Shocking Venomous Consort: Frivolous Miss

Chapter 3929 - 3929 A clown

3929 A clown

Back then, the Ling family and the Shangguan family had broken up. After that, the Ling family had fallen and Ling Fenghua was even forced to be imprisoned on the endless peak. As the heads of the families, they naturally knew about this. However, they did not know that Ling Fenghua actually had a daughter. In other words, Ling Fenghua had been pregnant before he had even gotten married, and had even given birth to this daughter in secret. Such a thing would be a disgrace to the family, not to mention to an ancient family. Even to an ordinary family, it would be a disgrace.

The family heads who were with the third elder had a mocking look on their faces.”To think that you’re the head of the family, your own biological daughter actually did such a shameful thing. Let’s see how you still have the cheek to sit in the position of the head of the family?

Ling Chuxi also noticed the mocking looks on these people’s faces and sneered secretly. It seemed that they had come back at the wrong time. The third elder had been deliberately trying to replace her grandfather’s position as the family head. Her own status would give them the perfect reason to impeach her grandfather.

“Chuxi, you’ve returned just in time. Today, all the ministers and elders, as well as the elders of the various branch families, are here. It’s a good time to meet them.” Ling mofeng did not seem to notice the strange gazes of those people as he spoke to Ling Chuxi in a warm tone.

“Yes, Grandpa.” In front of so many people, Ling Chuxi could not get close to her grandfather and could only nod in agreement.

“Everyone, this is this old man’s granddaughter, who is also Fenghua’s daughter. Her name is Ling Chuxi. She has been traveling outside since she was young. Now that she has cultivated successfully and returned to the Ling family, it can be considered that she has acknowledged her ancestors and clan. I hope that everyone can take this old man’s face into consideration and take care of Chuxi in the future. This old man will be extremely grateful.” Ling mo Feng cupped his hands and said to everyone.

“Junior Ling Chuxi pays her respects to all the seniors.” Ling Chuxi was about to bow after she finished speaking.

“Wait, wait, I have a few words to say.” At this moment, Wu yude jumped out and interrupted Ling Chu’s words.

Ling Chuxi raised an eyebrow. She had guessed correctly. Someone was indeed trying to make a big deal out of this matter. She looked at Ling mofeng, whose expression was still calm as if he had already expected this. Ling Chuxi did not say anything but quietly watched to see what kind of tricks this rotten old man Wu yude was up to.

“Master, it’s supposed to be a joyous occasion for you and your grandson to reunite, and I should congratulate you. But how come we’ve never heard of your granddaughter?” Wu yude asked in an eccentric tone.

In fact, they had already guessed a thing or two about the whole story. The reason why they asked was to embarrass Ling mo Feng in front of everyone, and then take the opportunity to make things difficult for him.

“I didn’t explain it clearly. Before Fenghua went to endless peak, she had already given birth to Chuxi. However, at that time, the feud between the Ling family and the Shangguan family was still unresolved. We were afraid that the Shangguan family would harm Chuxi, so we sent her away to cultivate and only returned today.” Ling mo Feng didn’t hide anything and said it honestly.

When he said this, there was no shame on his face at all. Instead, there was a bit of pride. He did not go into detail about Ling Chuxi’s whereabouts all these years, but his heart was filled with pride for Ling Chuxi’s return. To be able to cultivate to the sage level in the human race’s space where the spiritual energy was thin and then return to the heaven domain, this granddaughter of his did not disappoint him.

“Oh, I see. But as far as I know, Fenghua wasn’t married at that time. How could she have a daughter? “As a descendant of an ancient family, he actually did such a thing to ruin the reputation of the family. He’s really, really …” Seeing Ling mofeng’s magnanimous expression, Wu yude also secretly admired his calm and magnanimous attitude. If it were the third elder, he would definitely not be able to hold his temper. However, in order to help the third elder get to the top and get the benefits he promised, Wu yude still ridiculed him without mercy.

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