Shocking Venomous Consort: Frivolous Miss

Chapter 653 - Learnt How to Show Off

Chapter 653: Learnt How to Show Off

With its excellent geographical location along the mountain range, Chang Qing City became an intermediate supply station and resting point for the people who had to traverse it. Many of the medicinal treasures obtained from the Silver Ancient Mountain Range did not need to be sent elsewhere as they were traded directly in Chang Qing City itself. These traders would then take the money they earned and squander it before returning to Silver Ancient Mountain Range to earn money again.

Along the way here, Ling Chuxi had seen quite a few precious herbs and had even a Level 2 devil beast’s egg. Although it was just a Level 2 egg, to any ordinary cultivator, it was a hard to obtain treasure.

Ling Chuxi’s heart was burdened with heavy matters, so she was not bothered about all these things. She was just about to find someone to inquire about the latest updates on Nan Xia Country when she saw a cloth banner fluttering in the wind reading, “Wondrous Hand, Rejuvenation, Resurrection, Number One Godly Doctor”. The few words on the banner were extraordinarily glaring.

‘Jiang Wuhen? Why did this fellow go around cheating until he ended up here? Wasn’t he supposed to be at Ding Lin Country?’ Ling Chuxi wondered as she looked ahead in surprise.

A large group of people crowded the street in front of Ling Chuxi. There was a square table for eight in the middle of the crowd. Jiang Wuhen was wearing a robe with its color so faded that it was practically white. His eyes were partially closed, his expression was indifferent and a little arrogant, and his fingers were slightly curled as they tapped upon the tabletop gently.

There really was kind of a hidden godly doctor style to Jiang Wuhen in this moment. If there were more wrinkles on his face and a small goatee, he would appear to be even more of a godly doctor than Luo Li even if he was standing next to him.

“You really know how to treat illnesses?” someone asked dubiously from amongst the crowd of onlookers. As the saying goes, the young were lacking in practice and were unreliable. As far as godly doctors go, the older the better. No matter how good Jiang Wuhen was at putting on airs, he could not hide his age after all, so it was difficult to convince people.

“He’s so young, what kind of illness can he treat? More likely he is out to cheat people of their money, right?” someone said in agreement with another.

“You’re right. Our very own Chang Qing Town’s Physician Li has treated a lifetime of diseases and yet he does not dare call himself a godly doctor.Such a young man and he actually dares to call himself godly doctor,” chimed in a middle-aged aunty angrily.

“Hmph! If you all don’t believe me, then what are you all surrounding this space for? Leave! There are so many people in this town waiting for treatment by my wondrous hand of rejuvenation. Don’t affect my saving of the injured like this,” said Jiang Wuhen as he opened his eyes slightly and he swept a glance over the crowd in disdain.

“Hmph. Since you’ve told us to leave, we’ll leave. Did you think we really would believe you were actually a godly doctor?” harrumphed the middle-aged aunty before she turned around and left.

Quite a few people left along with her and in an instant, the crowd surrounding Jiang Wuhen was reduced by half.

‘Eh? That’s weird. This fellow had always begged around doing fortune telling and giving discounts as big as fifty or eighty percent off. Now, it looks like he has actually improved and learnt how to show off,’ thought Ling Chuxi as she walked over to Jiang Wuhen. Every time she was just about to inquire for news on something, she would meet this fellow. It was truly too coincidental.

“Move aside, move aside! Godly doctor! Godly doctor Jiang! The heavens must have eyes that I have finally found you,” Li Shaoqiu’s voice rang out across the crowd. Ling Chuxi had just taken a few steps when she saw Li Shaoqiu squeeze himself into the crowd with his head covered in sweat. The look on his face was even more excited and delighted than that of a child’s who had been lost for many years finally reuniting with his family again.

“Oh, why are you here?” asked Jiang Wuhen as he glanced at Li Shaoqiu and rubbed his chin. It was a pity that he did not have a beard, otherwise, this action would appear to be all the more proof that he had the airs of a godly doctor.

“Godly doctor Jiang, my eldest, third, sixth and seventh brothers’ have fully recovered from their injuries. They’ve made a complete recovery in only three days! I have been searching everywhere for you to thank you personally. The heavenly emperor indeed has eyes for me to finally have found you,” cried Li Shaoqiu in gratitude as he sprawled before Jiang Wuhen, his eyes glistening with tears.

Hearing these words, the crowd that was about to scatter, gathered once again. However, a lot of additional passersby also came over to join in on the excitement and very quickly, the space surrounding Jiang Wuhen was so packed that even water would not be able to flow through it.

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