Shoujo Grand Summoning

Chapter 12

On a plain street without any person, a man popped out of existence, he didn’t walk here, he especially didn’t fly here, he really just ‘appeared’, as if he grew out of thin air!

White short sleeved shirt, black jeans, a guardless katana, black hair black eyes. This individual is holding a stick in his hands and skewered on it was a grilled that had already grew gold…

Transcript: Hayate the combat butler!

Transcript mission: Extermination!

Mission 1 (TL: hereby M1, M2 and M3): Enter Hakuo acadmey and become a high school studen tof the prestigious hakuo academy;

M1 reward: Ep, Ip, Ap, Sp 1000;

Mission 2: Not initiated yet;

Mission 3: Not initiated yet;

Listening to the system giving out the missions he opened his eyes and observed the surrounding.

A street, just a very normal street. But it gave him a sense of safety he never had for 3 months after coming to this world.

In a strange world, he can’t be reckless and let his guard down. Using most of the time he had to accomplish missions, he wouldn’t dare relax. Just a moment of carelessness and he would have died inside the forest, becoming demonic beast s.h.i.t in the process.

The familiar and nostalgic street gave him an unbelievable amount of security. His tense body began to relax and he had a warm smile back on his face.

Naturally, ignoring the grilled meat in his hand….

“Beep! Only after completing the transcript mission can the user leave this transcript world. M2 will be unlocked after M1 and M3 after M2. After finishing all 3 missions, only then can the user leave this world.”

“Please note, the transcript world’s time sync with Silvaria’s on a ratio of 100:1, the user can train a.s.sured of this, good luck and have fun!”


So basically if he stayed in this world world for a year, only 3 and over half a day would pa.s.s on Silvaria?

Cultivation haxxor, so very hax… but… me gusta!

Going hehehe, he saw the grilled meat on his hand and went before tossing it out like a javelin. Dusting his hand, he went his way.

First things first, get a good meal. In Silvaria, he ate noting but fruits, grilled meat. But it being an otherworld, where would he find chinese cooking in the small supply town?

There’s such things inside the system’s item list, so using Ip for food is feasible but not economic. This will have to wait until he’s rich like an oil baron because even a little still adds up over time.

Inside hayate the combat butler, it’s based in j.a.pan so there should be some dishes that matches his original world right…

Ma… he doesn’t have any money. He does however have gold, and using gold as a legal tender in this world would buy more than just 10 meals with even just 1 gold.


Right now, he’s standing at a wide, luxurious gate, holding a map in his hand he looked troubled at the door.

After indulging greatly in j.a.panese cuisine, he obtained a map from the shop owner who gladly received a gold coin from him. No way is he going to be tagged as a lost person again.

Thank G.o.d for system for coming with a omni-language function, otherwise he wouldn’t even be able to order from the menu.

And standing before him in all its glory is the structure known as Hakuo academy!

Safe as this world may make him feel, he kept the mission in mind, M1 is to enter Hakuo and become a student there.

He don’t know why the system gave such a mission but since it has reward pts, he’s not complaining!

So why the troubled look? Well, it’s because there’s a woman there looking at him vigilantly from the academy’s gate.

Shoulder length green hair, something that looks like mole or scar on her forehead, from her looks one can tell she’s very rowdy. And now she’s giving him the evil eye while maintaining a fighting stance.

Katsura Yukiji (TL: family name first followed by first name), Katsura Hinagiku’s r.e.t.a.r.ded sister, that’s her profile inside his brain.

In the original work, the MC, Ayasaki Hayate came to deliver a bento for Sanzenin Nagi, he too was also stopped by her. The reason being if she didn’t guard the gate well, her pay would get cut…

With such a stupid reason, she stopped all those people not in Hakuo from coming in. She would beat up anyone who approached, smh….

The system mentioned that he would be entering a day before an arc started. In other words, before Hayate came to deliver the bento, this lady is already unexpectedly here and guarding the gate.

He doesn’t know when hayate would appear, but he knows, he is in for a s.h.i.t ride.

This booze guzzling, problem-causing, sister with a bit of a screw loose would definitely not let him in. Even if he elucidated it clearly, he would still be subjected to a beating before that….

Katsura Yukiji: (lv15)

Well aren’t you bada.s.s, a normal human with no special abilities, boasting tier 2 strength. Could it be the booze she drank was used as experience book?

Twitching his lips he looked at the psychotic lady who made a battle stance for close to 20 minutes. He’s feeling even more troubled now.

Must retain composure… remain calm…

He kept telling himself over and over like that and stored his map away. Even if it’s hopeless, he should try and communicate with her and see where it goes.


“Wa! Finally forcing your way through? En garde!”

Not even giving him the chance to finish, Yukiji roared and charged at him with a fist aimed at his face.

Stunned by her prompt attack and seeing the fist heading straight for him, he dodged the fist by a twist of the head.

“Hmmph, none too shabby, let’s see you handle this!”

As he dodged and dodged the relentless blow, he can’t help but felt like sobbing deep down inside.

He already knew she don’t act with logic, but he didn’t expect it to be this hard to communicate. As expected is this a problem of dimension? A problem between 2D and 3D….

No! It can’t be, a 2D moe shoujo would definitely talk with me, it must be because she isn’t one that she’s like this. My logic is undeniable! (TL: I, robot moments)

He thought that that but he is still very conflicted.

He’s here to register, not to fight, and definitely not to get served!!!

He can’t retaliate, and that would end in him getting bludgeoned into a b.l.o.o.d.y pulp. And he can’t just retaliate. (TL: cla.s.sic morton fork “Is it s.e.xist to hit you? or is it more s.e.xist not to hit you? kudos to those who get the reference) What a conundrum one(TL: 朕 imperial usage of the p.r.o.noun I) has to deal with…

“Stop this at once! Or I won’t hold back!”

He’s done with the thought of holding back.

“Hahaha! Holding back? I would like to see you try me!”

Now he’s suspicious if she’s still doing it for her pay, or just doing it for the heck of it or just killing time.

Looking at Yukiji going into wild mode, he snapped… (TL: original term was latter half of the idiom , which translates roughly into so p.i.s.sed, one dares to do anything. In other words, f.u.c.k it you’re going down moment)


“mmm… mmnm mnnm mnnn…”

He fabulously turned his head around while dusting his hands and walked into the academy.

Yukiji was turned into ball-shaped lifeform courtesy of 10-Ip rope kun. With a map shoved into her mouth she was squirming around on the floor…

Walking on Hakuo’s campus, he felt speechless.

Though he knows from watching the anime that this place was huge, requiring movement by railway cable car to traverse the academy.

He still can’t get used to seeing this kind of situation.

After entering, he went straight for the tallest clock tower. Walking for close to 10 minutes, the clock tower is still no way closer in his perception.

Finally arriving at the clock tower, he looked around the surronding with an odd look. As an academy, and yet being this quiet. Makes it hard to believe that it’s cla.s.s time right now…

Shaking his head, he walked with great stride into the clock tower.

“Excuse me, the one over there, are you not aware that besides student council members, outsiders are not allowed inside the clock tower?”

His foot that was about to step into the clock tower stopped, he turned his head over.

Looking at the person, his heart went badump and he squealed.

“Kaichou samaaaaa!”

Pink haired, yellowish green eyes, beautiful face, wearing a Hakuo academy uniform she stood there with arms akimbo looking expressionlessly at him. Our very own Kaichou Sama…. Hinagiku Katsura! (TL: meh, misaki best student council president on my list)

She can’t help but feel distracted. Looking a little awry, she sized him up.

This guy who’s in casual cloths equipped with a katana, she doesn’t recall seeing this dude before. She was just calling him out because he was heading into the clock tower, who is he?

And, why’s he calling me kaichou sama?…

Thought she doesn’t understand what’s going on she just curtsied.

“You may dispense with the formalities.”



They both gave each other a funny look, he’s dazed while she’s awkward. This is because from the conversation just now she spoke like a n.o.ble towards a commoner.

Humored by her awkward expression, his pa.s.sion for her calmed down a bit. He started to scrutinize her.

One must say, as expected of the most popular character in Hayate the combat butler, compared to the screen, the one standing here in the flesh is even more exquisite. Br.i.m.m.i.n.g with a 2d bishoujo’s charm, even if it’s an outsider, they won’t think that her existence in reality is abnormal.

Hmm… the chest area is a bit of a tragedy, what with her being a 16,17 year old girl… But no matter, a flat chest is a rare commodity, it’s moe!

Nuff said.

If i recall she also have acrophobia isn’t it… ma, but it’s just another moe point!

“Kaichou sama, I’m here to apply for entrance, may I ask what’s the procedure?”

If he didn’t talk now, the atmosphere would just get more and more awkward. Since he already met her, there’s always time to talk with her again.

She wryly laughed and then turned serious.

“You want to enter Hakuo Academy?”

Although she still doesn’t know why the dude calls her Kaichou sama, or why he knows she’s the student council president. But she still responded to his question with due manners.

“To apply, difficult is an understatement ya know?”

Freezing up, he remembered that to apply for entrance, one must get 65 and above marks in the standardized test…

He doesn’t quite understand the concept of this 65 marks, but if he hadn’t recalled it wrong, to score 65 marks one could get into a top notch university and with 72 marks one can enter Tokyo U….

Not mentioning whether he has learnt the study materials of this world, even if he had, he doesn’t think a person who could only enter 3rd rate university could reasonably pa.s.s an entrance exam in another country.

But there’s a saving grace, the him now is no longer the previous him. His IQ didn’t increase, but, he haz haxxor system!

By using his points and getting some abilities, pa.s.sing the would be a cinch!

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