Shoujo Grand Summoning

Chapter 37

“As a man, how can one shirk the duty to shield women from storms and torrents!”

Listening to the adamant and genuine declaration that keeps replaying inside Mikoto’s head, she looked at Wu Yan’s back in a dze and instinctively grasped the potion inside her hand ever tighter. (Tl: if you listen closely, you will hear the sound of panties dropping as well.)


She had a sobbish tone, she felt a deep sense of regret, had she not forced her way here then he wouldn’t have to waste a precious potion. If he gets hurt because of this, then I….

“Don’t worry Hinagiku.”

Even if he didn’t see her expression, he could somehow mysteriously hear what she’s thinking inside her heart.

“I don’t have ‘Resplendent Breath’ but I do have another life saving item, it’s called , even if I were to be seriously wounded, as long as I don’t kick the bucket this bean can restore me to perfect health in an instant. Like I said don’t worry too much about it.”

He a.s.sured her tossing the beans up and down in his hand.

These Senzu Beans didn’t come cheap, they costed 10’000 Item points per bean, he bought 6 in a fell swoop, add the 2 Resplendent Breath at 100’000 Item points per bottle then his 268’000 has become a measly 8’000, this is inclusive of the great wolf demon’s body value.

“Plus, I have tons of things to say to you, tons and tons of things I haven’t done with you (Tl:giggity), suffice to say I absolutely won’t just die like that.”

Keeping her eyes focused on him she opened the potion’s lid and drunk its content. Wiping her lips she growled at him.

“Yan, if you lie to me, you’re dead!”

He can’t help bitterly laughing.

“Can we not talk so much about death at a time like this?”

“Yan, you really not drinking this? This isn’t the time to let emotions influence your decision!”

She lowered her head and is powerlessly trying to persuade him otherwise though she doesn’t have much hopes for a change of heart.

She already has a certain understanding of him through being with him for a day in addition the to the information supplied to her by the system.

Based on his personality he’s most likely not saying it for the sake of saying it, now’s also not the time to be telling lies.

“Faster, Mikoto here they come!”

Ignoring her plea he urgently pushed her to act.

At the same time, the youkai army lost their patience and with eardrum piercing sound they roared and a swarm of monsters in different sizes zerg rushed them.

Like a swarm of locust they rushed across the ground leaving trails of destruction, debris flew, dust storm blew, the earth shook like a volcano explosion.

This shocking scene made their heart throb and increase its pulse. This wasn’t a sign of fear however.

Suddenly being rushed at left Mikoto without further opportunities to sway him. Clenching her teeth she opened the potion and guzzled it down as well like this would calm her frustration, she shouted at him after she’s done.

“Listen here, if you die and bring me along with you then…”

“Then I will be your horse or cow in the next life!” (Tl: be her slave)

He yelled before clamping down on his sword with two hands and dashing out with a powerful thrust!

Simultaneously the iron sand around her began to stir and under her command turned into whips that reached out for the army.

Breathing deeply, Hinagiku held Shirosakura and rushed out after Wu Yan as well, against the onslaught of the youkai army…

Turning level 20 rat type youkais that came to him into halves, he didn’t give a d.a.m.n about the oncoming blood and just let it rain all over him, his eyes were cold, he did not stop flourishing Kusanagi Sword and laid to rest groups of youkai wherever he went.

As he literally slashed his way into the youkai army, the trail he left behind became littered with corpses that bled and made the path a b.l.o.o.d.y path.

The youkai started surrounding him from all directions in the hopes of ganging up on him. He leaped overhead and while still in midair, Kusanagi Sword had a glow around it, he aimed at his surrounding with a turn!

Chaotic Return to Horizon Waltz!

A light arc radiated from him and sliced at the surrounding, the mob circling around him got split in half or pieces at best and at worst pulverized into dust…

Holding her fear and trembling, Hinagiku stabbed at the youkais’ heart, biting down on her lips so hard she bled but she didn’t even notice.

She understands that she’s weak, in hostile territory any one foe randomly picked could be stronger than her, if she were the same her from before than she would have died under their claws the moment she entered the fray.

Because of Resplendent Breath however the attacks never could reach her, their attacks were stopped by formless ripples, nullifying their attacks. In this state of invincibility she threw herself desperately at any youkai who failed their attack on her and stabbed in to death in one strike!

Gradually she gave up all forms of defense and focused her mind solely on attack. If she can’t bring down an impossibly strong foe then she changed targets. Woe be the small fries that were pummeled to death under her swift a.s.saults. In just a few moments, the youkais slain under her blade reached dozens if not in the hundreds…

“They’re not human, they’re just monsters, not human, just monsters!”

She kept chanting this line as she manipulated her iron sand whips. Everytime blood splashed around her face grew even more pale, until a certain point her face became white as paper.

The sand whips didn’t stop dancing, every time it moved, a monster fell. She didn’t dive into the enemy formation and just stood her ground. Using her power she did no less poor than her comrades. In fact, her body count is the highest and the foe she killed were the highest calibers!

She knows that Wu Yan’s just a level 30, in this army, level 30 and above numbered at least half, without the protection of Resplendent Breath he wouldn’t even have had the chance to eat Senzu beans if he met multiple level 30.

And so, she wield the whips and rounded up the level 30+. She used the system’s probing and scanning function to round them up, she didn’t have the ability to buy stuff from the system, but at least she can tell who’s level 30 and who’s not. One can’t say for sure whether or not there were ones who got away but it’s safe to say over 90% were dealt by her.

Precisely because Mikoto’s here that he could rush the m.o.f.os so fabulously, the feeling of ma.s.sacring the horde of monsters felt oh so good to him.

The two soft hearted girls are fighting for him and for each other, they held back their aversion to killing and terror, they moved their hands and hunted down the youkais….

With a Chaotic Return to Horizon Waltz he sent a group of monsters to the western paradise once more. He swallowed a Senzu Bean to restore himself to full status.

The battle drew on, under the protection of Resplendent Breath he need not worry for the two. What he needs to do now is focus completely on the horde of monsters before him, his shirt already dyed in a palette of colours from the monster he killed. You name it he has it, red, black, green, blue everything’s there.

Each of this colours came from the monster he wasted.

From the start he has already noticed with the system scan function that Mikoto herded the level 30+ around herself. Because of this he could endure and economize the usage frequency of Senzu Beans until he finally could not endure the fatigue and wounds on is body.

The number was such that even if they were mere level 20s they could bury Mikoto from the sheer number alone, she needed to rely on Resplendent Breath if she were to be placed in the same shoe as him. This is a very simple case of quant.i.ty has a quality all its own, when the number reached a critical ma.s.s, never mind level 68 even if a level 86 were to face them he would be cursing the h.e.l.l out of the situation.

Luckily the situation is not so worse as to actually pose a threat to a level 86 but it definitely could do so to a level 68. If she wants to run, she could but she absolutely won’t ditch Hinagiku and Wu Yan.

Commiting her deeds to his heart, he made his blade dance on and on bringing down monsters after monsters.

Slowly, the numbers dwindled and his Senzu Beans became less and less until he only has one left!

His body and mind is telling him ‘lie down dude’ but he pushed himself beyond the limits, killing the hostile that encountered him, he couldn’t give any attention to the hostiles coming from behind him.

Back, front chest, thighs, face, everywhere on his body one can’t find an uninjured place. But he only has one last Senzu Beans left so unless it’s really really desperate then he would like to refrain from using them. In a way, using it now would mean he’s being backed into a corner.

Against the sea of monsters, unless it’s a weapon of a completely different tier, it won’t do much better than Kusanagi Sword now, and to get those right now would be impossible for he has not enough Ability points to do so.

Abilities? Buy what? AoEs? With Chaotic Return to Horizon Waltz, they’re unneeded, singular target? Even more redundant. It’s the same issue with equipments, there’re abilities to turn the tide of battle, problem: no points, f.u.c.k!

He can summon characters with 11’000 no doubt, but at this point, with such amount what can one really expect from such a character? Mikoto has to use Resplendent Breath or else she would also have some wound on her body right now, what more is there to say about other summons.

On the verge of swallowing the last of his senzu beans, an electric net covered his 6 o’clock turning the monsters into cinders. Along with the disappearing net, a crystal sword appeared beside him cutting down the youkais that wanted to slash at him from the back.

Looking over to them, he saw them standing before him before slightly losing himself in awe.

Standing on the left is a red haired girl with crystal sword and the tea coloured one standing on the right has blue lightning arcing around her going ‘biribiri’

Though he could only see the side of their face but he could tell from a part of their eyes that they were afraid of the monsters and what they’re doing to them, even then the girls held it in and stood their ground cutting down the monsters that come into their way.

With a face painted in blood he grinned before gulping down the bean and got back on his feet. Walking to their side, he stood shoulder to shoulder against the legion…

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