Shoujo Grand Summoning

Chapter 1456: The scary spirit versus the scary guy

Chapter 1456: The scary spirit versus the scary guy

“Let’s see if you can block all my Noble Phantasms…”

He conjured spears, guns, swords, and other augmented Iron Sand weapons from his Gate of Babylon.

They were all Noble Phantasms too.

“Noble Phantasms?!”

Illya, Luvia, Rin, and Miyu lost count after the first dozens. There were at least thousands of weapons emerging out of the portals.

“No way…”

The Noble Phantasms were made with Iron Sand.

Although not as powerful as the Gae Bolg individually. These weapons are truly Noble Phantasms although they were made from iron sand.

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He used Knight of Owner to convert the Iron Sand into Low-rank Noble Phantasms.

Other than the lack of unique abilities, the Noble Phantasms within can strike down Heroic Spirits who are unprepared.

“High-density mana fields?”

Wu Yan grinned.

“Okay, try and block this.”

He unleashed a volley of Noble Phantasms in Alter Saber’s direction.


The Noble Phantasms cut her emitted magic power to smithereens.

Even alter Saber would be reduced to Swiss cheese if she got shot like this.


Alter Saber sprung into action like a doll.

She swung her corrupted Excalibur furiously.

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Ding ding ding

She deflected and blocked the volley of Noble Phantasms with her black Excalibur.

Her corrupted blade is far stronger in terms of durability than Wu Yan’s Noble Phantasms.

With a final slash, she pounced in Wu Yan’s direction at incredible speeds.

She did a horizontal slash instantly.

She was aiming for his neck.


Her sword stopped short as something appeared between the blade and his neck.

Wu Yan parried with a nimble blade.

Saber couldn’t cut the sword apart.

“I see.”

Wu Yan pressed back as he gazed into Alter Saber’s visor.

“I didn’t think that attack would harm you anyway.”

He batted her Excalibur away with a flick of the wrist.

Saber excelled at swordfights. At a fraction of her original power, she can still swing her sword like it was an extension of her arm.

She pulled back and did another jab.


Wu Yan pulled away only for Saber to come closer for follow-up attacks.


She unleashed lunges, thrusts, jabs, and slashes at different angles.

Wu Yan blocked or parried the attacks with Nietono no Shana.

Ting Clang Ding

The two shifted around the battlefield as they took turns attacking and defending. Sparks flew everywhere as their rapid movements created multiple clouds of dust.

Saber-class spirits typically excelled at swordfights. Even if she is just a mindless attacker, she can still fight like a beast.

Eternal Arms Mastery granted him near peerless mastery over weapons and he could use his mind, body, and techniques to the fullest extent.

Saber paled in comparison to him.

Wu Yan might look like he is at parity but he is actually controlling the flow of the fight.

It looked like a human was fighting toe-to-toe with a Heroic Spirit specializing in swordfights. Excluding his ladies, the others couldn’t believe their eyes.


Illya gasped.

“This is out of this world…”

“I can’t find any room to step in.”

Miyu watched with bated breaths.

“I don’t think we can do anything.”

“That Heroic Spirit can resist magic, has dark magic mists, and can form sword beams with her magic power. Moreover, it is incredibly skilled with the sword.”

Luvia laughed.

“We would be at a disadvantage no matter if we attacked from up close or further away.”

“That man is the same.”

Rin watched with gnashed teeth.

“He demonstrated adept mastery over arcane magecraft. Now, he is proving that he can fight against a swordswoman heroic Spirit as equals. How can someone master both physical and magical fighting styles? Not even the battle mages of the Clock Tower can do this.”

This is while pausing his usage of the Gate of Babylon.

“That spirit and this man are both monsters…”

Rin laughed.

Hinagiku and Mikoto commented.

“That guy isn’t treating this seriously!”

Mikoto frowned.

“He is toying with the mindless spirit.”

“No, I think it is because the mindless spirit is fighting based on instincts.”

“Yan wanted to counter but the spirit seems able to preemptively stop him with her battle senses.”

“I guess you’re right.”

“She still can’t beat him with just instincts alone.”

“She is just buying time.”

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“This battle won’t take long.”

Rin and the others were speechless.

Now, they understood that their rivals were completely above them.

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