Shoujo Grand Summoning

Chapter 24

A bit after the shenanigans, Isumi suddenly broke the pace.

“Mister Wu Yan, I was wondering if I can invite you to come to my house, would you happen to have an opening in your schedule?”

Along with her voice the room went into a strange lull. Those who were bickering stopped bickering, those who were fighting stopped fighting, a certain someone who was getting the centipede in ears stopped screaming. They were looking at Isumi and Wu Yan with gentle eyes. Of course, except for a certain someone…

Feeling a chill go down his spine, he rigidly turned his face around only to see a Kaichou-sama who’s donning an amiable smile…

f.u.c.k. Me. My favorability went down to 0…

As expected, only when the MC is cursed with bad luck is there something to see huh? (Tl: karma b.i.a.t.c.h). His tears flowed down his face.

Only when she saw the mellow gazes of everyone did she tried to panickedly explain herself.

“No… it’s not like that everyone, I’m… I’m just inviting mister Wu Yan to my home because.. because mother and grandmother are curious about him getting rid of spirits, so… so…”

Hearing her explanation, everyone nodded understandingly. Feeling the cold air going away, he heaved a sigh of relief glad he dodged a nice boat…. (Tl: nice boat, referring to the thing with school days’s last episode 12 being replaced with a nice boat drifting down a river for some reason. In this case, rekt so hard it’s not to appear on screen. Perhaps someone with better knowledge of the show could explain, I have not watched the anime so I wouldn’t able to explain properly. )

He started to think about the invitation, he’s quite interested in it not only because he gets to see the height of abilities inside this world but also because of his own mission.

In this world, Saginomiya family is a well known family, add that to the fact that they’re an exorcist family then surely the power and influence they wield is greater than him. Left to his own device to search or to get the help of a big family, it would be more expedient to go with the latter. Besides, it entails searching for just a piece of crystal, surely he wouldn’t get rejected.

Thinking like that he nodded to her invitation.

“I understand, Miss Saginomiya, I will be visiting the Saginomiya family tonight.”

She beamed at his response.

“Then I will patiently wait for your grand arrival.”


After school, walking on the street back home is a situation that differs from normal, he’s walking behind Hinagiku and she’s in front of him.

Everytime he made haste to catch up with her, she would increase the speed of her steps so as to not stand together with him, this is baffling him to no ends.

Did I do something wrong? (Tl: facepalm)

She’s feeling very complicated as she kept on walking in front of him, unsure of how to deal with the feelings.

Before Wu Yan, there was no male whom she had such a close relationship with before. At the start, because he spouted something so ridiculous as to pa.s.s entrance exam in one hour, she held hostility against him.

As the student council president of Hakuo Academy, this is clearly a challenge and contempt towards Hakuo Academy from her perspective. So, she went along with the bet in the heat of the moment.

After that, in the span of one hour and the interactions they had, she found out that he’s not the p.r.i.c.k she thought he was. On the contrary, he’s quite an affable fellow, this changed her opinion of him and removed the animosity she had for him.

Under the influence of this change of opinion and his shocking memory, she can’t help but feel a sense of intrigue from the guy. After that, the development surrounding his current position as butler, she was merely reaching out for the sake of reaching out, to give him who came from a ‘foreign’ place a place to stay, that’s all.

Gradually, spending more and more time with him, she began to have a deeper understanding of Wu Yan. He would try to make her laugh everyday and his cooking basically conditioned her into relying on him, this slowly made her think of him as her closest buddy.

Then that night happened, he barged into her room and saw her naked body which deeply infuriated her.

She’s actually quite self conscious of her body, not anything in particular but her chest, she’s already almost 16 and yet her chest is still no more bigger then when she has just entered middle school. This fact made her very anxious and self abased.

And so that night when he saw her, she thought for sure he would sneer at her, getting mocked by one’s own best pal, looking at his regretful expression she felt even more inferior.

Letting herself go, she didn’t care about being naked anymore, she just wanted to teach him a lesson, but he didn’t laugh at herself. Who would have thought that not only did he not ridicule her, he even said something like ‘like it very much’.

Her heart was thrown into disarray, yeah she’s pretty popular in Hakuo Academy but she hadn’t really spent anytime with any boys so when has she even been confronted with something like this? Plus, he said ‘like’ and whatnot.

From that night on, she changed her feelings towards him ever so slightly. Not long after that she felt a strong sense of rejecting her own feelings, her feelings for him…

Being the first time she actually felt something like this towards a boy she didn’t know how to deal with this. So she chose to deal with it like how she treated him these past few days, very odd and weird, the relationship turned from being able to tease each other into her not being able to feel at peace with herself anymore.

This pa.s.sive att.i.tude of interaction was her way of dealing with the mess. She’s actually getting a bit worried, with the way she’s acting being all distant and pa.s.sive, he would certainly hate her right?

But Wu Yan acted like nothing had happened, he kept making the meals, telling the same stupid jokes. This made the weird sensation turn contract, condensing into something much bigger…

And today, she’s thrown into chaos, what with him hiding stuff from her, why would she feel sad? Being hugged by him, shouldn’t she struggle free? Why did she fail to resist falling into the warm embrace offered by him?

What’s more, when Isumi invited him to her home, why did she feel uncomfortable at it?

She had lived her life everyday in a simple way, her heart did not have much ripples. But in her endless thoughts, ripples formed in waves all over her heart.

“I say milady Hinagiku, if I did something wrong just give it to me straight so I may die with no grievances.”

Looking at Hinagiku who’s so absorbed in her thoughts she went into a wrong route, he was truly speechless. They had already arrived at a small forest, so he just rushed to her front and blocking her off looking like a ‘selfless martyr rushing to his death’.

His action shocked her into backpedaling a few steps. But looking at his silly look, she can’t help but laugh.

He also beamed at her reaction.

“Oh we’re laughing now? I take it that means you’re alright already?”

Stunned by him, she forced a grin.

“I…I’m fine, why would I not be…?”

“Really now?”

Giving her a skeptical look, he approached her slowly and stuck his face close to hers before smirking at her.

“Look at my face and let’s see you say you’re fine one more time.”

Heart beating faster, face slowly turning red she’s looking at his face just a few inches away she can’t help but back away.

For what reason would he let her go, seeing her back away, he moved forward. When she finally backed into a trunk he came right up to her making her heart jump. She turned her head to the side while shouting.

“I’m fine! I’m completely fine!”

Roling his eyes at her blatant lie.

“You dare not look at my face and you say you’re okay. Really, if you have something you want to say then just say it. Otherwise, you aren’t keeping your promise from before.”


She felt confused at his statement.

He fell down feeling a little hurt.

“It looks like you’ve forgotten about it.”

She scratched the side of her face while looking apologetic.

“What promise was it again…”

“Since you’ve forgotten about it then forget about it.”

“What, since you brought it up you might as well say it. Could it be the one favor from the bet before?”

She kept shaking her head trying to recall but failing she growled at him.

Looking satisfied with her reaction he shook her hands.

“Okay, didn’t I say I would tell you the circ.u.mstances surrounding me as part of the promise? It just happened today, and you call yourself an outstanding top student.”

“Oh, so it was that…”

Realizing something very important she shouted out loud.

“Wait no! that promise can’t be invalid, didn’t you say you won’t lie to a girl while hugging her? You must keep your end of the promise!”

Looking at her being all mad and furious, he’s speechless, the one who forgot about the promise is you wasn’t it? Kaichou-sama?…

“You forgot it yourself, it’s not me who’s not keeping his end of the deal…”

“No means no!”

Having a bright idea, he rubbed his chin before smirking.

“That is to say, the promise must be abided by, that correct?”

“But of course!”

Unhesitatingly she a.s.serted.

Sneering at her he continued much her uneasy feeling.

“Well then milady Hinagiku, the thing you brought up about the favor, isn’t it about time you fulfilled your promise?”

Laughing like a villain, she realized she got caught and resolutely defended herself.

“Very well! Say it, what’s your favor, I will absolutely fulfill it!”

Going ‘oh’ at her statement the grin on his face widened even further, slowly he began to approach her face. When she understood in her stupor what he;s trying to do with a ‘poof’, her face began to steam up.

At a loss of what to do with the approaching face she was alarmed.

“What… what are you trying to do…”

Chuckling he implied his intentions insidiously.

“You tell me, what am I going to do…”

She wants to retreat further away, but the trunk is right behind her, and his body is already right up against her. Looking at the approaching face she used her hands to resist his chest, and she protested with a blushing face.

“Don’t… please don’t do this…”

Ignoring her, he was celebrating inside.

This kind of opportunity and mood, those who don’t further their conquest really should go hang themselves.

Cupping her waist with his hands, he dragged her into his embrace and slowly made his way towards her lips….

She twisted her body out of anxiety and started trembling. After she entered his grasp and felt the distance between them shrunk to 0 she began to puff before finally yielding herself over.

And right before he’s about to conquer the dreamed about land, a loud bang surprised Hinagiku and she opened her eyes to see what happened. Looking at the thing before her she was filled with terror.

Bigger than a man by about 50%, the thing was wearing an armor and equipped with two giant axe. From the looks of it, it looked like a fat armored dude about to begin a.s.sault.

It looked just like a human except clearly it isn’t for it lacked a head!

Still hugging her, he looked at the lifeform before him. His face is expressionless but in his eyes and heart a raging fire is about to take hold of him!

The original main character disrupting my conquest can be ignored, but even a headless piece of trash like you is going to f.u.c.k with me?!!!

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