Shocking Venomous Consort: Frivolous Miss

Chapter 513 - Kill Her, and Remove All of Our Future Troubles for Good

Chapter 513: Kill Her, and Remove All of Our Future Troubles for Good

The handmaidens were so scared that their beautiful faces lost color, yet not one of them dared to stop Qing Lingyan.

“Clang!” Ghost Hand had used his sword to block Qing Lingyan’s attacking one.

“You even dare to retaliate!” shouted Qing Lingyan sharply as a blood-red light flashed in her eyes.

“Young Master, please listen to my explanation. She must have cultivated some kind of martial knowledge capable of overcoming our Sword Heart Soul Breaking Technique,” said Ghost Hand immediately. A white light flashed in his eyes as he directly looked into Qing Lingyan’s eyes.

“Is that what it was?” replied Qing Lingyan. After she met Ghost Hand’s gaze straight on, her own gaze had faltered and her sword had stopped swinging. The red light in her eyes dispersed as well, and she recovered her clarity of mind.

“That’s right. Just now, you saw it for yourself. I was injured by the backlash of the Sword Heart Soul Breaking Technique, not by an attack from her,” continued Ghost Hand quietly.

Qing Lingyan’s sword returned to its sheath as her eyes slowly became as clear as spring waters filled with an icy chill. Her white robe fluttered in the wind as she once again recovered her previous high and mighty, proudly immortal-like demeanor. Seeing her like this, no one could associate her with the Qing Lingyan wearing such a hostile expression who was throwing a tantrum like a crazy person just moments ago.

“Ghost Shadow!” Qing Lingyan’s cold and gloomy voice shouted out in a low tone.

“Young Master!” came a reply. After Qing Lingyan’s voice rang out, four dark shadows suddenly appeared behind her, all respectfully half kneeling behind Qing Lingyan.

“Kill her, and remove all of our future troubles for good,” ordered Qing Lingyan’s eerie and spiteful voice.

“Young Master, for me to have represented the Qiu family in the Sword Pill Meeting was already against the rules. If we continue to meddle like this, I am only afraid that it will leave hold for others to turn against us,” said Ghost Hand immediately. He felt much shock within his heart and had to immediately speak up in an attempt to advice Qing Lingyan.

“As long as no one knows, then there wouldn’t be any cause for others to criticize us, will there?” retorted Qing Lingyan with a sneer.

“But…” Ghost Hand still wanted to advise her to put a stop to this.

“Her martial arts knowledge is an extreme threat to Cold Moon Palace. I think that even if it were the Lord Palace Master in my place, they would not blame me either,” continued Qing Lingyan indifferently, all but ignoring Ghost Hand’s words of advice to stop.

“Kill her. And don’t leave a single trace,” Qing Lingyan instructed the four men in black robes. Her gaze was so cold and dark that it left one feeling shudders in their hearts.

“Yes, Young Master,” affirmed the four black-robed men before they quietly disappeared.

Ghost Hand shook his head as he let out a sigh from the bottom of his heart. Crazy. The Young Master was thoroughly crazy! What was he to do now?

Ling Chuxi and Ling Yichen followed the small path through the forest diligently. Once they walked out of the forest into the open, everything immediately turned bright and spacious.

What surprised the both of them was that their carriage was actually still parked where they had left it and that the horse that had pulled the carriage was still there as well, leisurely nibbling on grass. The area surrounding the horse was empty of grass, as the horse had already nibbled away at it all, leaving an empty circle of dirt around the horse. Seeing Ling Chuxi and Ling Yichen, the horse let out a hearty neigh.

It must have been that this entrance to Rejuvenation Valley was located in such a hidden place that no one had come over despite so many days having passed.

“Do the two of you need a coachman?” Just as Ling Chuxi and Ling Yichen had untied the horse and were getting ready to depart, Jiang Wuhen suddenly raised up his rice bowl banner where he stood at the forest entrance and speedily flew over to them.

“Why did you come as well?” asked Ling Chuxi as she glanced at Jiang Wuhen doubtfully.

“Since the both of you have left, what would I stay back for? Also, are you forgetting something?” said Jiang Wuhen, squinting as he looked at Ling Chuxi.

“What?” Ling Chuxi pondered for a moment. She didn’t seem to have missed out on anything though?

Jiang Wuhen then rubbed his fingers together as an impish smile appeared on his face.

Ling Chuxi finally recalled that back then they had agreed on three thousand taels of fine silver for a round trip, and that she had only paid Jiang Wuhen half. She owed this cheat the other half.

“All right, here, we’re even now,” said Ling Chuxi as she dug out a gold note and passed it to Jiang Wuhen.

Jiang Wuhen looked at the gold note then carefully shoved it into his embrace, all the while continuing to smile impishly at Ling Chuxi.

“What now? What other matter is there?” asked Ling Chuxi, perplexed.

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