Shoujo Grand Summoning

Chapter 34

“What’s this?”

Since it’s a product of system, Hinagiku can’t help but question what’s different from a normal compa.s.s beside the identical look.

“Can this thing help us find out way out of this labyrinth?”

Mikoto pointed at the compa.s.s with an amused face, she’s very curious about the items inside system even if she knows and could see the system menu. If not for the compa.s.s being in Wu Yan’s hand, she might have tried zapping it a bit.

Tilting the compa.s.s in his hand he looked Mikoto not knowing what to say.

“Are you kidding me? We’re trying to go further inside not exit this place…”

She jerked before awkwardly scratching her head.

“Well… what use it does it have then, just for finding the entrance?”

“You said it…”

Lifting the compa.s.s with a grin he explained.

“this is a special compa.s.s, a normal compa.s.s can only tell the directions but this compa.s.s uses the user’s concept of where to head to guide them, say, you’re trying to ‘enter’ somewhere it uses this concept to enter somewhere and guide you to that somewhere.” (Tl: simplified function: where you wanna go, it shows you where to go)

“That’s pretty neat…”

She felt interested in this compa.s.s before her, she heard from him before that there’s a lot of wonderful and fantastic items and gadgets inside the system, but this is the first time she has seen it working except for the time when she missed out on the summoning process.

“Hurry and use it…”

Mikoto’s also very curious about how this thing operates. There’s a lot of weird stuff in her Academy City as well but in that place almost everything could be explained by science, item using something like ‘concept’ as operating principle, that she has never seen before.

As a 14 year old girl, it’s normal to be inquisitive of new items. This basically says she’s still in her playful age…

“I’m already using it!”

Right after that the compa.s.s floated and went ‘guruguru’ turning for 2 turns and then finally flying towards one direction.

Astonished by its sudden movement the two looked on as the compa.s.s flew away.

“This compa.s.s carries with it automatic guiding effect?”

Her jaws dropped when she saw the compa.s.s soaring outwards, isn’t a compa.s.s supposed to just ‘point’ the way? Why the h.e.l.l is it guiding us by leading us directly, this really made Hinagiku who had been living as a normal human shocked beyond belief.

“That looks so fun, let’s hurry and catch up to it.”

Mikoto didn’t even wait for Wu Yan or Hinagiku and just charged straight with clenched fist.

“Wait up!”

Hinagiku chased after her. Looks like the fascinating new item managed to reduce somewhat the terror in their hearts, he only bitterly laughed before quickly pursuing them.

Fun my a.s.s, for this ‘fun’, I’ve used up 1,000 Item points…

In the dimly lit pa.s.sage, the three started picking up their pace and chased after the still flying compa.s.s while making chaotic footsteps echo in their wake.

This carried on until a while when suddenly the compa.s.s stopped and pointed at one direction, the trio stopped and Hinagiku surveyed the area with walls of floor made of stone.

“The compa.s.s can’t have erred yeah?”

Pointing at it.

“It’s pointing at a wall!”

He nodded to her albeit a bit confused. Thinking for a while he lifted his head to observe said wall and light flashed pa.s.s his eyes.

Wall: (level 20)

He went 囧.

Would a wall possess levels? How can that be, if even a wall have levels then my ancestor’s golden statue of amitabha buddha should go against the heaven! (Tl: read very op)

The only explanation, is that this ain’a wall and that it’s a monster, moreover it’s a monster that’s called a wall, looks like one and acts like one what with it blocking people…

This… isn’t this just plain trolling?! This jerk of a monster just ‘stood there’ and when one was walking through it went unnoticed, why didn’t the system pick this up.

“Something wrong?”

Seeing the change in his expression Mikoto tried asking him.

He pointed his finger at Wall and powerlessly continued.

“That should be the entrance no doubt…”

Frowning she pointed it out to him.

“where’s the entrance? There’s only a slab of wall here.”


Sighing he gestured to her.

“There lies the entrance, it’s just that it’s blocked by a monster.”


Her body twitched before she feebly approached him.

“Monster… where…”

“Like I said…”

Ma.s.saging the area between his eyebros, he rolled his eyes.

“That slab of wall is the blocking monster!”


Stunned by this they went on.

“You’re saying that Wall, that looks like a wall is not actually a wall but a monster that looked like one?”

With cramped lips she felt this was absurd, n.o.body have never heard of monsters but to say a wall is a monster, that’s got to be a first. (Tl: a quick google of nurikabe would prove her wrong or ignorant to j.a.panese yokai).

Looking at the two of them who’s still incredulous of what stands before them, he didn’t bother anymore and just took out Kusanagi Sword before slashing the wall!

Normally a normal wall would have been shattered to pieces from a slash by him, but on this wall, there was only a giant “wound”.


A giant voice boomed out from the wall, it sounded more like a yowl than a roar.

The roar resounded throughtout the tunnel bringing with it, intense echo. Hinagiku and Mikoto yelped at this uproar, they were quite startled by its loud voice.

The pa.s.sage began to tremble, some debris fell from the ceiling and he quickly retreated to Hinagiku and Mikoto’s side while observing the wall.

The tremble died down and the duo looked on in tense emotions, not making a sound just tugging Wu Yan’s shirt. Meanwhile he’s a little speechless, Mikoto who’s stronger than him is showing her immaturity as a kid for being afraid of ghost and whatnot…

The wall that was cut by him started wobbling like a pudding bouncing up and down. Under their gaze it detached itself from the wall and slowly floated to their front.

The wall wriggled more and more vigorously until two large boulder dropped down, seemingly as if they were shed down by the wall. With the boulders dropped down the wall had two holes in them, a crack spread under the two holes and a weird cry came out from within, veritably those are the eyes and mouth of the thing!

“Finally looks like a monster…”

He’s satisfied by its look.

Contrasted with him, the other two clumped together and looked on the verge of collapsing with tears in the corner of their eyes as they saw the monster.


‘Wall’ roared and did a flip in the air before crashing downwards on the trio.


He flashed towards one side while Hinagiku and Mikoto recovered and scampered away in time.

‘Wall’ brushed past the trio and without slowing its momentum hit the wall behind them. It wiggled twice turning its body around and launching itself at the three once more.

Dodging its a.s.sault again he lifted his sword while sparks appeared on Mikoto.

First time meeting a monster ended up in her being afraid but even so she’s still a level 68 super, and she’s normally quite macho as well so after the intial fear she has adjusted herself to the sight of a true monster.

She brilliantly showed why one should only fear the unknown. At the same time, Hinagiku’s still scared. Monsters are within her list of supernatural fears.

Keeping his eyes on the ‘wall’, he kept his attention on Hinagiku, ready to a.s.sist should the need arise.

It’s not that he’s neglecting Mikoto but she’s stronger than him manifold over so there’s particular need to worry about her. It’s just that Hinagiku happens to be the weakest of the trio so just in case something happens to her then she wouldn’t be able to be revived as she’s not a summon.

As expected, Hinagiku’s helpless against these ‘supernatural products’…

Sighing inside he lifted his sword and charged at ‘wall’. The sooner he deals with this thing the faster Hinagiku will be relieved of her fear, this thing’s just a level 20 no point to waste time on it.

Missing the trio once more, it maintained its momentum and prepared to ram itself against the wall again. The only difference this time, is that he sped up behind it and rend down a corner of its wall.

Before it could howl, he ducked down and a bolt of lightning flew over his head impacting the ‘wall’ merging it with another wall.

“That’s not the end!”

Waving her two hands, two more bolts of lightning coursed out from her forehead and one after another were launced at the ‘wall’ within a wall making explosion and debris flew two times.

Standing up he dusted the soil on his body before shaking his head.

Would it have been better to be shanked by me to death? Now look at ya, got your body whipped good by a violent girl…

“Is it dead?”

Backpedaling two steps, she muttered making him bitterly laugh at her. If you’re that afraid then don’t come in the first place.

“Should be.”

Combing her bangs disrupted by the electrical flows she said so like she just dealt with some delinquents and not monster, no biggie.

Seeing this Mikoto who looked so handsome, he retorted inside.

A certain someone was so afraid just awhile ago now….

While he’s retorting, Mikoto’s posing and Hinagiku’s still anxious, a blast sounded and debris flew like bullets, startled by this, Wu Yan brandish his sword to parry the debris while Mikoto’s just standing there cladding herself in lightning disintegrating any any stone that touches her.

As the rubble flew and were promptly blocked, ‘wall’ clearly smaller than before rushed out at Hinagiku.

Wu Yan and Mikoto were stunned and before they could rescue her, who knew….

Looking at the oncoming ‘wall’, the terror on her face intensified and just before impact, her aghast expression collapsed.

“Don’t come over here!!!”

Broken by fear, she whammed the ‘wall’ with a fist, laying it flat on the ground before, reaching out her hands, she grabbed crystal sword and smashed ‘wall’ repeatedly!


Watching her attacks and the ‘wall’ growing smaller and smaller, the other two stepped a step back.

The two looked at each other before giving a wry laugh as they communicated their thoughts siliently.

Hinagiku, a kitty that shouldn’t be provoked…

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