Shocking Venomous Consort: Frivolous Miss

Chapter 677 - A Single Move

Chapter 677: A Single Move

“Dream on!” The fifth princess snarled decisively. She could see how strong these people’s cultivation were, and she knew it would be hard to get out alive today. However, if she sought death, she was confident that no one would be able to stop her.

“Hateful person, I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have gotten you involved in this.” The fifth princess’ tone was remorseful as she looked at Xia Zhouyi’s injured body, but there was a warmth in her eyes as she gazed at him. Coming to the conclusion that the only way to save her country was for her to die, the fifth princess felt as if a great burden had been lifted off her shoulders.

Beyond the pain he was feeling, Xia Zhuoyi’s mind was in chaos, and he did not hear the decisiveness in her words. He only saw her beautiful face that was full of tenderness for him, and his heart filled with deep affection for her.

“Don’t!” It was only when Xia Zhuoyi saw the fifth princess take out a pill to put into her mouth, that he understood her intentions.

She would rather die than yield, and was not willing to be defiled by anyone.

“Death won’t come that easily,” Fu Chengxing sneered, seeming to have guessed that she would take such a course of action.

A masked man in black clothes stepped forward, and a strong, suppressive force was released from his body. The fifth princess’ hand instantly froze, unable to move at all.

‘Feng Zitian!’ Ling Chuxi finally confirmed the other person’s identity. This kind of one-hit-KO move was precisely what Feng Zitian uniquely possessed.

“You’ll only die when I say you can die. If I don’t allow it, you won’t even have the chance to. Didn’t you want to die just now? I’ll let you die of pleasure in our bed! Hahaha!” Fu Chengxing guffawed manically.

Ling Chuxi had held herself back long enough, and couldn’t stand hiding any longer. This scum was actually so despicable and shameless! Allowing him to exist any longer was violating her eyes, and hearing another sentence from him was violating her ears!

Ling Chuxi didn’t even speak, suddenly appearing and angrily swinging her sword at Fu Chengxing.

Seeing such a swift movement, Fu Chengxing and Si Nanchen were both stunned speechless, their hearts overwhelmed by terror.

Facing a sword heading straight for his heart, Fu Chengxing was so shocked that he couldn’t even dodge it.

Only Feng Zitian was fast enough to react, and rushed over with a sword to stand before Ling Chuxi.

Ling Chuxi sneered. The past Feng Zitian still had the ability to fight with her, but now, under the Core of Martial Path, his movements had become super slow, and in a moment of haste, he didn’t even condense any Battle Qi.

With a crisp ring, the sword in Feng Zitian’s hand was broken into two. The Luo Chen Sword tip flashed as it touched his chest.

Feng Zitian’s entire body turned sluggish. All his meridians were sealed up by Ling Chuxi, and he fell to the ground heavily.

Before Fu Chengxing and Si Nanchen could react, Ling Chuxi’s sword tip flashed again, sealing their meridians. The both of them instantly crumpled to the ground.

“Ling Chuxi! You’re not dead!” Only now could they take a good look at their opponent, and their eyes widened in fear. They were completely petrified! They never would have thought that Ling Chuxi survived, and that was why they had acted so presumptuously earlier. But now, Ling Chuxi stood alive and well before them! Furthermore, her cultivation was so strong that in a single move, Feng Zitian had been suppressed by her, and was sprawled on the ground, unable to move.

Her cultivation had actually increased so fast?!

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