Shoujo Grand Summoning

Chapter 20

By the time Wu Yan went back home, the sky has already darkened, looking at the front door, he didn’t have the courage to open it.

It’s not yet dinner time, but the time is pretty close already. Ignoring the fact that he came home so late, and he hadn’t a clue how to explain his whereabouts before now, if there’s no dish on the table by dinnertime he will receive a few shoulder throw for sure.

Now he truly regrets feeding kaichou sama until she turned into a . The one getting hurt in the end will only be him…

If she’s patiently waiting for him then he would accept it with arms wide. However, reality is a b.i.t.c.h, what she’s waiting for is only the fine cuisines…

“Arara, so you’re back, Yan-kun…”

A gentle voice made him jumped out of surprise, looking the owner of the voice he released a relieved sigh and he put on a smiling face.

“Ah, I came home a bit late, I’m really sorry, madam.”

Under the scrutiny and smile of Hinagiku’s mom, his body jolted, he felt like he has been seen through.

Laughing gently while covering her mouth with one hand, she urged him.

“I don’t particularly mind it, it’s just that, shouldn’t you be preparing our meal right about now?”

c.r.a.p, Kaichou-sama isn’t the only glutton, her mother was raised into one as well…

“I will go and make preparations at once…”

While dryly laughing he asked.

“Oh yes, where’s the young mistress?”

“hmm.. she’s in the room, she was harping on about you, little Wu Yan-kun, don’t you think it would be wise to go check up on her? For your sake that is, ah ah ah ah.”

Listening to that haraguro like laugh and her disturbing appellation, he gulped and wryly laughed.

“Then… I will be checking up on her.”

“Be careful now…”

She kindly advised so, as to what to be careful of, well, he can more or less guess.


Feeling a bit of an irritation on his scalp, he walked toward her room.


Should he go in all smiley? Or should he go in with an apologetic face?

His hand stopped rigidly on the doork.n.o.b, thinking in his head how to minimize the extent of injury.

As expected, I should go in with a puppy face, maybe Kaichou-sama would be merciful after seeing my pitiful face she would reduce the number of punches by 2…. maybe….

Making up his mind he pushed opened the door.

“Hinagiku-sa… sa…”

Looking at the scene, his words got stuck in his throat and he became incoherent while opening his eyes wide right there.

On the other side, her face was full of shock at seeing him barging in. She froze there with a shirt in her hand, completely immobile…

Pink hair held to the back of her head, pearly and tender white skin, it has a l.u.s.ter so smooth anyone would want to touch it. Her face is red all over making the usual serious her look that much cuter.

The shirt she was holding in her hand drop when he came in. So she stood in that stance with no shirt in her outstretched hands, facing him….

Au naturel!

In every sense of the word completely bare-skinned in front of him!

The place fell silent.

Looking at each other like this, none of them recovered.

He cried inside his heart.

So this kind of cliche really happens on Main Characters! I can die without regrets now!

Still maintaining his posture, his eyes moved at an incredible speed, scanning Kaichou-sama from top to bottom, at this point he reflected on something.

The me who bought ‘impeccable memory’, good job…

Completely capturing the beautiful scenery before him and story it away. He satisfyling nodded, moving his gaze over to her chest however, he showed a woeful face.

She eventually recovered, dyeing her face pink, her body started to become flushed with a tinge of pink under his gaze. Just as she was about to shout, she noticed the woeful face on him when he saw her chest.

Her flushed face swapped with one of furious bashfulness.

Still bllushing, she walked in front of him with great strides, ignoring the fact that she’s still in her birthday suit, she got close to him while grabbing his collar and howled at him.

“Don’t you know how to knock?! Also! What’s with the sad face, are you displeased with something? Ahhh??!!”

Admist the roars, he finally managed to move his sight away from her body. Looking at her red face with eyes on the verge of spewing out fire, he can’t help but shrink his neck and gulp, noticing that she’s exploding, he finally called out.

“Nono! I am not dissatisfied or anything, you look great, very pretty! Very charming!”

Growing redder her anger has not subsided a bit.

“Don’t think I don’t know what you’re thinking about, aren’t you thinking that it’s small?!”

Shaking his hands vigorously he tried to smooth talk his way out.

“Hinagiku, don’t get mad, small ones have their charm to them, flat chests are precious rarities, a lot of males like them small as well, you don’t need to feel ashamed over something like this…”

Looking at his earnest face, her fire began to die down and with a red face she confirmed with him.

“I-.. Is that true?”

“It’s true, It’s true, most definitely so, at least I like them very much, I dig’em so bad!”

She’s like a barrel of explosive just a jab away from going off, he’s stronger than her by a lot but he can’t ever retaliate against her. It’s better to coax her like this. Besides, he’s speaking the truth, so what if she’s flat, isn’t it still in the strike zone of many otakus?”

Furthermore, her appeal isn’t that small either, otherwise, she wouldn’t have become the charmer of ten thousands at Hakuo Academy. (Tl:万人迷, close english would be diva or idol but eh charmer of ten thousands sound good as well)

Flat chests are precious rarities, the way he says it isn’t wrong…

With that being said, he moved his gaze onto her body once more, not looking is for suckers, since the person herself don’t mind and she’s stranding in front of him like this, might as well let his eyes enjoy some more tofu (Tl: eating someone’s tofu, take advantage of circ.u.mstances or situation to thoroughly enjoy oneself either through touch or observation in this case, the eyecandy that is the pink haired G.o.ddess’s body).

But the person himself doesn’t know that his ‘I like them very much’ had a great effect on her. Stupefied, a weird sensation grew in her heart, the anger disappeared from her face leaving only embarra.s.sment behind.

Letting go of his collars, she backpedaled and she was going to say something but she saw his ogling eyes.

It suddenly returned to her that she’s not wearing anything. Inside her heart she wished somebody would put her out of her misery, hastily she picked up the clothes on the floor and blocked the eyesight that seemed to have substance (Tl: she can feel his eyes) and blocked her tender white body before panicking.

“Why are you still here, get out!”

Sighing, he showed a regrettable expression on his face and there was much reluctance in his eyes.

She wanted to cry so bad but for want of tears, can’t. She could only pick up object near her to fling at him.

“Stop looking! Get out of here!”

He dodged her attack while guffawing before closing the door behind him and wiping off the sweat on his head.

“Mama mia, that was too stimulating, I thought I would be getting the cane. But, the result… unexpectedly… was benefits, hmm, must be my lucky day, I finished M2, level up twice, obtained Kaichou-sama’s benefits. Maybe I should go around the street a few times to see if I have some peach blossom luck (TL: 桃花运, luck with the ladies/opposite s.e.x but normally used referring to ladies instead of dudes)

So he just stood there at her door laughing vulgarly.

“Pa” Her door slowly opened revealing a blushing Hinagiku. She was wearing a childish pyjama as she walked out the room glaring at him.

Dryly laughing, he took a few steps back…

She wasn’t waiting to settle the scores after autumn right… (Tl: serving revenge on a cold plate)

“Forget everything you saw just now!”

She uttered with much grudge.

He retorted straight away after hearing her.

“How can that be! I won’t forget it as long as I live!”

At such a shameless answer, she lowered her head with forelock covering her eyes, her body began trembling.

It was at this moment that he knew, he f.u.c.ked up. Smelling the foul wind and b.l.o.o.d.y rain (Tl:approaching carnage), his hair stood on ends and he tried squirming is way out.

“Forgetting is out of the question, but I definitely won’t tell a second person…”

The two fell silent after that. After staying taciturn for awhile, she finally lifted her head.

“You mean it?”

“super duper mean it, absolutely manifold true!”

Not just absolutely true, it’s true 10 to the power of 20, who would share this kind of benefit with anyone else. This kind of event should only entertain him, what’s more this isn’t just anyone’s it’s Kaichou-sama’s…

“If I here that a 3rd party finds out about this, you dead!”

She threatened him after seeing him so serious, finally managing to escape from her embarra.s.sment, she just gave him a cold hmph along with that line.

He nodded rapidly to her before moving his eyes over to her body.

Today might just be the worst day she had ever experienced, multiple times has she blushed that the times she blushed is approaching her lifetime count. Noticing his eyes going up and down on her body it felt like she was naked before him.

Without hesitation she brought her hands up to shield her b.r.e.a.s.t.s while shooting a glare at him.

“What are you looking at! Will you only be satisfied after looking a few more times?!”

“G.o.d, that would be nice.”

The line slipped from is true thoughts.

“You.. you..”

Eyes wide she lifted her fingers to point shakingly at him.

As the n.o.ble academy’s student council president, where would she find this kind of shameless existence in Hakuo Academy where everybody’s very self aware of mannerisms.

In her mind it should have went something like this: she tells him to forget all about it, and he would do so in consideration of her dignity. Who would have thought that he’s so shameless. She was led by the nose to the present field. (Tl: completely fooled by him)

Triggered, very triggered. Very soon, she would elucidate him on what no zuo no die means!

Unleashing her fury, lifting the iron fist of justice, with a bam it landed on his face and the little b.i.t.c.h was laid on the floor with a peach blossom burgeoning on his face.

Stomping him twice she turned around fabulously and headed to the dining room.

He opened his eyes after she walked away.

As a level 30 mini super, how can he get his a.s.s handed to him by a level 18 Hinagiku? And she totally held back on her hits. He just went along with her while playing possum, otherwise she might really just die from her surpressed anger and embarra.s.sment.

“Hu… it feels more tiring than the bout with the youkais…”

Patting his chest he uttered so with much emotion.

But if it can be done, he would rather trade the exp with the youkais for a few more benefits like this one…

Her body, if one ignores the chest factor, it’s really…. mm mm… it can’t be in words…

Giving off a few rounds of wolfish hehe, he jumped back on his feet and followed the direction Hinagiku went before promptly stopping.

The meals aren’t prepared yet…

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