She Shocks The Whole World After Retirement

Chapter 40 - Tempering Steel

Chapter 40: Tempering Steel

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Lin Jiansheng felt relieved when he saw the determination in Yu Huang’s eyes.

Lin Jiansheng pointed at his own head and told Yu Huang, “Every Purifying Spirit Master must have a vast amount of mental strength. However, not everyone with strong mental strength can become a Purifying Spirit Master. We will measure whether a person is a Purifying Spirit Master and whether he has condensed a Psychic Pearl.”

“Psychic Pearl?” As a layman, this was the first time Yu Huang had heard such a professional term.

She thought of the crystal ball during the Awakening Ceremony and asked Lin Jiansheng, “What is the relationship between the Psychic Pearl and the crystal ball during the Awakening Ceremony?”

“The Psychic Sphere is a Psychic Sphere trained by a Level 9 Purifying Spirit Master using his vast mental strength. In essence, they are the same thing.”

The mystery in Yu Huang’s heart intensified. She asked blankly, “What exactly is a Psychic Pearl?”

Lin Jiansheng told her, “The Psychic Pearl is an energy bead condensed from the mental energy that you have successfully controlled. The more mental energy you can control, the more energy the Psychic Pearl will have.”

As for what the Psychic Pearl was, it was difficult to describe. Lin Jiansheng decided to bring Yu Huang to take a look.

He reminded Yu Huang, “Close your eyes and relax. Open your Spiritual Abode and follow my instructions.”

Yu Huang hurriedly closed her eyes.

The moment she closed her eyes, Yu Huang sensed an unfamiliar soul force entering the Spiritual Abode in her mind. Yu Huang instinctively wanted to resist, but she heard Lin Jiansheng say, “This is my soul force. Don’t resist.”

Yu Huang forced herself to open up her Spiritual Abode to Lin Jiansheng.

Lin Jiansheng sized up the spiritual world inside the Yu Huang’s Spiritual Abode. Just as he had expected, Yu Huang had a boundless spiritual sea.

If she could successfully become a Purifying Spirit Master, her cultivation speed would definitely be astounding.

Lin Jiansheng told Yu Huang, “Focus and follow me!”

Yu Huang followed the stream of soul power to another strange place. It was a rippling silver-white sea. A huge energy storm was floating above the sea. The eye of the storm was connected to the sea and the sky. One could not see the end of it.

Yu Huang looked at the storm from afar. She could also sense the terrifying power hidden deep within it. She had the feeling that if she took a step forward, she would be pulverized by the energy storm.

“What is this?”

Lin Jiansheng’s voice rang in Yu Huang’s ears. He said, “You are now in my Spiritual Abode world. The storm that you see is a storm eye formed by my Psychic Pearl. It has destructive power.”

Yu Huang was shocked. “Are they all Psychic Pearls?” Was the energy of a Level 8 Purifying Spirit Master that terrifying?

Lin Jiansheng closed his Spiritual Abode and brought Yu Huang out of the Spiritual Abode.

Yu Huang opened her eyes and saw Lin Jiansheng holding a white chess piece in his hand.

Lin Jiansheng shook the chess piece and said to her, “If a Rank 1 Purifying Spirit Master’s Psychic Pearl is only as big as this chess piece, then a Rank 2 Purifying Spirit Master’s Psychic Pearl is as big as our conference room. A Rank 3 Purifying Spirit Master’s Psychic Pearl should be as big as ours…”

“The higher the level of a Purifying Spirit Master, the stronger the Psychic Pearl stored in their Spiritual Abode. For example, as a Level 8 Purifying Spirit Master, my Psychic Pearl is so powerful that it can condense into an eye of the storm. If I were to open all of them, the area would be as big as the entire Divine Moon Empire.”

Yu Huang was shocked. It was as big as the entire Divine Moon Empire?

Lin Jiansheng continued, “The only Level 9 Purifying Spirit Master in the Divine Moon Empire is the President of the Purifying Spirit Alliance. His Psychic Pearl is spread out and is as big as the entire Divine Realm Continent!”

The Holy Spirit Continent was vast. According to its geographical features, it was divided into five continents and three seas, a total of 443 countries. The Divine Realm Continent was the largest continent among the five continents and three seas. It occupied a quarter of the Holy Spirit Continent’s territory.

No wonder everyone said that Level 9 Purifying Spirit Masters were like gods.

“As far as I know, there are only six Level 8 Purifying Spirit Masters on the Holy Spirit Continent, and only two Level 9 Purifying Spirit Masters. Can you understand how difficult it is for a Purifying Spirit Master to cultivate?”

Yu Huang finally understood how difficult things were for a Purifying Spirit Master.

She did not even have a single Psychic Pearl in her mind. If she wanted to reach her mentor’s level, she did not know how long she would have to wait.

Yu Huang licked her lips and asked Lin Jiansheng, “Mentor, how long did it take you to condense the Psychic Pearl?”

Lin Jiansheng smiled at her and said mysteriously, “Why don’t you guess?”

Yu Huang cautiously replied, “Half a year?”

Lin Jiansheng laughed. “Guess again.”

Yu Huang hesitated before making a bold guess. “One year!”

Lin Jiansheng extended three fingers.

When Yu Huang saw this, her eyes widened. “Three years! That long?!”

Lin Jiansheng nodded and said, “Whether you can condense a Psychic Pearl and become a Purifying Spirit Master depends entirely on your talent and good fortune. Even I, your mentor, can’t help you find a shortcut. I can only teach you true abilities after you reach the threshold of a Purifying Spirit Master.”

Yu Huang’s expression instantly stiffened. “Mentor, how long do you think it will take me to condense a Psychic Pearl?”

Lin Jiansheng merely smiled and shook his head.

Yu Huang’s heart turned cold. “Mentor, don’t scare me.”

Lin Jiansheng stroked his long beard and told Yu Huang, “I once met a hardworking and studious child. Like you, he also wanted to acknowledge me as his mentor. I told him to look for me after the Psychic Pearl condensed successfully. Guess, how many years have I waited for him?”

Yu Huang’s expression was ugly as she said, “If I’m not mistaken, I’m the only disciple under your name, so that person has yet to acknowledge you as his mentor.”

Her expression became more and more serious. “Did that person acknowledge another person as his mentor, or did he give up?”

Lin Jiansheng sighed and said, “He didn’t give up, nor did he take anyone else as his mentor. He passed away when he was 60 years old, and he didn’t manage to condense a Psychic Pearl until his death.”

This was despair-inducing news. Yu Huang didn’t know how to react.

Lin Jiansheng looked at Yu Huang lovingly and said in anticipation, “My dear disciple, if nothing unexpected happens, I can live for another two to three hundred years. I’ll wait patiently and see how long you’ll make me wait.”

Yu Huang was really on the verge of tears. She grabbed Lin Jiansheng’s sleeve and asked in an aggrieved tone, “Mentor, don’t you have any experience to impart to me? I want to take fewer detours.”

Lin Jiansheng raised his hand and stroked Yu Huang’s hair tenderly. He said, “One has to lay the foundations of success by study and hard work. If you don’t want to accept your fate, you can only put in more effort than other people!”

“Even a piece of scrap metal has been tempered a thousand times before it could become steel.”

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