Shoujo Grand Summoning

Chapter 1451

Chapter 1451

As night fell, midnight crept closer to everyone.

Wu Yan made something light on the stomach for Hinagiku and Mikoto.

Unfortunately, the two ladies looked like they were restraining themselves.

“Gosh, it looks super good.”

As the irresistible scent of the food on the table drilled itself into her nostrils, Mikoto started fighting against her inner demons.

“The food he whipped up is so good, should we eat it?”

“We… should?...”

Hinagiku is also on the fence.

“Since we are fighting later, I assume we can burn some calories so a snack or two shouldn’t affect us, right?

Wu Yan couldn’t help but voice his frustration.

“Girls, please, it is just a midnight snack.”

“Easy for you to say, you’re a guy.”

Hinagiku grumbled.

“You don’t need to worry, you can eat whatever you want.”

“Eh, did you two have taboos against the ingredients I used? I wasn’t aware.”

Wu Yan knitted his brows.

“I don’t remember you girls being picky about food.”

“Are you doing this intentionally or are you seriously not aware?”

Mikoto sighed.

“Eating snacks after dinner is what makes you fat, didn’t you know that?”

Wu Yan flinched.

“Fine, guess you two won’t be eating then…”

He started picking up the dishes.

“I will just throw the food away.”

“Throw away?”

The two ladies laughed awkwardly.

“Wouldn’t that be a waste?”

“You two aren’t eating, yes?”

He turned around.

“I am not eating as much so I guess I have to throw away the rest.”

Hinagiku and Mikoto panicked.

“Wait, we can’t waste food!”

The two ladies stopped him from dumping the food in a plastic bag.

He also resisted their attempts to snatch food away from him.


He sensed something.

He couldn’t believe it.


Hinagiku and Mikoto stopped.

“What’s wrong?”

Wu Yan opened the window near them as he went to the veranda.

He looked into the city as he closed his eyes.

The two ladies know he is doing his job so they stayed by him.

Soon, he opened his eyes to reveal confusion.


Something happened.

The two ladies knew.


Hinagiku grabbed Wu Yan’s arm.

“What’s wrong?”


He sighed before collecting his thoughts.

“One of the three signatures suddenly disappeared.”

“One of them?”

The two ladies gasped.


Mikoto asked.

“Did someone beat a spirit?”

“No, it isn’t time for the Mirror World to stabilize yet. No one could have entered and defeated a spirit. One of them moved, specifically, it combined with one of the other two signatures to form a bigger signature. The distortions are also more chaotic.”

“You mean…”

Hinagiku gasped.

“There are two spirits in one place?!”

Wu Yan nodded.

“I am afraid so.”

The two ladies exchanged a look.

“So we have to face two spirits instead of one?”

“We can still do it. We are powerful enough to handle two spirits.”

Wu Yan voiced his concern.

“I can’t say the same for Rin & the others who might be heading there in a while.”

The ladies turned pale.

Rin, Luvia, Illya, and Miyu might face extreme peril if they go in there.

Against one spirit, the group might have managed. But, against two, it would most likely end in a tragedy.

Illya & co will be facing Caster.

The spirit turned her Mirror World into a fortress. She already defeated them once.

How are they going to defeat Medea and her array of magic spells?

If one more spirit joins the fray then they might be in big trouble.

With Lancer, Archer, Rider, Assassin, and Caster all either defeated or identified. The two remaining spirits can only be Berserker and Saber.

These two types are above-average Heroic Spirits in the classification of spirits.

They’re powerful spirits.

Caster is already annoying but with Saber or Berserker joining the fight, even Wu Yan & co might have trouble handling the fight.

Illya, Miyu, Rin, and Luvia are all below tier 8. There is a high chance they might all perish.

Wu Yan turned grave.

“I miscalculated…”

He should have known better. This happened in the original work.

He allowed his own plans to let something so obvious slip past.

Having played with Illya and Miyu for the whole day, Wu Yan developed bonds with them.

He cannot sit idly by as these ladies charge into that kind of situation.

He felt two soft hands grab him.


Mikoto is as decisive as ever.

“Let’s go at once!”

He was stunned.

“We’re going to save them, right?”

Hinagiku beamed warmly at him.

“We know, we want to help too.”

“Hinagiku… Mikoto…”

“Let’s go, Yan!”

The two said.

“As long as it is your wish…”

“No matter where…”

The two ladies affirmed their resolves.

“We will go too!”

Wu Yan laughed out loud as he suppressed his touched feelings.

“Okay, let’s go!”

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