Shocking Venomous Consort: Frivolous Miss

Chapter 210 - Such an Expert 

Chapter 210: Such an Expert

Chu Jianyi did not complete his sentence even after a long while and Ling Chuxi just kept staring at him count the copper coins in his money bag with her eyes popped wide open and her mouth hanging agape.

“One, two, three, four…” Chu Jianyi was counting very seriously once again.

Ling Chuxi continued to eat her melon seeds and after she could not hold it in any longer, she finally asked, “Chu Jianyi, could it be you can’t even count how much twenty-seven minus nine equates to?”

“You—” Chu Jianyi heard Ling Chuxi’s words and was about to reply when he suddenly yelled, “It’s all your fault! Now I have to start counting all over again!”

“Pfft—” Ling Chuxi could not hold it back her laughter and guffawed. So, it was true! Chu Jianyi’s math was so actually that bad! How hilarious! Chu Jianyi was actually so silly and adorable to such an extent!

“Twenty-seven minus nine equals eighteen,” said Ling Chuxi with a smile.

“Really?” Chu Jianyi raised his head to look at Ling Chuxi hesitantly.

“Really. My math is definitely much better than yours,” replied Ling Chuxi with pursed lips. Chu Jianyi’s silly adorable look right now versus the look he had when he was in battle were both so different that it was as if he were two different people. Perhaps, it was because of his pure mind that he could obtain such results in his practice of martial arts. He would definitely be able to go far in martial arts in the future.

Chu Jianyi did not say anymore as he lowered his head to count his copper coins again. When he finished counting, he said with a serious face, “Ling Chuxi, even if you helped me to count how many copper coins I have left, I will not be merciful the next time we spar!”

“All right, all right!” said Ling Chuxi in between laughs, she was laughing so hard her stomach was about to ache. This Chu Jianyi was really a clown!

“I will return first. Bye!” Chu Jianyi finished his words with a serious look on his face and then he took a few big steps forward to return to the academy.

When Chu Jianyi had walked off far away into the distance, the smile on Ling Chuxi’s face slowly faded and was replaced with a serious look instead.

“Chu Jianyi will definitely be an expert in the future,” said Ling Chuxi softly.

“Indeed,” said Fu Chengyu as he stood nodding his head by Ling Chuxi’s side in deep agreement upon hearing her words.

“He will become an expert with very bad mathematics,” lamented Ling Yichen as he looked at Chu Jianyi’s departing figure.

Ling Chuxi and Fu Chengyu could not help but start laughing. Ling Yichen was always so good at adding on a verbal stab!

Ling Chuxi deeply believed Huangfu Qingjue’s words regarding Little White, and while waiting for its return, she finally had the heart to care about other matters. For example, the herbs to refine the pills Fu Chengyu needed.

“Big Brother Fu, is there any news about the few types of herbs I had asked you to enquire about the last time?” asked Ling Chuxi as she ate her melon seeds.

“Ah, yes.” Fu Chengyu frowned slightly. “I had asked for Feng Yan Union’s assistance in obtaining information on where to procure them. There is some news on where we can get the Thousand Pearl Orchid, but as for the other two, there is still no news for now. Hearsay, the Thousand Pearl Orchid will be appearing at the Gao Clan’s Chamber of Commerce’s auction. We can go over there to take a look when the time comes. Naturally, if we can buy it, that would be good.”

“It’s not that it would naturally be good if we can buy it. We must get it!” declared Ling Chuxi solemnly with a frown. “The herbs I mentioned are extremely rare. If we miss the chance to procure any of them when we can, perhaps there would be no other opportunities to do so next time.”

“The problem is that we don’t know what the other party needs in exchange for those herbs. If it is money or riches, that would still be fine. My only fear is that the other party does not need money or riches and only wishes to exchange it for other items. And if we are unable to provide them with those items…” said Fu Chengyu helplessly with a frown, trailing off when he neared the end of his sentence.

“Did the Feng Yan Union inquire about what might be needed in order to make an exchange for the herbs?” Ling Chuxi asked.

“I haven’t gotten Feng Yan Union to inquire about this,” replied Fu Chengyu feeling somewhat embarrassed.

“Then, ask them to check it out for you. After we obtain the information, we can find a way,” said Ling Chuxi.

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