She Shocks The Whole World After Retirement

Chapter 46 - Call Me Little Yu

Chapter 46: Call Me Little Yu

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When Yu Huang walked into a hotel in the capital of Rakshasa Empire with a book in one hand and a human head in the other, the receptionist gave her a meaningful look.

The receptionist did not dare to neglect her and hurriedly asked with a smile, “Good evening, Miss. Do you want to stay?”

She placed the head on the counter and said to the receptionist, “I want a room for one night.”

The hotels in the Rakshasa Empire also weren’t reliable. There could be intense battles happening everywhere. Yu Huang had to show enough strength to ensure her safety.

The receptionist quickly prepared Yu Huang’s room card. “Dear guest, your room is on the ninth floor, and the buffet is on the second floor.”


Yu Huang took the room card and the head to the hotel. Before entering, she placed the head at the door as a deterrent. After entering the room, Yu Huang took out the detector and placed it at the door. She then placed a few self-defense weapons at a distance that she could reach. This way, even if there was an emergency at night, she could protect herself immediately.

After making ample preparations, Yu Huang washed up and laid down.

The night passed peacefully.

Yu Huang was awakened by a deafening explosion.

She sat up from the bed and walked to the window of the room to look downstairs. She saw a fierce battle on the road behind the hotel.

The chaotic environment of the Rakshasa Empire was more suitable for Yu Huang than the powerful and stable Divine Moon Empire. The Earth during the Doomsday Era was a huge slaughterhouse. People killed people, people killed beasts, and beasts killed people. One could lose their head if they were not careful.

Yu Huang, who had thrived in the Doomsday World, was even more comfortable in the Rakshasa Empire.

She packed her things and left the hotel. She bought a black SUV from a car shop and drove towards the Purgatory Sea alone.

The Purgatory Sea was in an uninhabited area north of the capital of the Rakshasa Empire. There was a tall mountain called the Black Dome. It was more than six thousand meters above the sea level and was a active poison mountain that could spew lethal poison.

Not a single blade of grass grew on the Black Dome. No plant or creature could survive on the Black Dome. No one would go to the Black Dome unless they were seeking death.

The Purgatory Sea was hidden in the mountain peak beside the Black Dome.

The Black Dome and the Purgatory Sea were known as the Infernal Realm of the Blazing Realm Continent. It was a place where one could never return from.

After a bumpy day in the car, it was already dark. Only then did Yu Huang arrive at the foot of the Black Dome Mountain. To her surprise, there were more than a dozen mountainous jeeps parked at the foot of the mountain, and there was a helicopter in the distance.

A group of people set up camp at the foot of the mountain and sat by the bonfire to chat. Yu Huang noticed that the color of those people’s skin was very different. They had yellow, white, and black skin. These people from all over the world came to the Purgatory Sea. What exactly were they doing?

While Yu Huang was sizing up the people around the bonfire, those people were also sizing her up. They were curious as to who was this fearless person who came.

While Yu Huang was sizing up the people around the bonfire, those people were also sizing her up. They were curious as to who was this fearless person who came to stir up trouble.

She jumped out of the car, and immediately, twenty to thirty gazes landed on her. Yu Huang carried her bag and walked towards them. In the Divine Moon Empire’s language, she asked, “Good evening, everyone. Do you mind giving me a seat?”

The Divine Moon Empire was one of the four great countries of the Holy Spirit Continent. The language of the Divine Moon Empire was universal all over the world, and most of the people present could understand it.

“Take a seat here.” The person waving at Yu Huang was a young man with white skin. He wore a pair of gold chain rimless glasses that made his handsome face appear more gentlemanly and amiable.

When the others heard this, they silently moved their butts in the same direction and made space for Yu Huang.

Yu Huang could tell at a glance that this person was the leader of these people.

“Thank you.”

Yu Huang sat down beside the man and took out a thin jacket from her bag to wear.

With these strangers around, Yu Huang would not be able to sleep tonight. With nothing to do, she took out a textbook from her bag and started reading under the light of the fire and the moonlight.

Seeing this, the surrounding people instantly quieted down.

“Young lady, do you like to read so much?” the man beside Yu Huang asked her.

Yu Huang didn’t look up and explained in a low voice, “It’s time for the college entrance examination.”

The man’s expression became strange.

He sized up the cat face mask and the book in Yu Huang’s hand. He thought of what he had heard last night and probed, “The human head harvester?”

Yu Huang raised her head and looked at the man with confusion. “What?”

The man smiled and tapped his brows with his fingers. He said mockingly, “There are rumors in the capital that a female baneful god appeared at the capital airport yesterday. The female baneful god wears a cat face mask while holding a book in one hand and a head in the other…”

“The Rakshasa Empire pays quite a bit of attention to this woman now.” The man pointed at the book in Yu Huang’s hand and said in amusement, “Where’s your head?”

Yu Huang was amused. “It’s hot and it started to stink. I discarded it.”

These words were spoken nonchalantly, but it attracted the attention of the group of men.

When the man heard Yu Huang’s reply, he laughed softly. “Young lady, you’re quite interesting. It’s fate that we meet. My name is Feng Si. May I know your name?”

Yu Huang naturally would not tell him her real name. Presumably, he had not given her his real name.. After thinking for a while, she said, “You can call me Little Yu.”

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