Shocking Venomous Consort: Frivolous Miss

Chapter 202 - Who Won, Who Lost?

Chapter 202: Who Won, Who Lost?

The Luo Chen Sword had already left its sheath, its blade gleaming like a chilling light upon autumn waters. Ling Chuxi’s gaze remained calm.

The students suddenly noticed that at this moment, both of the opponents facing each other in the ring were actually so alike. The two of them were so calm and held such concentration.

Chu Jianyi suddenly let out a long howl as he raised his sword and slashed at Ling Chuxi. The might of this move was actually even stronger than the one he had used to win against Shao Nansong.

A unified gasp of surprise rang out from the audience. Chu Jianyi had actually unleashed the strongest blow as his first move. He actually took Ling Chuxi so seriously as an opponent.

Ling Chuxi’s gaze became more concentrated as quickly as lightning. The image of the blunt sword before her enlarged as it got closer, however, she did not move at all.

Her opponent was at Battle Qi Level 8 whereas she herself was only at Level 7. If she wanted to win, the only way was to be stronger than her opponent in terms of grasping battle opportunities and having better control when releasing her Battle Qi. No matter how strong an opponent’s cultivation is or how exquisite their martial arts moves, there would always be a weakness to exploit. As long as she could find this weakness, it would not be a miracle for her as the weaker contender to win against the stronger one.

This was easy to say, but how could actually doing it be as easy? Chu Jianyi’s grasp of the battle situation and his control of his Battle Qi usage was very strong, as could be seen through his easy victory over Shao Nansong.

Ling Chuxi’s mind and spiritual consciousness was raised to its peak at this moment.

The slash by the blunt sword did not look fast in its execution, but yet it had cut off all paths of Ling Chuxi’s retreat. Even the audience watching intently had the false impression created by such a move that the sword resembled a cage falling upon Ling Chuxi. Besides using all her strength to block its blow, there was no place for her to retreat to.

Time seemed to move slowly as everyone’s hearts leapt into their throats.

However, Ling Chuxi remained unmoving even in the midst of all this. She was waiting for an opportunity.

Finally, she made a move and the Luo Chen Sword flashed through the air. She had finally found his weakness and this was the only opportunity she had to act on it.

With a crisp clanging sound, their swords clashed so forcefully that sparks appeared. Although they were just small sparks, both Ling Chuxi and Chu Jianyi took two steps backwards respectively, as if they were each hit by a huge rock.

“You actually managed to find the only weakness of the No Edge Sword. Ever since I learnt how to use this sword, you are the first person to have identified its weakness.” Chu Jianyi concentrated his gaze on Ling Chuxi as his unchanging steady-as-a-rock expression finally gave way to show a hint of surprise as he praised her.

Ling Chuxi gave a faint smile. She had indeed found the only weakness the No Edge Sword had, however, she had only managed to break even with Chu Jianyi despite it. Through this battle, she was deeply experiencing the huge difference between Battle Qi Level 8 and Level 7.

“Try dodging this move then.” Chu Jianyi suddenly howled towards the sky once more as he raised the No Edge Sword above his head and launched an attack.

The blunt sword that originally did not possess even the least bit of a glimmer suddenly emitted a fierce chilling light. Affected by the might of such a huge sword, it was as if everyone watching near the fighting ring felt their hearts tremble in fear and they all subconsciously took a few steps backwards.

“Be careful!” shouted Ling Yichen despite himself, he felt as though he could not help but to shout a warning in such a situation. If it were him in Ling Chuxi’s place, he would not have the confidence to meet this move head-on.

Ling Chuxi’s heart also sank a little as she gripped the Luo Chen Sword tightly.

“I will not lose, I definitely will not lose,” said a voice in her heart. Ling Chuxi’s eyes shone with a gleam that was unprecedented. The motion and path of the No Edge Sword and the Battle Qi that was flowing through it became incredibly clear to her at this moment.

“Clang!” Both their swords clashed once more. Their Battle Qi collided and a cloud of Qi suddenly surged and kicked up waves of dust, obscuring the sight of both Ling Chuxi and Chu Jianyi from the crowd.

“What happened? Who won, who lost?” murmured various voices once the wind had blown all the dust away and everyone looked towards the fighting ring.

Once the dust settled, the crowd saw Ling Chuxi and Chu Jianyi each standing facing each other from different corners of the ring. A small crater had appeared in the middle of the stage, dented into its surface. One could easily tell how strong the Battle Qi the both of them had used was.

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