Shocking Venomous Consort: Frivolous Miss

Chapter 221 - It is My Lady

Chapter 221: It is My Lady

After processing Cao Zhibai’s words, Ling Chuxi finally understood that this was a person who had brought out such a rare herb to the auction in hopes of luring in an expert capable of saving someone he knew who needed help.

“Could you tell me a little more about the condition of the person you want me to save?” asked Ling Chuxi after a moment of thought.

“It—Well, it’s my lady.” A tinge of red spread across Cao Zhibai’s fair face had as he added on a little embarrassedly, “I… I have long thought of her as my lady. However, as her two legs are inconvenienced, she is worried about being a burden to me and therefore she has been unwilling to agree to anything officially. So, I hope…”

“I see. I will need to see the patient before I am able to diagnose her and give my verdict on her condition. Master Cao, when will you be able to bring me to see her?” said Ling Chuxi after some pondering.

“Naturally, the sooner the better. If Miss Ling does not have any urgent matters to attend to, then please follow me as soon as possible,” said Cao Zhibai a little urgently. “However, it is quite a journey to my place. I hope that Miss Ling will be able to arrange your time well as going to my place would require a few days.”

“Sure, that’s no problem,” agreed Ling Chuxi with a nod.

“That’s great, then. May I ask when Miss Ling is able to depart?” asked Cao Zhibai as he rubbed his palms together, suppressing his excitement.

“We can leave today. I will ask my people to make the necessary arrangements then everything should be good to go,” pipped up Fu Chengyu from the side.

“Also… Master Cao, if I may be so bold to ask about the other rare herbs you mentioned…” Ling Chuxi was extremely curious as to where such a precious herb like the Thousand Pearl Orchid would come from.

“In the past, my mother liked to tend to some flora and different kinds of herbs, and she taught me a little. So, I picked it up as well,” explained Cao Zhibai. “If Miss Ling is able to treat my lady once you follow me back to my place, then you are free to help yourself to the herbs there. Of course, there may not be others that are worth as much as the Thousand Pearl Orchid, but there should still be some that will be of great use.”

“So, that’s what it is.” Ling Chuxi understood. She never thought that this Cao Zhibai had actually known how to plant herbs. “However, regarding the pill formula I wrote—How did you judge from it that I would be able to treat your lady?” This, Ling Chuxi could not understand. It was impossible that she would write down the full formula. The formulation she wrote down was missing a single herb. How did Cao Zhibai determine that there was a possibility she could treat his lady?

“To be honest, both you and Master Luo had written pill formulas. However, I had previously went to seek out Master Luo to cure my lady and unfortunately, it was beyond his abilities. Although the both of you wrote down pill formulas, I found that I could understand his, but I could not understand yours.” Cao Zhibai gave a chuckle as he admitted this, feeling a little embarrassed. “Still, I figured that someone who would bid such a price for my herb would definitely be someone who knew how to use it. As long as there is a shred of hope, I want to give it a try.”

So that was it! Ling Chuxi was enlightened. Though this Cao Baizhi appeared to be a little clumsy and awkward, but in reality, with a little prodding, it was clear that he was actually quite meticulous. Plus, when he met her just now, he did not reveal any despise or doubt. That kind of mentality was indeed not bad.

“Then, we can depart this afternoon. Master Cao, shall we gather and travel or will you be following after us?” asked Fu Chengyu.

“Ah, since I don’t have much to pack, I’ll just follow you guys,” said Cao Zhibai as he picked up the Thousand Pearl Orchid.

“Okay, that works. Let’s go, then,” said Fu Chengyu with a nod.

The auction was still ongoing, but Ling Chuxi and the rest were brought to a side door by the Gao Clan’s Chamber of Commerce’s people so they could leave first. Since the Thousand Pearl Orchid was not auctioned off, Cao Zhibai was supposed to pay a large sum of money as compensation. However, Gao Wentian waived the compensation money for Cao Zhibai, simply saying, “On Miss Ling Chuxi’s account, we’ll just waive it.” This shocked Cao Zhibai as he never thought that the young master of the Gao Clan’s Chamber of Commerce would actually have a friendship with Ling Chuxi.

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