Shocking Venomous Consort: Frivolous Miss

Chapter 828 - The Sword Spirit is Getting Devious

Chapter 828: The Sword Spirit is Getting Devious

So that was it! Duan Xiaomo’s martial arts really were unbelievable. Ling Chuxi sighed wistfully, but seeing Lu Chengfeng’s embarrassment at being chased around by Duan Xiaomo, her mood improved. ‘Hah! So much for being arrogant and showing off!’

“Can I cultivate my area now?” Ling Chuxi asked Cang Yuan suddenly. Anyone who discovered the strength of the area would definitely be moved. Naturally, Ling Chuxi wasn’t an exception.

“You already have the Core of Martial Path, so as long as you can find the corresponding cultivation methods for an area, you will be able to cultivate it,” Cang Yuan explained.

“Do you have one? Show me and let me learn it,” Ling Chuxi said excitedly.

“I only know the Celestial Cultivation Method, but it must be paired with the Celestial Core to be able to form a realm. It does not match with your Core of Martial Path, so it would be better for you to not use it. It would not work, and there would also be the danger of deviating from your cultivation too.” Cang Yuan thought for a while before he spoke.

“Then what is my Core of Martial Path, and what Area Cultivation Method should I cultivate?” Ling Chuxi asked curiously.

“Your Core of Martial Path is formed by the array barrier of Little Silver Ancient Mountain, which has a lot to do with your will and mind. If you want to cultivate, you should cultivate an Area Cultivation Method that can be controlled through the mind,” Cang Yuan said contemplatively.

“Sword Heart Soul Breaking Technique!” Ling Chuxi suddenly thought about the Cold Moon Palace’s special skill. Wasn’t that a Cultivation Method that used the mind?

“You know about the Sword Heart Soul Breaking Technique?” Cang Yuan asked in surprise.

“When I fought people from the Cold Moon Palace, they used the Sword Heart Soul Breaking Technique. By the way, didn’t you help me back then? How could you forget?” Ling Chuxi asked with a frown. The first time she encountered Qing Lingyan, her mind had sunk into endless darkness under her Sword Heart Soul Breaking Technique. It had been the Cang Yuan Sword Spirit’s timely appearance that had woken her, so why couldn’t he remember it?

“Oh, you were talking about that time. What do you mean Sword Heart Soul Breaking Technique? The move she used was nothing compared to the real thing… she actually had the audacity to steal the name of Sword Heart Soul Breaking Technique! This kind of skill isn’t the point; the deeper you cultivate, the more damage you will have to your divine consciousness, which will eventually lead to a mental breakdown. If you really learn that kind of rubbish Cultivation Method, even I will feel ashamed for you,” Cang Yuan said in disdain.

“But you don’t know anything else,” Ling Chuxi said unhappily. ‘You don’t know any other methods, but you mock the Cultivation Method that I thought of after so long!’

However, Ling Chuxi also knew that Cang Yuan was right. That so-called Sword Heart Soul Breaking Technique by the Cold Moon Palace was indeed a hidden danger. Qing Lingyan’s cultivation was not strong, and she was already mentally abnormal.

Who knew how crazy she would become in her later stages of cultivation?

“I just said that I don’t know anything else, but I didn’t say that I don’t have any other Cultivation Methods on me. Since you brought up the Sword Heart Soul Breaking Technique, I’ll teach you the Cultivation Method for that technique,” Cang Yuan said grumpily.

“You… Are you being serious?” Ling Chuxi felt that the sword spirit was getting more human-like, and it was even learning how to fool people. Even a Sword Spirit could become devious.

Cang Yuan laughed loudly. Ling Chuxi felt the ancient words flashing one by one like lightning in her mind, becoming deeply imprinted there. After understanding them in detail, she realized that it was the real Sword Heart Soul Breaking Technique.

Ling Chuxi was overjoyed, and couldn’t wait to find a place to cultivate!

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