Shocking Venomous Consort: Frivolous Miss

Chapter 240 - Ling Chuxi’s Promise 

Chapter 240: Ling Chuxi’s Promise

Consort Li secretly thought to herself in her heart, ‘A talent such as Ling Chuxi’s definitely should not be poached by the Deity Temple. I definitely need to take her under my own banner. Even if I myself cannot, I can always recommend her to the Ancestral Palace. Whatever it is, Ling Chuxi absolutely cannot enter the Deity Temple!’

Ling Chuxi had a solemn expression on her face as she looked at Consort Li calmly. Consort Li felt very nervous and troubled as she was very clear about the position the Deity Temple had in the hearts of the people. Some people, no, many people, blindly worshiped the Deity Temple. The pedestal position of the Deity Temple was so deeply rooted in the hearts of so many that those belonging to the Deity Temple were seen as equivalent to being the messenger of deities themselves. Consort Li was very afraid that Ling Chuxi also shared this perception of the Deity Temple. If Ling Chuxi’s heart leaned towards the Deity Temple and she wanted to join them, then what should Consort Li do? Could it be that she really had to get rid of her? If Huayi found out about it, she would definitely be unable to forgive herself. What should she do?

For a moment, Consort Li had many different thoughts flashing through her mind and she felt incredibly tangled and conflicted within.

Just as Consort Li was feeling so tangled in her heart, Ling Chuxi finally opened her mouth slowly to speak and the content of her words made Consort Li almost lose consciousness on the spot.

Ling Chuxi pronounced each and every word very clearly as she slowly and extremely solemnly spoke them. “Consort Li, may I know how much you spent on Feng Yan Union for them to procure my information?”

“Ah?” Consort Li was stunned and not able to react in time, uttering a subconscious reply instead, “Five hundred thousand gold taels.”

“What!” shouted Ling Chuxi in a pain only the stingy would understand as her expression changed. “Feng Yan Union, what a group of bast*rds. Consort Li, if you had said so earlier, you could have just given me the money. I would have told you everything you wished to know. I could have even given you a twenty percent discount considering you are someone familiar!” ‘Geez, five hundred thousand gold taels… This was all money, money, money! After a twenty percent discount, it would still be four hundred thousand gold taels just for such information!’

After hearing Ling Chuxi’s words, a corner of Consort Li’s lips twitched as her brain went blank. This, this… What kind of situation was this?!

Consort Li laughed. “Oh, Miss Ling Chuxi! You really know how to make a joke,” said Consort Li awkwardly after controlling her facial expression much difficulty, managing to calm her breathing and smoothen out her own feelings.

“I’m not kidding though. I’m being serious,” replied Ling Chuxi with a serious expression. Consort Li almost lost consciousness. Taking a good look at Ling Chuxi’s expression, Consort Li verified that Ling Chuxi was indeed being serious and was left even more speechless.

Seeing Consort Li look like she was about to faint, Ling Chuxi finally let her off the hook as she continued on with a serious expression, “Consort Li, please be rest assured. To me, the Deity Temple is not comparable to a single strand of Fifth Princess’ hair. I know what to do.”

At this, Consort Li was slightly stunned. She looked at Ling Chuxi’s clear eyes with a burningly bright gaze and was quiet for some time. After a while, Consort Li smiled, and it was a sincere smile. She could tell from Ling Chuxi’s eyes that Ling Chuxi was not being perfunctory and was not lying either.

“Miss Ling Chuxi, I truly thank you. Huayi is really fortunate to have someone such as yourself as her master. Thank you,” expressed Consort Li sincerely. At this moment, Consort Li still did not fully comprehend what it meant to have obtained Ling Chuxi’s promise. A long while later, when she recalled the conversation she had with Ling Chuxi on this day, she sincerely felt grateful that she did not display a threatening attitude. If she had done so, there was a possibility that she would have never recovered from the blow it struck.

“The fifth princess is a good child. I like her very much. Therefore, Consort Li, please be rest assured. No matter when, if anything happens, I will be on her side,” expressed Ling Chuxi, once again feeding Consort Li a heart-calming pill.

“Thank you, Miss Ling Chuxi,” said Consort Li in reply, she had to express her sincere thanks once again. She never thought that Ling Chuxi would speak such words and make such a decision.

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