Shocking Venomous Consort: Frivolous Miss

Chapter 983 - The Seal Left Behind by Her Mother

Chapter 983: The Seal Left Behind by Her Mother

“What’s Wrong?” asked Huangfu Qingjue when he saw Ling Chuxi’s frown. The valley was full of Spiritual Qi, and he had recovered his original appearance.

“My cultivation is stuck at the realm of True Essence Pinnacle Stage, and I can’t advance any further.” Ling Chuxi answered in distress.

Huangfu Qingjue focused slightly and checked Ling Chuxi’s True Qi ocean, frowning.

“Logically speaking, with your condition, you should have reached the realm of Heaven Essence a long time ago.” Huangfu Qingjue was also a bit confused. He thought for a while and said, “Could it be related to the Nine Gloom Absolute Meridians?”

“Ah, how could I forget about it?” Huangfu Qingjue’s words reminded Ling Chuxi of when she had been stuck in the realm of Great Fulfillment. The seal in her Qi Ocean had not only suppressed the Nine Gloom Absolute Meridians, but also her ability to increase her cultivation. If it were not for the fact that the five guardians had joined hands to help her resist being overwhelmed by the cold qi of the Nine Gloom Absolute Meridians, she would not have been able to advance to the realm of True Essence.

“Try to break the seal. I will help you resist that cold qi,” said Huangfu Qingjue.

“That cold qi is very powerful,” said Ling Chuxi hesitantly. She was not worried about herself, but Huangfu Qingjue. Ling Chuxi now knew that Huangfu Qingjue was actually in a sealed state and could not use his full power.

“Don’t worry about me. I know what to do,” said Huangfu Qingjue with a smile as he held her hand when he saw Ling Chuxi’s worry.

“Okay, I’ll try.” Seeing Huangfu Qingjue’s smile, Ling Chuxi’s heart calmed down.

The Dazzling Heart Stone emitted a rainbow-like light, and the same light shone through the depths of her Qi Ocean. A gap was opened in the seal and streams of extremely cold qi rushed out.

Huangfu Qingjue and Ling Chuxi clasped their fingers together, their faces solemn.

But the cold qi didn’t last for long. Both of them were slightly stunned. They looked at each other and saw the confusion in each other’s eyes.

Although the seal was broken, the extremely cold qi was not as strong as they had imagined. With Ling Chuxi’s current strength, she could easily deal with it. This didn’t mean that her strength had surpassed the combined strength of the five great guardians, but as her True Qi increased, her meridians were stronger than before. In fact, they were strong enough to withstand the impact of the extremely cold qi. Her True Qi circulated rapidly, and it did not take long for the extremely cold qi to be completely resolved.

“Unless you can open a bigger gap in the seal, it will be very difficult to break through,” said Huangfu Qingjue to Ling Chuxi when he noticed that she was able to hold her ground against the extremely cold qi.

“I have already pushed the power of the Dazzling Heart Stone to the extreme. If I want to open a bigger gap, I will have to find other Divine Stones of Chaos.” Ling Chuxi smiled bitterly and let go of his hand.

She did not expect the seal her mother had put in place to be so powerful. Even the Dazzling Heart Stone, one of the five Divine Stones of Chaos, could only allow her to reach the realm of True Essence Pinnacle Stage. If she wanted to improve her cultivation, she would have to find other Divine Stones of Chaos.

“Don’t worry for now. We will find them eventually.” Huangfu Qingjue comforted her. However, it seemed like she was in a bit of a dilemma. The five Divine Stones of Chaos had been legendary since ancient times, so how could they be so easy to find?

“Okay.” Ling Chuxi nodded. Since her mother had arranged it this way, she must have her own intentions. There was no point in worrying.

Ling Chuxi put aside her distracting thoughts and continued to cultivate. Regardless of whether she could break through or not, the more she cultivated, the more stable her strength would be. Having a good foundation would be of great benefit in the future.

“Chirp… Chirp…” The Glass Gold Beast suddenly poked its head out of its pocket and chipred excitedly.

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