Shoujo Grand Summoning

Chapter 39

Wu Yan touched a part on the hot spring and it began to shrink until it return to the form of a gem resting in his palm.

Storing the portable hot spring away in his s.p.a.ce ring, he sat on the ground and gathered a bunch of rocks before putting them together in a ring. Then, he took out a black round thing from his s.p.a.ce ring.

The round thing was placed upon the rocks and through some unknown fiddling by him fire sprouted from the center of the circle.

Ignoring this spectacle he took out a bunch of vials, putting them on the side he took out some meat and skewered it on a metal stick. He then roasted it upon the fire.

Picking up the vials beside him from time to time to season it he roasted it while checking ‘status’ in the menu.


Wu Yan


‘Kendo Master’

‘Master Chef”

‘Impeccable Memory’

Chaotic ‘Return to Horizon Waltz’


Kusanagi Sword (D grade)


Misaka Mikoto

Equipment points:


Item points:


Ability points:


Summoning points:




When he saw his level he was stunned before quickly recovering.

Seeing his level jump by 15, it would be a lie to say he wasn’t surprised, but thinking about it, it really isn’t that big a deal, the youkai army for all intents and purposes were annihilated by the three of them, with that kind of number and throwing in 10 level 40s and a few hundred level 30s, this kind of jump in level is within expectation.

Not to mention the level 20s were practically a legion all on their own. One could guess this kind of outcome from the fact that even though he bought the portable hot spring, healing potions and some clothes he still has 8.3mil Item points.

Individually the level 20 yield negligible experience points and though some of them were killed by Hinagiku, there’s no room for doubt that their number were quite something, Hinagiku also couldn’t slay that many what with her level being only level 18? Basically, the sliver of experience points acc.u.mulated up.

With a cheat of being able to level up without cultivation, according to Silvaria’s standard how could he only rise in 1 tier after killing a f.u.c.k ton of monster? What an embarra.s.sment to the transported main characters….

As for Mikoto, there’s not much change but…


Misaka Mikoto


Electromaster (lv5)












69 (tl: copy pasted this table and just changed 68 to 69.)

Compared to before, there’s not much improvement except for a rise in level . But this level came at a lot of ha.s.sle.

Mikoto’s case is different from him, in that youkai army there’s a lot of level 30s or higher for him to challenge, their experience points were relatively larger for him because he challenged them at a lower level. That’s why he could jump so many levels.

Whereas Mikoto is on another tier altogether, there’s not even one on her tier much less higher tier than her. The highest among them were level 40s, and this small fries were just that, small fries. She barely got anything from them but the number made up for the poor quality to get her to level up, one could see how this is a ha.s.sle…

Closing the system, he began thinking.

He’s not a level 45 equivalent to a tier 5 warrior, it’s high time to change equips and strengthen himself further with more abilities is it not…


A sweet moan interrupted his train of thought, he can’t help smiling when he turned around.

Quivering her eyelids, Mikoto woke up and yawned while covering her mouth. The first thing that she sees when she finally regained clarity is a grinning Wu Yan roasting some unknown meat.

“Finnally awake?”

Waving at her he kept grilling the meat with his other hand, it looks like he’s mult.i.tasking between grilling and conversing with her.

Startled, she got up to her feet quickly and looked around, when she saw the bodies were gone she breathe a sigh of relief, if she really slept alongside bodies then even if they weren’t human she still wouldn’t be able to accept it, not when she recalled the b.l.o.o.d.y h.e.l.l…

Dismissing her thoughts by shaking her head she feels much better now but she still felt something slightly off about this situation…

Watching her antics from start to finish he was relieved at her expressions, she hasn’t fully accepted what she already has some mental preparations beforehand….

Recalling some he chuckled, chuckled for no apparent reason.

Listening to his queer chuckles she frowned, for some reason she feels very unamused by him, even her other emotions are completely overshadowed by her displease.

“Why are you laughing so annoyingly?”

She threw him a leer.

“It’s nothing much…”

Toning down his laughs he failed to remove the stupid grin off his face. Looking like a hippopotamus to her, it made her even more upset.


And the electric crackled, hinting that the owner is very very unimpressed, the consequences will be dire.

Freezing up, he sheepishly looked at the electric crackling about her. Finally, steeling himself up, his eyes looked at her while recalling something very gratifying.

His vulgar facial expression finally tipped her off to something. She looked at herself and instantly her eyes widened at alarming speed and completely stunned her jaws stayed wide even her electric powers were stopped.

Snow white blouse, grey skirt, very simple designs. But it is because of this simple design that she looks like she has seen a ghost.

My clothes changed…

Her mind quickly filled in the blank when she saw that this clothes is clearly not hers and Hinagiku’s still sleeping. That could only mean one thing!

“Wh… wh… Why….”

Flabbergasted she turned to him with mouth stuttering incoherently because she couldn’t deal with what is reality to her.

As according to his plan, he saw what he wanted to see and smirked like a son of a b.i.t.c.h.

“What why hmm?”

Like a robot with rigid movement she checked all over herself before hugging her b.r.e.a.s.t.s.

“My… my… my clothes…”

Waving his hand he placed his finger in front of him.

“Well isn’t that obvious, it was drenched in blood so I changed them!”


Her unstable mental state is represented by her lightning waving about her. With her utmost ability she forced a bright smile onto her face.

“Well then, who changed my clothes? Was it Hinagiku who woke up and changed me?”

With eyes full of hope she kept her gaze on him, this made him pretty pressured, why did he distract her like that.

There’s no laughter now, he harrumphed and said with a righteous tone.

“How can that be? On this world, there’s only moi who would go to such lengths. Therefore, be thankful mate!”

The temperature on her face soared and it began to turn crimson, with unimaginable speed her face reddened before ‘poof’, steam came out of her head.

With a blank state of mind, she began to move her head around left and right up and down without conscious control.

This reaction, it’s going overboard no….

With twitching lips he kept observing Mikoto whohad swirling eyes, red face and uncontrolled head movements. He only muttered ‘how pure’ inside…

Still pleased with himself, she stopped all movements and dropped her head down, her facial expressions went grim.


Blue light exploded outwards, the lightning bounced frantically all over her, with a broken smile she looked at him.

A cold a.s.s air crawled up from his spine towards his head, making him shiver out of reflex, like a thunder G.o.d she stood up slowly, he stared at this scene with big droplets of sweat flowing down his head.

With a forced smile more pathetic than his crying one he tried to save himself while gulping.

“Cal… Calm down Mikoto, take a chill pill!”

A demonic voice came out from her.

“If there’s any last wish then it’s best you spit it out, although I won’t remember what it is but should I remember it one day, I will think about doing it!”

“Haha… haha…”

With a laugh so dry it made desserts look wet he tried to coax her.

“Don’t joke about stuff like that, look Mikoto, I was doing it all for you, think about it, you’re girl yeah? You like staying clean and hygienic no? It’s no biggie is it not?”

“No biggie!”

Her low tone heightened but this didn’t make him feel any better, in fact it made him taste despair.

“I see, so to you it’s nothing more than ‘no biggie. Ah, if that’s so…”

Her cheeks still rosy she stared at him.

“Forget the last word, you can…”

“Mikoto! If I die, you die as well!”

The big bad wolf howled one last time.

“Go die!!!”

“Insert m.o.f.o getting zapped sound here”


Hinagiku awoke from the sound of a pitiful whimper. She thought there’s monster raid again and jumped to her feet materializing Shirosakura while vigilantly a.s.sessing her situation. Once she saw the situation her keen expression froze.

Blood red face with steam coming off her head and doing a handbra she looked at a certain mess made of stardust on the floor.

Laid on the floor was an electrocuted Wu Yan, different from the blushing Mikoto, his face and body black and sooty, he’s puffing smoke out from his mouth while coughing.

“What’s going on!”

Arriving at the ‘crime scene’, she still hasn’t completed recovered.

Mikoto turned towards her with tears in the corner of her eyes, she turned her face away and lowered her head.

How can she reveal something like that…

Still puzzled she looked at the red Mikoto, she feels something weird going on but can’t quite put her fingers on what it is.

Helplessly rolling her eyes she walked towards the two. However, just by taking a step she stopped like a statue.

Why is it so breezy down there?…

Confirming with her tactile sense, she froze up. What came to her fingers was the disappearance of her usual underwear, somehow the fringes of this one didn’t feel familiar, her usual ones touched her thighs but this one is slanting, and the angle of slanting is pretty bad.

Her bicycle short is gone…

Linking this fact with Mikoto and Wu Yan’s situation, the fact that her hair is wet and her body felt really refreshed plus the clothes that could make Hinagiku and Mikoto look like sisters, she thought up of a most alarming thought…

Crimson color crawled up her face as well, confirming with Mikoto in a voice so small and meek.

“Mikoto, our clothes, our bloodstains could it be that…”

Listening to her, she didn’t let go of her hands covering her face, she only slightly widened her finger revealing two teary round thing and tearfully nodding after she looked at the douchebag on the floor.

With that nod, her face became even more bright than her stunning hair, her heart burned, it lit up with great fury, in great strides she walked in front of him and gave him a magnificent slap of the century!



(Tl: in his defense he did kinda do them a favor, I would have felt bad for him if not for the fact that he molested them.)

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