Shocking the Whole Internet! You Are Not a Psychologist at All!

Chapter 490 - Chapter 490: Chapter 490 Resurgence

Chapter 490: Chapter 490 Resurgence

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Chen Yu’s explanation painted a horrifying picture.

“It wasn’t intentional! I swear!” Chu Tiantian, sprawled on the floor, babbled incoherently.

She’d envisioned a harmless prank, with the worst outcome being a stolen kiss.

Never could she have imagined things escalating to murder.

Knowing the consequences, she would never have lured Gao Wei there.

“Then why the silence, Chu Tiantian?” Chen Yu sneered at her remorseful facade. “If unintentional, why not call the police after her death? Why accept Zheng Wei’s hush money—a meager three million?”

Chu Tiantian choked back a sob, words catching in her throat.

“These youngsters are the murderers, the parents arc complicit,” Chen Yu declared. “Don’t think your wealth protects you.”

“Did you think you could afford the best lawyers or even bribe your way into Gao Jinshui’s forgiveness with a hefty sum?”

A wave of nervous energy crackled through the room.


Chen Yu was terrifying, as he could not only see the truth, but he also seemed to read their minds.

In their world, money solved most problems. If it didn’t, it simply meant they hadn’t thrown enough at it.

“Never!” Gao Jinshui roared, his voice thick with grief. “A life for a life! They took my daughter, and I want their blood!”

“Calm yourself, Mr. Gao,” Chen Yu soothed.

“These bastards will pay dearly. However, their parents…” He let out a chilling laugh. “None of them have two years left to live.”

“Dr. Chen, please don’t resort to vigilante justice.!” Li Changjun panicked at the implication of a private execution.

“Do you understand the saying ‘asking a tiger for its skin’?” Chen Yu asked.

“Do you mean… Wen Xinghui?” Li Changjun’s eyes widened.

“To suppress Gao Wei’s spirit and evade authorities, they sought his help,” Chen Yu explained.

“Several families borrowed a billion yuan each from Wen Xinghui, supposedly to help him revive his failing project.”

“A loan, not a gift,” Chen Yu scoffed. “Wen Xinghui will have to cough it up eventually. Do you think he would return that money?”

“Assassination?” Li Changjun widened his eyes.

“Captain Li,” Chen Yu said with a faint smile, “some matters, like dog fights, are best left untouched. You’ll have your hands full for a while.”

“Take them away for now.” After offering Gao Jinshui some brief comfort, Chen Yu patted his shoulder.

“Mr. Gao, the dead cannot be returned. But I promise these scum will not leave prison alive.”

“Thank you, Dr. Chen. I…” Gao Jinshui choked back tears of gratitude.

“Don’t say another word. This is all I can do,” Chen Yu sighed.

The Spirit Suppressing Talisman wasn’t strong enough.

Gao Wei, trapped in the spirit realm, desperately tried to reach out to her father.

“Dr. Chen, I have one last request,” Gao Jinshui pleaded.

“I understand,” Chen Yu nodded. “You want your daughter to find peace. Leave that to me.”

“I’ll find a way for her to reincarnate into a good family, perhaps even one where you can meet again someday.”

Li Changjun felt a complex mix of emotions while overseeing the arrest of so many suspects.

This was both the easiest and most complicated case of his career.

The truth came out in under an hour, yet the complexity lay in these individuals’ extraordinary wealth and power.

Combined, their assets exceeded a hundred billion yuan.

Without Chen Yu’s involvement, success wouldn’t have been possible.

Even with all the clues, Li Changjun might have faced persecution instead of apprehending them.

The internet exploded that night. A slew of reports detailed a shocking collective murder case involving the heads of several major corporations and their offspring.

The complex web of identities made it unlike any case before.

The next day, the stock market reflected the turmoil, with the corporations involved experiencing a dramatic plunge.

Wen Xinghui, implicated in the case, was apprehended while attempting to flee.

Master Liu, the charlatan who aided the perpetrators for a year, was caught relaxing in a bathhouse.

The external chaos no longer concerned Chen Yu.

He continued his livestreams every few days for the remaining half of the month.

Finally, the day arrived for his departure.

Accompanied by Daoist Baihe, Chen Yu embarked on his journey to the Mystic Sect of Wonders Conference.

Over a thousand attendees, representing various sects and clans, converged for this grand event.

Just as Chen Yu predicted, the masters of the Msytic Master’s Residence, Quanzhen Sect, and Mao Mountain had sensed the subtle shifts in the celestial order six months prior.

Through a collaborative effort of divination, they arrived at the same startling conclusion—the world’s spiritual energy was demonstrably recovering.

In simpler terms, the resurgence of spiritual energy heralded the dawn of a cultivator’s spring.

During the Age of Chaos, advancement for cultivators was a near-impossible feat.

The previous generation of the Mystic Master’s Residence masters, the Quanzhen Sect leaders, and the Mao Mountain sect master, despite reaching the pinnacle of the cultivation world, were all confined to the Foundation Stage throughout their lives.

Even at this level, they were considered top experts.

Yet, they intuitively grasped the approaching end of the Age of Chaos.

The excitement amongst the thousands attending the Mystic Sect of Wonders Conference was palpable.

An Aura Refining Stage cultivator could potentially live over a hundred years, while a Foundation Stage cultivator’s lifespan might extend to two or three hundred years.

However, the Foundation Stage was merely the gateway to cultivation, a stepping stone before the true journey began.

Only those who achieved the Golden Core Stage could be considered to have transcended the limitations of ordinary humans and officially entered the ranks of cultivators.

Upon receiving prior notification of the conference, the relevant departments began formulating their responses.

Special Missions Divisions in provincial capitals were expanded and renamed as the Special Affairs Bureau, tasked with handling the surge of strange occurrences anticipated during the spiritual energy recovery.

Due to his unique position, Chen Yu was appointed the honorary director of the Hangzhou City Special Incidents Bureau.

His first order of business was a severe punishment for the sons of the tycoons involved in the horrific crime.

As the world’s spiritual energy increased, reports of unusual phenomena began to rise in various locations. After careful deliberation, the authorities opted for a limited public disclosure.

Chon Yu spent several days in the psychological treatment room, meticulously converting all his merit and luck into cultivation progress.

This process yielded a modest advancement of half a realm.

The revitalized spiritual energy offered new avenues for acquiring merit.

“Perhaps a journey is in order,” Chen Yu mused. “I can travel to locations brimming with spiritual energy and delve deeper into the intricacies of the Heavenly Secrets Strategy.”

The following day, Chen Yu hung a sign indicating his temporary closure. He then vanished from the psychological clinic.

With a resolute spirit, he embarked on a worldly adventure.

He had held onto his core values and was ready to explore the world.

Soaring through the air, a faint smile played on Chen Yu’s lips..

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