Shocking Venomous Consort: Frivolous Miss

Chapter 681 - An Explosive Reaction

Chapter 681: An Explosive Reaction

The soldiers’ memory of the great fight between the two old men was blurry, which they found weird. Why was it that they could remember everything before that, but not the details of when the two of them had exchanged blows?

They could only remember that when they were fighting, a strong wind had blown and the clouds had all gathered, turning the skies white. It was as if the apocalypse had befallen them.

They would never be able to forget the deathlike quietness on the battlefield at that time, and how small and helpless they felt. Before those two men, they were like mere insects with no power to resist. Life and death were out of their control, and everything was held within the hands of those two men.

They had not known the identity of those men, but they could guess that they were the strongest cultivators of Ding Lin Country and Nan Xia Country. They dominated not only the war, but also the life and death, and joy and sorrow of their countries.

The soldiers could not recall the outcome of such a shocking battle, and only knew that a war that would have sacrificed millions of soldiers had ended prematurely because of the appearance of these two people. Many lives had been saved back then, but after a few days, a new battle had started up again.

Now, they had appeared once more. What did it mean?

Would the war end after today? Seeing the two figures on Cloud Watching Peak, the soldiers were filled with anticipation.

On Cloud Watching Peak, the old men’s sleeves fluttered in the wind, giving off a solemn and majestic aura.

Nearby, Ling Yichen and Fu Chengyu were tense. They knew what the battle today meant, but they were helpless in this situation.

“You’re finally here,” Chu Fengyun said to Mo Kongyuan.

“It is time for things to come to an end,” Mo Kongyuan replied indifferently. His face was pale, and his eyes were sunken in. He looked like he had aged a whole thirty years, and it was clear that he had yet to recover from his severe injuries.

“Yes, it’s time for things to come to an end. You and I became guardians at the same time, right? It has been more than 70 years, and we have exchanged blows countless times, yet there has never been a clear winner. We will get that answer today,” Chu Fengyun declared, his eyes shining with manic greed.

“Is winning or losing that important to you?” Mo Kongyuan asked disdainfully.

“To us, it might not be, but to them, it is very important. I think you wouldn’t want to see the two countries’ citizens suffer from the battle, right?” Chu Fengyun asked slyly.

“Why else would I even be here?” Mo Kongyuan scoffed. He knew the reason Chu Fengyun had called him here today was to use this one battle to decide everything. He also knew that he was now severely injured and his chances of winning were slim, but he had no choice but to come.

He knew that with the situation Nan Xia Country was in now, it would fall sooner or later. This battle was his only chance.

“After you die, I will treat the citizens of Nan Xia well, but when the time comes, they will become the citizens of my Ding Lin country,” Chu Fengyun said proudly.

“Are you that confident?” Mo Kongyuan sneered. Although he despised Chu Fengyun’s character, Mo Kongyuan knew he could not afford to underestimate him. To actually dare invite him for a duel at Cloud Watching Peak, he was definitely confident of winning.

But where did his confidence come from? Over the years, the two of them had fought many times, so they roughly knew each other’s cultivation. If Chu Fengyun really had the support to obtain victory, this war would have happened a long time.

The two of them stared at each other, and the air seemed to fizzle with the sounds of lightning and thunder.

What an explosive reaction!

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