Shoujo Grand Summoning

Chapter 27

(无节操 something like no moral integrity, don’t talk to elders with respect, don’t watch what they say do or act. can also be used to hint that other party is being rude to you/ crossed the line a bit. A close english meaning for the above t.i.tle would be the spontaneous exorcist ancestor)

“so you’re saying that inside this pretty crystal there’s a youkai, that right?”

Hinagiku too another glimpse at the crystal in Wu Yan’s hand. Seeing Isumi’s mom nodding, she quickly shifted to the side a bit.


Looking at her reaction he can’t help but roll his eyes at her, all he got was a leer from her.

Squeezing the mysetrious crystal fragment in his palm he still doesn’t quite understand why the system would issue a search and retrieve mission like this?

He decided that since there’s a chance anyone is out to get him but absolutely not the system, the thought that this system is controlled by someone else behind the scene also crossed his mind but he decided to let it go after musing for awhile.

If system wanted to burn him, it would have happened back when he first transported, why wait until now?…

For better or worse this mission has been given out by system, so it won’t pose any danger to him, otherwise the system wouldn’t issue this kind of mission.

Maa… it has already issued various mission that placed him in danger before….

Marveling at the mysterious crystal fragment before him he continued.

“Unbelievable, to think a youkai resides within…”

“Yes, because of it, youkai and humankind suffered major blows, but it is also because of it that the youkai lord and his minions were slain and humans managed to overthrow the youkai regime.”

Isumi’s mom, Hatsuho began to surmise based on her story.

“Even now, the influence of this youkai looms large, countless monsters l.u.s.t after it’s blood and flesh like the youkai lord. Once they detect its presence, these youkais will come knocking your door from miles away.”

Surprised at this hypothesis, he gnashed his teeth.

It’s no wonder from yesterday the monsters came attacking continuously. It was all because of this thing, d.a.m.n I have the sudden urge to hit somebody…

There’s a very good reason why he’s p.i.s.sed, anyone would have been p.i.s.sed. After tens of waves of a.s.sailant when he was finally on the verge of falling asleep, guess who had to wake up when he almost fell asleep.

Dismissing his thought by shaking his head, he looked towards Hatsuho with a stern expression.

“Well then madam, are you aware of the whereabouts of the other half of this mysterious crystal fragment?”

“Hold on…”

Hinagiku can’t help but be stunned by him as she pulled him back.

“Are you really planning on retrieving the other half of this crystal? There’s a youkai inside it you know?!”

Rubbing his head he shrugged at her.

“It’s just a youkai, not the first time I have met with one that’s for sure…”

“Then why are you still gathering them, this kind of thing that looks pretty on the outside but sinister on the inside, throwing it away would be better.”

What was a pretty crystal now looked like flood water and vicious beast to her. She was also quite worried about its nature.

Sensing a chance, he ‘hehehe’ before tossing the crystal onto her body.

“What’s ta matter? Ya afraid?”

Jumping in fright, she yelped and frantically threw it back at him while glaring at him.

Meanie, doesn’t he understand when someone’s afraid…

“Come now, aren’t I here for you…”

Seeing that she’s really afraid he softened up and stopped teasing her while comforting her.

Her angry face dissolved and gave him the white of her eyes followed by a hmph and then the head turn.

Pulling her hands he helplessly tried to coax her.

“Oh come on, don’t be so irate. I have a very good reason to gather it, you will know in good time. Who’s a good sweetie pie?”

Listening to him trying to coax her like she’s his girlfriend, her anger disappeared and she grabbed his hands with a blushing face and then struggling free after a bit.

I’m so done with this tsundere….

Meanwhile Isumi’s mom was watching this scene unfold on the side veritably amused. She glanced at Wu Yan and then Hinagiku, she kept looking between the two.

Noticing her mom’s behavior the Isumi who hated getting lost began to truly wish; why didn’t she lose her way before this, if she did, she wouldn’t have need to bring over the both of them to her and she wouldn’t be put in such a situation, jeez, mom…

Waiting after they finished their skit her mom beamed at them.

“You two must be couple, your relationship is so great, how admirable, to think I was just like you back then with Isumi’s father…”

Perceiving that she is going off track again, and the destination is an embarra.s.sing one Hinagiku quickly shrieked at her with face red as apple.

“No it’s not like that! Auntie, we.. we’re not couples, not couples, I’m just… just… just his sister, yes, that’s right!…”

A~ I am so done with this tsundere’s c.r.a.p, hmm, wait that was said already, not going to tsukkomi further.

Hatsuho probably likes to go off track so much it’s a habit. They were clearly discussing youkai before this and now it’s her love history. What’s more she forgot what she said before and repeated it a second time. The blushing Hinagiku began to 囧.

Unable to muster up any strength, he tried to get the conversation going again.

“Well, madam Saginomiya, the other piece of the crystal, would you happen to know where it is?”

“Ara, you guys don’t know this but actually Isumi’s father is very cute, he…”


Looking up at the sky, and all he saw was the big a.s.s ceiling overhead, Hinagiku followed suit as well, but she looks cuter than him while doing so.


Isumi pulling her mother’s hand and with a yank rescued her mother from the labyrinth of memory (Tl: 回忆杀 referring to villains who right before their death remembers something and how they came to be this way in an attempt to make their death more sappy and tragic or justify partly their actions among other things, for the lack of better translation I put labyrinth of memory, because there’s no end to her babbling, open to suggestion, ). Wu Yan and Hinagiku can’t thank her enough for this, they feel like they are the ones that needed the save more than anyone.

He clapped his hand loudly to get her attention lest she goes out of frequency again. Putting on a face no better than crying he mewled.

“Urm… Madam Saginomiya, the other half of the crystal, do you know where it is?”

“Yes I do…”

Fine, straight to point…

From the rapid recovery to main issue, except for Hatsuho everyone couldn’t adjust in time. Even the troll Wu Yan didn’t dance out of joy for hearing his long awaited answer, it feels like something is stuck in his chest and bearing down on me.

Heaving the stress in the form of pants, he turned his head when he heard the same voice and saw Hinagiku doing the same thing. The both looked at each other and from the side they looked rather tragic.

“Please by all means tell me madam, where’s the other half of the mysterious crystal fragment?”

Saying it word by word with a serious tone while thinking that had she not been a senior she would have been sent to outer s.p.a.ce with a kick from him and then brought back to be subjected to his methods to get his answer, for instance interrogation by torture and what not… (Tl: this was written in NSFW kind of NSFW>> tone)

“The sealing crystal also known as mysterious crystal was separated into two by the exorcist clan’s leader to prevent it from one day bringing harm to men once more. Ever since the sealing of that monstrous youkai, one half of it was kept inside his clan’s vault and the other was used as a nucleus of another sealing ceremony.”

Stopping here she smiled at him.

Unsure of what to say he was stunned.

“Used as part of another sealing ceremony’s nucleus? Would that be?…”

“Indeed, it’s the seal at the deepest region of the miasma in what is present day Hakuo Academy old dormitory’s underground hall!”

He suddenly understood. So it’s like this, no wonder the underground hall was filled with monsters, it was a place of heavy miasma.

It would be plausible that such a place would attract many monster and even a thing on the level of a youkai leader.

It was also reasonable to believe that the reason why the parade of monster that has gathered didn’t go out attacking students in Hakuo Academy and even went undetected by Isumi. It was all because of the sealing effect of this crystal.

Some mysteries still remained unanswered like why after killing the youkai leader the mysterious crystal fragment appeared in his hands. But he didn’t want to pursue the minor detail, he just concluded that it’s a drop from killing mobs. (Tl: if you listen closely, you will hear the faint sound of author handwaving. Done in moderation it’s okay but done often it has a way of killing suspension of disbelief.)

After the realization he asked seriously.

“Then that other half is currently within the exorcist clan’s current generation is that right?”

“That is so…”

“Then where is that?”

“It’s with me!”

“Repeat that please?”

“I said it’s with me…”

As Isumi’s mom said that, she took out a crystal that looks just like his and pa.s.sed it to him.


He is currently ma.s.saging his hurting head.

He doesn’t understand why he felt no joy at obtaining this crystal, quite the contrary he felt juked, very juked!

It had a tiger head snake tail kind of feeling. (Tl: very good start bad ending, strong start sappy end, anti climatic)

Slapping his face he walked in front of Hatsuho and earnestly plead.

“Madam, can you please give this crystal to me, it’s very important.”



He knows he has resistant to farce like this but he really must admit he is quite shocked.

“For saying something like this, thank you oh so many thank you, madam!”

While his heart faced the sky and sighed, he ardently thanked her because the gal clearly helped him out a lot didn’t he and didn’t even make it hard for him.

Just as he’s receiving the crystal, a soft but loud voice came out of nowhere, it’s not that loud but it’s enough to give everyone a jump. Well it’s not entirely true that everyone was shocked, it’s only Wu Yan and Hinagiku, Isumi just looked at the source of the voice while her mom paid it no heed and continued pa.s.sing the crystal.

A shadow flashed past and before he could receive it the crystal disappeared.

Looking at the thing he went 囧.

“Great grandmother, why’re you here?”

Isumi looked at her vacantly.

“Great… great grandmother…”

Please, at least she ages. Hinagiku’s mom ages backwards, source: wikia

Hinagiku’s lips kept twitching looking at the intruder.

It would be hard to blame them for behaving like this, the intruder had long white hair and her height didn’t reach 1.4m. With a smooth face like no other she looked just like a 10 something loli.

And this loli, was referred to by Isumi as great grandmother. How can Hinagiku be calm, as for Wu Yan, he knew about her just didn’t expect her appearance.

“My child, how can you just casually give something so dangerous to someone else, if the youkai broke free, what will we do…”

The little loli jumped up and down in exasperation.


With a gentle smile she a.s.sured her.

“Wu Yan’s a good kid, he won’t fool around with it.”

She looked at her with frustration.

“Who knows for sure if he’s faking it or not, if he’s lying what then!”

“He won’t.”

“No, I don’t agree! Over my dead body!”

The mad little loli turned her head away while pouting

His headache came back, he can’t just s.n.a.t.c.h it away….

Isumi’s mom just laughed gently and shot her down.

“Even if we let him settle that thing for us you still won’t agree?”

He clearly saw that when she said ‘settle that thing for us’, her eyes brightened up and excitedly looked at him before agreeing.

“Good! it’s a deal!”


Weren’t you objecting just now? … something about over your dead body?….

(Tl: eh, just ring me up, I will secure, contain and protect her)

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