Shocking Venomous Consort: Frivolous Miss

Chapter 249 - Why Flowers Are This Red 

Chapter 249: Why Flowers Are This Red

At this moment, E Shulan who was sitting in the carriage behind Duan Yufei also heard Ling Chuxi’s voice and she alighted from the carriage to greet her. Seeing Ling Chuxi’s unfriendly expression, E Shulan felt a little troubled. She never thought that the other party would end up being Ling Chuxi’s friend. If she had known this earlier, she would not have gotten into a dispute with the other party. She had originally just come to look for Ling Chuxi this time.

“Miss Ling Chuxi, I’m really sorry. What happened earlier was a misunderstanding,” said E Shulan as she stepped forward and smiled, skimming past the matter that had just taken place.

“The position of Lord Deity’s Servant is naturally a good one. However, some might use such a good position to bully others and sully the reputation of being a Lord Deity’s Servant. Then, that wouldn’t be such a good thing,” replied Ling Chuxi with a superficial smile. Now was still not the time to directly tear the mask off E Shulan’s face just yet. Ling Chuxi knew very well that E Shulan was backed by the whole Deity Temple and that she herself at the moment, had nothing. Openly shedding all pretenses right now would not bring her any benefits. However, it did not mean that the matter today would just be forgotten by Ling Chuxi just like that. Ling Chuxi had already ruthlessly marked this entry into E Shulan’s account in her heart and there would be a day where this score was settled with additional interest.

“I will control them properly next time. I am really sorry about today’s matter.” Although E Shulan was apologizing for a slight against Lan Xinyu, she never once looked at Lan Xinyu and was only apologizing to Ling Chuxi.

“It’s fine. If there is nothing else, we’ll take our leave first,” said Ling Chuxi with a forced smile without sincerity and went to pull Lan Xinyu along.

“All right, then,” replied E Shulan. She understood that today was not the day to try and build their relationship and nodded with a smile. After that she turned around to indicate to Duan Yufei to get their carriage to back up and make way for Lan Xinyu’s carriage to pass.

Ling Chuxi was not courteous either. She dragged Lan Xinyu into her own carriage and ordered the coachman to go to Fu Chengyu’s residence.

“That was the Lord Deity’s Servant from the Deity Temple?” asked Lan Xinyu with a frown after she got into the carriage. She stretched out her hand which was still a little painful and her eyes were full of hatred.

“Is your hand fine? Aiya. Such a pity about your whip. That whip must have been expensive, am I right? It was all broken into pieces,” said Ling Chuxi.

“Hey! Have a little humanity! You only asked a single sentence about me to show your concern and then your comments on the whip took up three entire sentences! Which one is more important exactly?!” barked Lan Xinyu angrily.

“Frankly, the whip is worth more than you,” answered Ling Chuxi very earnestly.

“Ling Chuxi… I am going to kill you!” howled Lan Xinyu as she nearly ripped open the top of the carriage.

“All right, that’s enough! Xinyu, you idiot. Next time stay further away from her if you see her. You are not her match even though you have improved quite a bit,” commented Ling Chuxi seriously once Lan Xinyu had finished howling. “That person was the Lord Deity’s Servant and she is currently studying at the Wind Cloud Academy. Her name is E Shulan. Her cultivation level is higher than yours.”

“You don’t need to keep emphasizing that she is stronger than me! I will surpass her in the future!” growled Lan Xinyu in response. She was incredibly upset. After she finished speaking, she continued with a sneer, her tone full of loathing, “I never thought that the Lord Deity’s Servant from the Deity Temple would actually have this kind of virtue.”

“Why? Did you originally think that the people from the Deity Temple were all noble, kind and compassionate?” asked Ling Chuxi mockingly as she sneered herself.

“Isn’t it so? Haven’t they always made themselves known to be as such? Indeed, it is better to verify a lot of things with one’s own eyes,” spat Lan Xinyu. She had a disgusted look on her face, as if she had accidentally swallowed a fly. She waved her hand and declared, “Forget it. Let’s not talk about this anymore. The whip is destroyed but I have another spare one. I am also participating in the fighting ring competition which is why I purposely came to see you. I knew that you were staying at the Ninth Prince’s residence and thus I came over to seek you out, but I never expected to meet that E Shulan along the way.”

“Oh, I am also participating this time. You better pray that you don’t meet me. Otherwise, I’ll let you know why flowers are this red,” said Ling Chuxi very sincerely with a shrug.

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