Shocking Venomous Consort: Frivolous Miss

Chapter 237 - The Promise in His Heart  

Chapter 237: The Promise in His Heart

Seeing the fifth princess’ expression that wanted to both cry and laugh at the same time, Ling Chuxi knew that the fifth princess’ heart was no longer tangled and therefore released her and smiled. “All right now, stop crying. Just take a look at yourself. You are a princess, yet you cried till you look like a ghoul. Go back early today, your Imperial Father and Consort Mother are definitely worried about you. After two days, I’ll be free, then we can go and meet your Consort Mother.”

“Really?” asked the fifth princess eagerly. There were still tears on her face as she widened her eyes to look at Ling Chuxi.

“Yes. Go on. I’ll return back to the residence now to take a look at your Ninth Elder Imperial Brother. Who knows, he might be crying even harder than you are,” said Ling Chuxi gently as she patted the fifth princess’ head.

“He would not cry… Even if he was upset, he would definitely not cry before you guys,” said the fifth princess somewhat dejectedly as she lowered her head. Now thinking about it, indeed, she was infinitely more blessed than her Ninth Elder Imperial Brother.

“Just go back home for now. We’ll meet tomorrow at the academy.” Ling Chuxi urged the fifth princess to return. She only returned to Fu Chengyu’s residence after seeing the fifth princess leaving. When she returned to the residence, she saw Fu Chengyu standing alone quietly under the plum blossom tree in the courtyard. Quite a number of plum blossoms had fallen, however there was still an intoxicating fragrance lingering in the air.

Hearing Ling Chuxi’s footsteps, Fu Chengyu slowly turned his head to look at her. Loneliness could be seen on his handsome face.

“Is she all right?” Fu Chengyu spoke softly.

“She” naturally referred to the fifth princess.

“She’s fine. That little girl kicked a small fuss and is a little awkward, but she very easy to coax.” Ling Chuxi assured Fu Chengyu with a slight smile. “As for you, are you all right?”

“I—” Fu Chengyu smiled indifferently, but his smile had a hint of self-deprecation and misery. “What problems would I possibly have?”

Ling Chuxi fell silent. She had no way of comforting him and neither did she know what kind of angle she should use to comfort him. She could only sigh lightly. “If you are upset, then there is no need to smile. You don’t have to suppress your feelings like this. There are many ways to vent. Why don’t I treat you to a good meal? After eating your mood will be better.” As Ling Chuxi was a foodie, no matter when she was happy or unhappy, she liked eating, eating and eating. For her, after a big meal, a lot of negative emotions will disappear like clouds dispersing on a clear day. After speaking, Ling Chuxi added. “Come on then, I’ll treat you to a good meal, as long as it’s not too expensive.” The last part of the sentence was the key point.

Fu Chengyu was stunned. Seeing how Ling Chuxi looked as if her tooth was aching by offering to pay and treat him to a meal, he finally could no longer suppress his laughter and laughed loudly. This time, his laughter was not suppressed, it was a kind of thoroughly relaxed. Fu Chengyu looked at Ling Chuxi and his heart suddenly felt happier. All of a sudden, Fu Chengyu felt that happiness was just a very simple matter, a matter that could happen in a single moment!

“What are you laughing about?” asked Ling Chuxi as she pursed her lips in dissatisfaction.

“Nothing. I’m fine already. As for you, on the other hand, Chuxi, I truly do not wish for you to meddle in such complicated matters. However, I suddenly understand that this is not something I can control. You are just like a piece of uncut jade, a bright pearl. Sooner or later, you will shine brightly just as you should.” Fu Chengyu’s face suddenly turned solemn as he continued in a serious tone, “I hope that you can protect yourself well.”‘Of course, I will also do my best to protect you without any reason. I will do my best to keep on protecting you until the day you no longer need my protection.’ Fu Chengyu quietly made this promise to himself in his heart. All these thoughts of his were not known by Ling Chuxi.

“Don’t worry, I will protect myself well,” answered Ling Chuxi with a smile. She also saw that Fu Chengyu had finally cheered up somehow. “I will continuously grow stronger and protect myself well and also protect the people I care about.”

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