Shocking Venomous Consort: Frivolous Miss

Chapter 216 - Who was It That Put in So Much Effort? 

Chapter 216: Who was It That Put in So Much Effort?

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Clearly, E Shulan did not grasp the insincerity in the thanks Ling Chuxi had just given her. She smiled and tried to appear a little friendlier. “Miss Ling Chuxi, you don’t have to be so courteous. If there is anything you need my help with, please just let me know.”

“Oh, sure, thanks,” said Ling Chuxi as she tugged the corners of her lips into a smile and stood up. “I will go and take a look at Fifth Princess. I’ll excuse myself first, Lord Deity’s Servant.”

“Please, go ahead,” said E Shulan with a nod and a smile.

Ling Chuxi took large strides to leave the spot quickly and walked over to where the fifth princess was.

The moment Ling Chuxi left, E Shulan’s two admirers, Qi Yulei and Duan Yufei came over. They were both aware that E Shulan wished to win over Ling Chuxi. The two of them were always on hand for E Shulan and when E Shulan wanted anything, they would try their best to help her obtain it. E Shulan had to just nod her head in that noble way of hers and smile without saying anything. Whenever the two of them saw how E Shulan agreed to their help, they were always extremely happy.

The fifth princess was engrossed in fighting Chu Jianyi. Every time Chu Jianyi defeated her, she would try again. Once she was defeated again, she would nonetheless try again. She did not give up and Chu Jianyi was definitely not the type to be merciful just because she was a princess. This guy would definitely put his best foot forward no matter who the opponent was the moment he drew his sword. Having said that, this was merely a sparring session and he still knew where to draw the line.

Ling Chuxi stood by the side, watching half-heartedly in boredom when Mu Liufeng’s deep voice suddenly rang by her ear. “Oi, my obedient disciple, the scarf around your neck is not bad.”

Ling Chuxi was stunned as she turned around to look at Mu Liufeng who was still calmly teaching the group of students gathered around him some sword skills. She understood that he was using some special method to transmit his voice to her ear so that only she could hear him, but others could not. Mu Liufeng’s control over his usage of Battle Qi had actually already reached such a level.

“Tsk, what does it have to do with you?” muttered Ling Chuxi under her breath as she touched the scarf around her neck and paid him no further mind.

From the corner of his eye, Mu Liufeng’s gaze swept past the scarf around Ling Chuxi’s neck. Other people did not recognize the origins of the scarf, but he did. This scarf seemed to be made of Heaven Fox Wolf fur. The Heaven Fox Wolf was an extremely strong, cruel and cunning monster beast. High-level monster beasts of such caliber were usually extremely cunning and cruel. Furthermore, they would never let people catch them. They would rather detonate their inner cores than to let a human catch them. However, the scarf around Ling Chuxi’s neck was actually made wholly and completely of Heaven Fox Wolf’s fur. Who would have put in so much effort and would have such great abilities as to be able to give her that? The image of the man with silver hair and purple eyes flashed before Mu Liufeng’s eyes. Was it him? If it were him, then the matter could be explained. That person had the cultivation and ability needed to procure such a gift. He knew this because he himself could not even tell exactly how strong the man’s cultivation was when they last met.

Spring slowly drew nearer, and the snow gradually melted away. At the end of winter, the weather became even colder. At this time, the Gao Clan’s Chamber of Commerce’s auction also finally drew near. Actually, the three chambers of commerce would organize such auctions from time to time to increase their popularity amongst the masses, showcase their strength and expand their businesses.

The main branch of the Gao Clan’s Chamber of Commerce was located at the eastern main street in the capital. This location was naturally very good as it was near to the city center. On this day, Fu Chengyu had ordered people to prepare the carriage early in the morning and was now proceeding towards the Gao Clan’s Chamber of Commerce.

“Has Big Brother Fu inquired about what the person needs?” asked Ling Chuxi regarding the person who owned the Thousand Pearl Orchid herb.

Fu Chengyu’s expression changed and he looked a little odd as he hesitated before saying, “The information Feng Yan Union has procured is as good as none.”

” What do you mean, Senior Brother?” asked Ling Yichen.

“That person said that he wanted what he wanted,” replied Fu Chengyu helplessly. After Fu Chengyu said this, Ling Chuxi finally understood why his tone was so helpless. This answer was indeed equivalent to not having an answer at all.

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