Shocking Venomous Consort: Frivolous Miss

Chapter 245 - The Inconspicuous Creation of Fame

Chapter 245: The Inconspicuous Creation of Fame

Xia Zhuoyi and Fu Chengyu already knew each other from a long time before and therefore, they didn’t behave in a distant manner towards one another. Xia Zhuoyi was very happy and excited after he saw Ling Chuxi. Once he sat down, he said softly, “Chuxi, thank you for the pill you gave me. I was able to improve so quickly because of it.”

“What are you thanking me for? It is something that should be done,” replied Ling Chuxi with a smile. “Have you finished using all the pills? Let’s find a time for you to break through to Level 7.”

Hearing Ling Chuxi’s words, Xia Zhuoyi was no longer so horrified anymore. After he found out that the pills Ling Chuxi gave him were in fact incomparably precious Tian Luo Pills, he was at first very horrified and very fearful. Then, he calmed down and felt very touched that she would give something like this to him. He was only able to achieve breakthroughs so smoothly due to the Tian Luo Pills Ling Chuxi had given him. Now, hearing Ling Chuxi’s words, though other people may feel horrified and find it incomprehensible, Xia Zhuoyi felt that the way Ling Chuxi spoke about the matter was so casual, it was as though she was just asking whether or not he had a meal and if he hadn’t, they could go and eat together.

“All right,” said Xia Zhuoyi as he nodded vigorously and did not bother talking nonsense. Whatever word of thanks he had prepared paled in comparison to this moment. He would use his actions to prove his gratitude in the future.

The capital slowly became more boisterous as more people flowed in. Aside from those joining the fighting ring competition, there were also many who came to spectate the competition. After all, such a lively event was not one that could be seen every year. Duals between experts were very attractive events.

The capital’s streets were full of people coming and going. It was incredibly noisy every day. The quantity of work the city’s guards had to do had also increased. The number of guards patrolling the streets soon became three times the usual amount and even then, they often encountered fights and other troubles, resulting in all the guards being incredibly busy.

This morning, the moment Ling Chuxi arrived at the academy, she was immediately called over by a teacher who asked her and Ling Yichen to visit the dean’s study at once.

In the dean’s large study, the dean was flipping through a stack of documents in his hands. Seeing Ling Chuxi and Ling Yichen arrive, he put the documents down and greeted them with a smile. “The both of you have arrived. Come, quickly take a seat.”

After Ling Chuxi and Ling Yichen sat down, the dean directly dove into the topic at hand. “In the fighting ring competition this time, the amount of experts participating are as plentiful as clouds. I hope that the both of you will do your best and fight for the glory of our academy. Especially you, student Ling Chuxi. I am very optimistic about you.”

Ling Chuxi shuddered. Why did she feel like her brain was suddenly filled with the image of a ghastly-looking lady with large nostrils which course nose hairs protruded out of, smiling sexily while waving a lacy handkerchief around as she cooed at an officer seductively, “Oh, officer, I am very optimistic about you…”

Ling Chuxi chuckled awkwardly twice and managed to force herself to say, “Yes, dean. I will try hard.”

“Try hard?! How is that acceptable! You definitely need to win! You must get first place!” howled the dean. “You need to know that you are now an influential person at this academy. There are many eyes on you!”

“I don’t think this is so, right?” replied Ling Chuxi as the corner of her lips twitched. Why was the dean saying this as if it were a fact?

“Look, Chu Jianyi has already challenged every student at the academy at least once and he has defeated all of them,” said the dean, feeling a little ashamed. As big as the Wind Cloud Academy was, in the end not a single one of their students was capable of defeating Chu Jianyi. The dean knew that the only student who had managed to defeat Chu Jianyi was Ling Chuxi who was now sitting before him. Ling Chuxi had no idea how famous she was at the Wind Cloud Academy. Her fame had been created covertly by Chu Jianyi unintentionally.

Hearing the dean’s words, Ling Chuxi understood the key point within them. Chu Jianyi, this martial arts idiot was actually crazy to such a level that he had actually challenged everyone at the academy at least once, and in doing so, he had inconspicuously pushed Ling Chuxi’s fame to a higher and higher degree each time.

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