Shocking Venomous Consort: Frivolous Miss

Chapter 206 - Hi, Bye!

Chapter 206: Hi, Bye!

“Chuxi continuing on like this without any rest is indeed not the ideal way forward. I’ll send people out to search for Little White,” said Fu Chengyu as he sighed softly. He never thought that the position of the little fox in Ling Chuxi’s heart was actually so important.

Ling Chuxi did not sleep throughout the entire night, she could only bring herself to remain seated by the window, waiting for Little White. When the sky had become bright and Little White still had not appeared, Ling Yichen sighed lightly and quietly walked over to Ling Chuxi’s window. “Chuxi, come and eat something first. Senior brother has already sent out people to help you search for Little White. It will be found.”

“Why did Little White leave in the first place?” murmured Ling Chuxi. She did not turn her head to look at Ling Yichen and only remained staring straight ahead in a daze.

“Perhaps, it only went out to take a stroll and…” Ling Yichen could only speak halfway through his sentence when he found that he could no longer continue on because such an excuse was entire unplausible.

For three consecutive days, Little White did not come back. Ling Chuxi looked as though she had lost her soul the whole time and with everything she did, it was obvious that her heart was not in it. For three days, she did not go to the academy and the fifth princess finally could not hold back anymore and came to seek her out. Seeing how haggard Ling Chuxi looked, she was shocked. This was because she had totally never thought that the little fox was actually so important to Ling Chuxi.

“Master, you can’t continue on like this,” said the fifth princess as she dragged Ling Chuxi outside. “Didn’t you teach me this before? That a person cannot stop and just stay at the same spot. We need to look towards what the future holds, so look forward! Come, come along to the academy with me. Lately the academy has been very lively!”

“Okay,” replied Ling Chuxi indifferently with a single word, obviously not paying the fifth princess any attention.

“Master, it’s true! Let’s go! Follow me to the academy to take a look for yourself and you will know what I mean.” The fifth princess finally managed to drag the lifeless Ling Chuxi to the academy. Ling Yichen helplessly followed after them. Seeing Ling Chuxi being so soulless, he felt his heart ache but yet he knew he had no means of changing the circumstances of the situation. Fu Chengyu had already sent out extra people to look for Little White, but the little fox seemed to have vanished into thin air. There was not even the slightest bit of news about it. Seeing how lifeless Ling Chuxi had become day in and day out also made Ling Yichen felt extremely anxious. Little White had seemed to be very clear about human characteristics, why did it leave Ling Chuxi’s side just like that?

The moment Ling Chuxi stepped into the academy, Chu Jianyi leapt out from the side of the gates. Really leapt out, looked at Ling Chuxi and yelled, “Hi, Ling Chuxi! You are finally here. Let’s have a match!”

Without waiting for Ling Chuxi or the fifth princess to say a word, he spoke out again, “Ah, your condition is not good. I won’t fight you today then. Bye!” After finishing his words, he leapt away as suddenly as he had appeared. From the beginning to the end of the encounter, Ling Chuxi and the rest of the people around them had not managed to utter a single word.

“Master, did you see that? Chu Jianyi has been going around the academy like this to challenge people. He has already gone around and beaten everyone. He is famous now, but master, your name is becoming famous along with his!” exclaimed the fifth princess excitedly. “Master, just think about it. Every time he defeats an expert, everyone exclaims ‘Wow, Chu Jianyi is so amazing,’ then other people will immediately reply ‘How is that even amazing? He is just a person Ling Chuxi defeated.’ This feeling is really just too good!”

“Really?” replied Ling Chuxi stoically without any emotion. Ling Chuxi was even more at a loss regarding Chu Jianyi’s dramatic way of saying hi and bye. Her mind was not on this matter.

“Of course, it is all true. Master, you are very famous now. Chu Jianyi is really too cute, he’s not withholding any efforts to make your name more and more famous,” said the fifth princess cheerfully. She was trying her best to make Ling Chuxi a little happier, but Ling Chuxi still remained highly distracted and unbothered with all the things happening around her.

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