Shocking Venomous Consort: Frivolous Miss

Chapter 920 - Wicked Intentions

Chapter 920: Wicked Intentions

However, Ling Chuxi did not feel discouraged because of this. The Flowing Clouds Sect was one of the five great sects that had stood firm for thousands of years, and the Golden Pill Sect had just begun to rebuild. Thus, it was normal for them to lose in terms of strength. As long as those young disciples made unremitting efforts, there would always be a chance to catch up to the Flowing Clouds Sect and regain their sect’s former glory.

The Flowing Clouds Sect was filled with their disciples. Many disciples were milling about, and upon seeing Yan Rusong, they would bow in greeting. It seemed that Yan Rusong was considerably popular in the Flowing Clouds Sect.

Because there were so many disciples around, Ling Chuxi didn’t notice Wei Zhixuan and Yue Pingjian in the distance, but Wei Zhixuan’s eyes were locked on her face.

“What’s the matter, do you know them?” Yue Pingjian asked when he notice Wei Zhixuan’s strained expression.

“They are members of the Golden Pill Sect, and the woman leading them is the sect master of the Golden Pill Sect,” Wei Zhixuan gritted his teeth and said. Upon seeing Ling Chuxi, he almost felt that past tingling and itching sensation all over his body.

“She’s the sect master of the Golden Pill Sect? At such a young age?” Yue Pingjian looked at Ling Chuxi’s pretty face and was stunned for an instant. His heart immediately filled with evil intentions. He really didn’t expect that the sect master of the Golden Pill Sect was such a charming young lady. If he could marry her into the family, wouldn’t the entire Golden Pill Sect become his own? And when that happened, it would be a double blessing, so there was no need to worry about the Yue’s family’s industry. Yue Pingjian’s eyes glittered maliciously.

“Second younger cousin, don’t underestimate her… her strength is not that simple.” Seeing Yue Pingjian’s gaze, Wei Zhixuan couldn’t help but remind him again.

“I know.” Yue Pingjian brushed him off and looked at Ling Chuxi intently. Suddenly, he asked, “By the way, is she married?”

“I don’t think so…? Second younger cousin, why are you asking?” Wei Zhixuan was taken aback by this question and answered after thinking for a moment.

“Such a young lady, helpless and with no one to rely on. Wanting to rebuild the sect is not easy. Thinking about it, she is also very pitiful. If she were to marry into my Yue family, the prestige of our Flowing Clouds Sect would be able to benefit her. Say, should I not help her?” Yue Pingjian retracted his gaze and said righteously.

Wei Zhixuan choked on his own saliva. This little kid had such a wicked idea! ‘I thought I was shameless, but it turns out there are people in this world who are more shameless than me. I was just coveting other people’s property, but this guy wants both wealth and beauty. He actually has the nerve to pretend with a serious and proud look, as if it would be a great benefit to others.’

“Second cousin, that wouldn’t be too good…” Wei Zhixuan said hesitantly. Wei Zhixuan had bullied others many times, but the Wei family was considered a famous family in Wu Cang City, and there was a limit to what he could have done. He had never gone so far as to bully a woman.

“What’s wrong with it? Is it okay then for her to snatch away your Wei family’s property?” Yue Pingjian gave Wei Zhixuan a cold look. ‘You act like you’re so good when you actually do bad in secret, do you think you are a good person to be telling people what to do?’

Hearing Yue Pingjian talk about the Wei Family’s property, Wei Zhixuan had nothing to say. Of course, he didn’t dare say that the other party did not snatch his property. The other party had made a bet with him, and he only had himself to blame for losing his property.

“I’m taking charge of this matter on your behalf. Once my father’s birthday banquet is over, I will go to the Golden Pill Sect with you and demand an explanation,” Yue Pingjian declared.

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