Shoujo Grand Summoning

Chapter 1118: Phantom and Diva

Chapter 1118: Phantom and Diva

In Tengu city's skies, Fraxinus…

The room's made of steel walls and floor plates. It felt chilly just looking at the metallic sheen of the hallway.

Walking along this tight hallway that reminded one of the cramped hallways of a submarine, he went for one of the doors with an advanced electronic interface. His footsteps echoed in this tight space.

He didn't stop in front of the door. Instead, the door automatically opened up for him, revealing the inner situation.

The control room looked like the bridge of a starship. From the door, the path extended into a semi-circular platform with raised steps and a chair made of steel. There are two similar steps on either side of the captain's seat.

The Fraxinus experienced tremendous change. It wasn't here until last night and its existence has been transformed into something else.

It's not just a giant airship with advanced Realizers. The Fraxinus is already a Noble Phantasm.

It is also a Gold-rank Armament.

Ignoring all else, its defensive capabilities got boosted. Even against the strong attacks from Realizers, the ship should remain relatively unharmed.

Moreover, the Ratatoskr members are unaware that Wu Yan can override their commands over the ship with a single thought.

After all, Fraxinus is now Wu Yan's Noble Phantasm.

Only he can control the ship and permit others to do so.

He entered Fraxinus' command room. Everyone immediately looked at him, including Reine and Kyouhei. Kotori stood at the commander's seat. Finally, Wu Yan's direct subordinates are there too.

Takamiya Mana and Tatsuba Yatsuki.


Mana and Yatsuki greeted him.

He beamed at the two personnel.

"It seems your injuries are more or less healed…"

Yatsuki and Mana suffered injuries in the fight against Kurumi. When Wu Yan left Date A Live, the two of them are still recuperating.

"Thanks for your consideration."

Yatsuki rubbed his back, he looked like a dainty flower when he smiled.

Alas, that beautiful look hid his true identity as a trap.

"Bullet wounds of magical nature are troublesome. However, I am more or less healed up now."

"Well, this is within expectation."

Mana nodded like an adult contrary to her appearance. Despite her petite figure, she emanated a mature aura.

"Ratatoskr's Realizer units are more advanced than DEM in all fields but combat. The Maryoku bullets are annoying but easily dealt with given a few days' time…"

"As long as you guys are okay…"

Wu Yan patted their shoulders. He looked like a caring supervisor, even Kotori subconsciously nodded. She turned her attention back towards the machine in front of her.

Wu Yan got curious.

"What are you doing? You look busy…"

"You think everyone's as free as you?!"

Kotori chewed on her candy while giving him a sideways glance.

"I am updating Phantom's data. While my memory is still fresh, I want to record as much info as I can. I also have other data sets to sort through…"


Wu Yan nodded.

"You mean that Phantom?'

Kotori nodded.

"I don't know what that thing is. However, we know that it is an entity that can grant Spirit powers so there's a high chance it is a spirit too. For now, that is its name. I would like to isolate its Reiryoku signature…"

"Can you do that?…"

Wu Yan asked.

"Phantom is an elusive entity."

"Five years ago, when Phantom gave me the Sephira crystal, a nearby CCTV caught a glimpse of that entity!"

"It's a short scene. However, we do have proof of Phantom's existence. If we focus on this footage then there's a small chance we can capture its Reiryoku signature…"

"I see…"

Wu Yan chuckled.

"As expected of Kotori, you don't leave a stone unturned. Looks like your onii-san has to work harder…"

Wu Yan turned towards Mana and Yatsuki with a serious look.

"Any updates on the information I told you two to gather?"

Kotori also stopped. Yatsuki and Mana exchanged a look.

"Although we aren't proud of our progress, we did gather the requested information…"

Yatsuki passed Wu Yan a report.

"Izayoi Miku, a female student from Rindouji all-girls private school. Age unknown, she's a student who is also a rising idol. She's steadily growing more popular as she pumps out hit songs one after the other. Currently, she's still active in her idol work…"

Yatsuki gave his report to Wu Yan too. He frowned.

"I don't know why but Miku's information only goes back 6 months and no further. I just can't find anything on her from more than 6 months ago. It's so odd…"

"Yeah, captain…"

Mana was confused too.

"Ratatoskr's extensive information network couldn't gather intel on Miku from more than 6 months ago. She's definitely not normal…"

"Of course, she's not normal…"

Wu Yan sighed.

"Well, I don't find it weird you guys couldn't find much info on her. Before this, she was known as Yoimachi Tsukino."

"She changed her name?!"

Mana gasped.

"I see, so that's why…"


Yatsuki followed up with a question.

"Do you want intel on Yoimachi Tsukino?"

Wu Yan thought about it and he nodded.

"Go find out Tsukino's background, I want that report today."

"Yes, captain!"

Yatsuki ran out of the command room, he's off to compile intel.

Kotori spoke.

"Miku is the spirit who was turned into a spirit just like me?"

Mana gasped while Wu Yan nodded.

"You should know her, she carries the epithet of Diva."

"She's Diva?!"

Kotori flinched.

"Miku is the Diva who first appeared 6 months ago?!"


Wu Yan shrugged.

"Miku's name also started appearing around that time, you should be able to connect the dots, right?"

"She transformed into a spirit 6 months ago?"

Kotori's eyes flashed.

"What's your plan?"

"Hmm… I wonder…"

Wu Yan scratched his cheek. He looked at the reports in his hands.

"In any case, I should try making contact with her."

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