Shoujo Grand Summoning

Chapter 45


The 50 meter long snake laid its body around the beehive like constructions and with a width roughly 2 meters in diameter the saurian head bobbed up and down with its pail size snake irises trianed on Wu Yan, it is as frosty as it is filled with killing intent.

The corner of its mouth pulled back a bit as if it’s sneering at him. It roared and the sound wave from it carried a lrage amount of dust and debris towards him who stood before it.

Great snake monster: (level 60)

He endured the trembling urge and held onto Nietono no Shana so hard his palm bled, he didn’t care about the wound and looked at the monstrosity before him grisly.

To think the snake king didn’t use his full power during the previous fight!

But if one were to ponder a bit, a level 50 would surely be able to beat any one of the monster from the youkai army before but definitely not enough to suppress such an amount.

To do so would entail something of this level , and a body that them!

Great snake monster! The true form of the snake king!

level 60! tier 7!

With his sword, armor and skill he might have been able to challenge someone a tier above and even relying on his defense and offense to strike down the snake king.

But, 2 tiers…

it would still be impossible even with B grade or gold armaments, unless in a similar fashion to the youkai army, employing a zerg rush method against the foe.

But one person? Can it be done?

Answer is… no!

Under that glacial glare, he let out a breath before pointing at the monster with his sword.

Run? Where to? In this care where there’s nothing but a ceiling. (Tl: er I don’t know try to use the terrain to your advantage and get it to make the ceiling collapse on himself? get it into a bottleneck and spam your skills at it? There’s probably other ways beside relying on system each and every time)

Therefore, there’s only one alternative left, battle!

Given of course a blind charge ahead would surely lead to his demise, it’s time for his trump card to shine, the trump card known as 8.3mil Item points!

All else being constant just one bottle of Resplendent Breath would turn this next fight from impossible into possible!

3 hours of invulnerable to harm status, his chance of victory might just increase with this.

The serpent was really proud of itself besides the killing intention.

In its imagination, once it reveals his true form then the ant would cower in fear and despair before running away, he would then proceed to toy with him to let off some steam and then eat him.

Who would have thought that this ant didn’t even seem afraid neither does he look like he’s going to run away. It dares to point its weapon at him as well.

Seeing this, the proud feeling turned into complete and utter hate and malice.

Shrouded in killing intention his body froze and started trembling, he derided himself before clenching his teeth and forcing his bones to move and bought a Resplendent Breath.

“Yan, the next fight is mine!”

A lightning flashed towards him while going ‘biribiri’. Mikoto stood there gazing up at the hostile with much animosity.


Startled by Mikoto who appeared out of nowhere he stopped his hands but he’s elated deep inside.

That’s right, there’s Mikoto, I’m not alone!

“But, can you kill it?”

He walked towards her while questioning with some doubt.

Mikoto closed her eyes, she knows he’s asking her whether she has the resolve to kill and not the competence. Opening her eyes she made her notions known.

“Ah, it’s not a human, and a youkai that only hurts human must be slain!”

He self doubtingly muttered.

“Can she do it?”

Hearing that she raised her head in a tsunpure and confident way.

“Who do you think I am? I am the trump card of tokiwadai, no.3 of the lv5s, railgun, misaka mikoto!”

Astonished by this a smile slowly spread on his face.

“Let em rip. Mikoto!”

He shoved the Resplendent Breath he bought into her hands.

“If anything extraodinary happens, drink it!”

He’s forgetting the fact that as long s he doesn’t die even if Mikoto dies with half the Summoning points he could revive her because in his mind Mikoto must be protected and loved at all cost.

She was about to use this excuse to reject him but seeing the serious in his eyes she wavered and turned her head to the side before fondling the potion bottle and then putting it in her pockets.

“Be careful!”

Gesturing to him she looked over at the snake monster who’s getting more and more restless at their interaction, blue and white lightning flickered and adorned her body making her hair float.

Handsome! Cool!

Sneaking a peek or two he left her side to come to Hinagiku’s with a tap of his feet.

Noticing his retreat the great snake monster was about to attack Wu Yan but something inside it warned him not to and it promptly regained itself…

Seeing as Mikoto has her sights on him, the electrical discharge on her dance in even more fervor and this did nothing but heighten its feeling of impending crisis.

At this moment, it understood the true threat is not Wu Yan but this girl before him!

“Yan, you okay?”

Hinagiku approached him and examined him.

Shaking his head he gestured that he’s fine.

“No problem, the rest is up to Mikoto.”

She nodded, she didn’t know how terrifying Mikoto is to be able to stand up to the monster because she can’t see level s but since he’s that confident in Mikoto then she should also have more faith in her comrade!

As the lightning scintillates around her, its instinct is screaming even more intense than ever. The monster now firmly believes that this girl before him is an existence that can slay him.

The feeling of crisis has already took over its pride. If it were just a normal piece of fodder then it would have attacked at first provocation, hesitation be d.a.m.ned, prideful as it is now’s not the time to let it make him a fool.

His instinct is telling him that if he underestimate the one before him, death will be swift!

The grim atmosphere around him began to stir as he steadies himself.

“Not attacking are we?”

Mikoto shouted at the monster. To fight with a strong one, she can’t help getting excited, she’s already a very emulous girl in the first place, even if this battle is one of life and death, even if the enemy is a youkai, she only has one thought in her mind.


“If you’re not coming then…”

Her bangs floated up and lightning arced across it forming into a lightning that gets brighter and brighter before finally launching itself at the great snake monster.

“I won’t hold back!”

, her most skillset, the attack’s not that great but one of the pros it boast is its speed. Under her command, the spear created sonic booms where ever it went and before it could react the spear hit the monster right in its head.

In its eyes, the monster saw only a blueish white light and an instant later an intense pain came from its head. With its enormous physique the spear could only bring it pain for a few moments but it stunned for a few seconds, before it regained sense and raised its head.

However just as it picked its head up again another strike came at him and hit it when it’s lifting its head.

The lightning spear hit it right in the eyes. It’s not a momentary stun now, the eye is a weak point of a lot of creatures of which this monster is one such example, the spear pierce into its eye and an acute agony registered. It squirmed and hissed on the ground.

With blood streaming down its eyes the snake’s trembling and thrashing left more rooms to be exploited by Mikoto.

With a grin, she raised her hands and under the rumbling of thunder a wave of black sand cascaded out of the ground forming a circle wave motion around her.

Iron sand! One of the derivatives of her power, using her electromagnetism she can control the iron sand and use it to perform iron sand a.s.saults!

Factoring the monster into her calculation she waved and the iron sand wave churned forming into iron swords, it numbered well in the hundreds before none more formed.

With over a hundred iron swords in the air, each one of them started vibrating in a chainsaw likemethod as she aimed them at the monster. With a command, the sword shoot out and pierced into the snake.


Like black needles the sword stabbed into its body, like a pin cushion the monster trashed around and blood splattered over the floor out from the wound and onto the sword dyeing them a dark red.

“So strong!”

Covering her mouth with her hands she can’t help but let out an awestruck voice, she knew Mikoto’s strong from the previous battle but she underestimated the extent of her abilities.

So this what I can become after being a summon?…

In a daze she looked at Mikoto and then glanced at the lightly grinning Wu Yan, something inside her made a prompt decision.

I must become this strong one day! I must!

Meanwhile Wu Yan’s thinking about another thing.

Who would have thought that despite being the same tier the gap could be this big…

Indeed, she’s a level 69 and the monster is level 60. The two are 9 levels apart, it’s not as big a difference as a tier but the difference is not tiny that’s for sure.

One’s on the cusp of moving up into tier 8, a peak tier while another is merely a novice who just broke through tier 6.

A tier 7 peak and a tier 7 novice, who ought be stronger should be clear as day!

What’s more, Mikoto’s not pulling any punches. Kind hearted as she is, she would hold back her power so as to not hurt anyone normally.

In the original work, only against imaginary beasts and Accelerator would she go full throttle, otherwise it’s just lv4 or less magnitude strength, if not for this perhaps even touma wouldn’t have been able to engate completely her powers.

That’s lightning, Touma can eradicare those supernatural powers and he possess something very overpowering like foresight. To put it bluntly, he’s a lv0, blocking one or 2 strikes should be within range, 5 or 6 hits and it’s jsut barely manageable, to completely diminish all of them it’s a very unrealistic expectation.

lv5 and lv4 under his prudent estimation should be about the difference between tier 6 and tier 7, a gap that cannot be surmounted that easily!

Right now against an inhuman youkai and after experiencing a brutal ma.s.sacre she is much more liberal. Unbridled strength, there is margin to be spared in dealing with this monster!

He’s sure of this. Mikoto’s also sure of this!

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