasts are!”

Hey Hey, you’re a girl don’t do something like cracking fingers, it could scare the little ones, are you some kind of delinquent or something?

“Must you get so excited?”

Feeling weak with her he tried calming the girl down, isn’t railgun suppose to display her meek and tsundere side? Why did she turn into an amazoness when it’s me! Baidu(Tl:度娘) you little s.h.i.t…

“That’s but of course!”

She didn’t even turn her head back as she said so.

“Demonic beast and the likes I have never seen before, fighting against demonic beast is also the first time for me!”

He didn’t even feel like responding anymore as he stood up.

“Now that it’s decided, I recall that in this vicinity there should be a level 20 ish smal bear around here, why don’t you pop your cherry over them.”

“What do you mean by that!”

Her smiling face gone, she looked at him with an evil leer as lightning danced upon her forehead. It seems like if he repeated that the lightning would be dancing off his body the next instant.


With the same power as her, he’s no longer at the mercy of her electrical attacks. Therefore, should he worry about self preservation when mocking her?



Biting down on her teeth so hard it looks like she’s trying her utmost to resist chomping down on him. Recalling the event from this morning added tinge of rosiness to her cheeks.

Observing the two as they did their ‘mexican standoff’, Hinagiku could only sigh and do no more.

Urm… Are we still going or what…

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