Shocking Venomous Consort: Frivolous Miss

Chapter 223 - Contempt and Doubt  

Chapter 223: Contempt and Doubt

The moment Fu Chengyu finished speaking, Luo Li’s face changed as he looked at Fu Chengyu in astonishment and accidentally blurted out too loudly, “What?! It is one of the herbs needed for your antidote?!”

Fu Chengyu smiled slightly. His smile was gentle as he nodded his head lightly. He looked at Luo Li’s disbelieving expression and naturally knew what Luo Li was feeling at the moment. The frost poison in his body had left Luo Li helpless, as though his hands were tied. But, now that Luo Li had heard that there was a cure indeed, it naturally caused waves of shock in his heart.

“Someone is really able to help cure you of your frost poison?” asked Luo Li in disbelief. After a slight pause, he turned to look at Ling Chuxi as the corners of his lips curled up into a sneer. “It wouldn’t also be this Miss Ling Chuxi now, would it?” He absolutely did not believe such a thing! He knew very well about the potency of the frost poison in the ninth prince’s body, and there was no antidote to it!

“Congratulations, you’ve guessed it right. However, there is no prize,” retorted Ling Chuxi indifferently with a shrug.

“Hmph! You ignorant young child! How dare you exaggerate your abilities! I don’t believe that you are capable of that much!” spat Luo Li. After hearing Ling Chuxi’s reply, Luo Li felt waves of anger in his heart. How was it possible! It was a sickness that even he could do nothing about and yet this young maiden who was still wet behind her ears had actually said that she was able to treat it!

“But how would one know without giving my abilities a try?” responded Ling Chuxi with a chuckle as she maintained her usual calm demeanor.

Luo Li’s face darkened and just as he was about to say something, Cao Zhibai saw that the atmosphere was not quite right, so he cut in by saying, “Master Luo, as long as there is a thread of hope, I would like to give it a try. I hope Master Luo is able to understand my feelings.”

When Luo Li heard this, he went silent for a moment before raising his head to look at Ling Chuxi and declared coldly, “Then, I will go with all of you. I would also like to see how this Miss Ling Chuxi is out of the ordinary.”

‘Aiya? How did things develop into this?’ Ling Chuxi felt that this turn of events was entirely unexpected. Luo Li did not say anything more after announcing his decision to follow them to Cao Zhibai’s house. Just like that, Fu Chengyu made all the necessary arrangements while Ling Chuxi went to request a leave of absence from her academy. The fifth princess had also originally intended to follow them but was ordered by Ling Chuxi to get lost and study obediently instead. Therefore, she could only obediently follow Ling Yichen and attend classes at the academy as usual. Before they departed, Ling Yichen kept on instructing Fu Chengyu to take care of Ling Chuxi properly before letting them leave.

The two carriages slowly left the capital. Fu Chengyu, Ling Chuxi and Cao Zhibai sat in the carriage in the front, while Luo Li sat in his own carriage at the back. Ling Chuxi was chit-chatting with Cao Zhibai and managed to find out that Cao Zhibai and his lady, Wen Qing, were actually childhood friends. Originally, they were already engaged, but after an unfortunate accident resulting in issues with Wen Qing’s legs, she could no longer walk and therefore, the engagement was no more.

“Wen Qing is really a good person,” said Cao Zhibai as he scratched his head shyly. “In this life, she is the only one I will ever marry. If she doesn’t want me… Well, that’s fine too. I’ll just watch over her as a friend then. Just living my life as such is good too.”

“You are willing to live as a couple without name or status? That’s fine too?” enquired Fu Chengyu. He was listening from the other side of the carriage and could not help but interrupt to ask.

“Status?” Cao Zhibai laughed. “Sometimes a status of that nature is very important, but it depends on the situation. If Wen Qing is not willing to agree to it, then I will not insist. Either way, I will still watch over her and be involved with her as much as she allows. I will not want any other, nor will I allow her to marry anyone else if they demand her hand. Without any name or status, it’s fine by me because I know that she only has me in her heart and I only have her in my heart. That is sufficient for us both,” answered Cao Zhibai determinedly with a smile.

These words were unexpected to Ling Chuxi, and it had further caused her to look at Cao Zhibai in a different light. Why, Cao Zhibai looked like a weak and gentle scholar, yet he was actually able to say such words that were so contrary to the worldview of this world!

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